October 11, 2012

CNN tried to extract a colorful quote about debate prep from Paul Ryan

Interviewed about his debate prep, Ryan said "I do a lot of reading, that's what I've always done -- briefings and reading," which CNN duly quotes. Then it's on to hunting. How does he prepare for deer hunting? The interviewer has background info from a friend of Ryan's:
The friend said that before Ryan goes hunting he washes his clothes in unscented detergent, takes a shower with unscented soap and sprays unscented material on his boots -- all steps that hunters are known to take generally, but Ryan takes it to a completely different level.

"If you're into archery and bow hunting, that's the way to do it and be successful. I like the strategy of bow hunting and it takes a lot of preparation and I do take it seriously because I am much more successful if I do things properly and prepare the right way," Ryan said.
"I have always just believed that if you're going to do something, do it well."
He's invited to connect this to debate prep (presumably with the hope that he'll say something more colorful than I read a lot):
"This stage is kind of new for me and I'm taking it very seriously," he replied. "I'm just doing my homework and studying the issues and I'll know he'll come and attack us. The problem he has is he has Barack Obama's record to run on."
I think he just mostly said I read a lot again. Nice try CNN. Maybe go interview a friend of Ryan's about Ryan's pre-Biden shower routine. Any relevant aromatherapy? Any "material" sprayed on his shoes? Unscented... scented... Maybe Ryan could stink it up and thereby trick his prey into screwing his face into a disgusted sneer of some kind. We the viewers have television — not the once-dreamed-of smellovision — so the ruse would go undetected. Suddenly, Biden's nice-guy image erodes.

Actually, some of us are still dreaming:

"In the future we will be picking our political leaders at least partially based on their smell," says Weird Al.


AF said...

What does the One True Poll say this morning?

Or have we come around to the view that the average of all polls is a better measure?

TosaGuy said...

I enjoy deer hunting, but I use a rifle and not a bow.

Smell is a deer's best sense. If you are downwind of a deer remain still it will stare at you while trying to figure out what is going on. Once they smell you they hightail it out of there.

Conversely, wild turkey's have superior eyesight. Deer and turkeys live quite well together and you sometimes see them working together. It's facinating to watch and makes the day in the deer stand go much faster.

garage mahal said...

Ryan is all pumped up!

BidenFamilyTaxPayerFundedCrackPipe said...

The pro-Obama Pro-democrat hack media are mining for gaffes. Good job, a-hole media. Good job.
Never mind Obama's lies and failures. Never mind the sad state of our economy and how we edge towards Greece. Never mind!

Tonight's questions are going to silly. I predict major gaffe mining tonight.

Nonapod said...

Ryan's going into a hostile environment. The debate moderator will be on Biden's side.

Icepick said...

Some professional fighters have been know to forgo bathing leading up to a fight in the hope of disgusting their opponents. I only wish I was kidding.

Richard Dolan said...

Notice how this post reinforces the image of Ryan in the immediately preceding post, discussing Cassidy's attack on Ryan's statements about the need to inculcate values of work, personal responsibility and thrift in inner-city culture. The Dems would be very foolish to try to demonize those values as another 'dog whistle'.

BidenFamilyTaxPayerFundedCrackPipe said...

Going to BE silly.

Hagar said...

Ryan may be preepping for the wrong debate. He already knows more than enough to defeat Biden on substance; what he should practice is defending against being heckled by a stand-up comic.

edutcher said...

Why do you think the Indians smeared bear grease on themselves?

Why did some spec Ops units in 'Nam only eat Vietnamese food?

Same idea.

And I love his use of the phrase, "I'm just doing my homework and studying the issues".

Isn't that just twisting the knife in Fearless Leader just a bit?

Ficta said...

"It's really great to be here; just hope I can help the team."

"It's boring."

"Of course it's boring. That's the point. Write it down."

Matt Sablan said...

Oh. Wait. The debate is TONIGHT? I thought it was Thursday.

... Wait, today's Thursday, isn't it?

DADvocate said...

sprays unscented materil on his boots

That could be water. I'm sure he meant Ryan uses some sort of scent eliminator or a scent to attract deer or cover up human scent.

I use Scent-a-way shampoo daily as it has no perfumes or other chemicals that bother my scalp.

traditionalguy said...

