October 12, 2012

At the Puppy Doll Café...


... everyone needs a baby.


BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Aw. Himz sweet.

Patrick said...

Driving through Madison today for a funeral. Seems like a nice day for a drive, even under the circumstances.

Enjoy the weekend, all.

Ex-prosecutor said...

I've got my black Lab, Peggy Sue, with me here at the office today. When I took her for a walk, she came across a dried-up pizza crust, which she immediately clamped down on. As I tried to pry her jaws open, she viewed me with adoring eyes as she swallowed all but the part hanging out of her mouth, which I tore away.

Last week, she did the same thing with a dead bird she found on a walk.

Most dogs are better than most people.

furious_a said...
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Unknown said...

Chew on this. As late as this morning we're still seeing crap like this thrown out just as if it was common knowledge. From a Yahoo story about Terry Jones being denied entry into Canada:

Jones was slated to participate in a debate Thursday about "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