Ryan will have to take some put downs. That is a part of the game.

The voters expect their politicians be stoned and take it, and then they can come back after that initiated guys.

My hope is that Ryan shows respect to Biden while he slits his throat with a fact or two...like Romney did it.

Unknown said...

I guess it wasn't possible to find a moderator who wasn't married to a government employee.

Kurt said...

All that talk about Paul Ryan's shower routine made me think of this video that was highlighted at Hillbuzz yesterday. At least no one has been talking about Joe Biden's shower routine.

furious_a said...

Mr. Ryan is going to position himself downwind of VP Biden?

VP Biden is going to spritz some cougar-urine and bleach his teeth in order to appear more intimidating?

Tonight's drinking game: pound a shot each time VP Biden uses the word "literally".

From Inwood said...


You have the most thoughtful comment here on this silly CNN exercise.

Actually, I suspect that the irrational exuberance of the Moderator & the questioners will help an intelligent, "bright, clean" person like Ryan.

Something like: “Congressman Ryan: what do you say to the ordinary folks who see you & Gov Romney waging a war on women?” Maybe they’ll add “as well as the tired, the poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore….”

Why do I suspect that Biden might babble something about “Lilly ‘Bedwetter’, God love her”? Why does he remind me of Ditto Bolan in The Last Hurrah?

But, in the end, the MSM will probably say, apologies to the poet, that Biden was real & Ryan but a shade – and a wonkish shade at that.

The question is whether the MSM can fool some of the people all of the time & will that be enough to get Obama re-elected

jungatheart said...

Someone suggested recently that Ryan find common ground with Biden by drawing attention to the similarity of their abortion votes, while noting that Obama voted against (of all things) the Born Alive Act.

This could be carried to this theme. Something tells me it would be hard for Biden to be against teaching values in the inner-city.

Is there any chance Biden wants to torpedo Obama?

tacotaco said...

this is the exact same kind of attempt to craft a piece based on a tenuous, ridiculous connection to some other irrelevant fact that Althouse does ALL THE TIME and thinks she's so clever for doing so.

I guess when Ryan is the victim (and also, why does this blog enjoy playing the-victimization-of Romney/Ryan-card so much?) it's not so clever?

cubanbob said...

Look for the electrodes on Jolting Joe's neck. If they are there then you know he has had a brain transplant. Question is whose brain did he receive?

AllenS said...

Since he's going up against Biden a known plageriser and liar, he needs a big can of anti-BS spray. The towards the end of the debate, then Ryan can open a big can of Whoop-Ass.

Mr. D said...

furious_a said:

Tonight's drinking game: pound a shot each time VP Biden uses the word "literally".

That's a surefire recipe for a BAC of .25 or more for most Americans.

Baron Zemo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Baron Zemo said...

I hear that they have come up with a new strategy for the next Presidential debate.

They are replacing Obama with Raul Ibanez.

Baron Zemo said...

Of course there is nothing they can do about Clueless Joe.

cold pizza said...

furious_a said:

Tonight's drinking game: pound a shot each time VP Biden uses the word "literally".

Mr D said:
That's a surefire recipe for a BAC of .25 or more for most Americans.

Literally. -CP

McTriumph said...

Just ask Old Joe if he was in charge of the Libya operation. Watch Old Joe take a huge dump on Barry and Hillary, that had he been in command he would have broken up Libya into many states. Therefore confusing terrorist as to which American installation to "protest".

n.n said...

What distinguishes between an adult and child? It is clearly not a departure from juvenile behavior. Is it limited to accepting personal responsibility for one's own actions and life?

furious_a said...

what he should practice is defending against being heckled by a stand-up comic.

As long as they don't have to share a microphone Ryan should be ok.

furious_a said...

Martha Raddatz: whatever her shortcomings, marrying down isn't one of them...

#1 Ben Bradlee, Jr., son of Jason Robards in All the President's Men

#2 Julius Janikowski, Oakland Raiders kicker and FCC Commissioner.

That's the problem with the prof'l gals in DC keeping their maiden names -- unless one's been introduced one never knows whom one is ultimately p*ssing off.

Hagar said...

They do have to share the floor, and the comic is the pro.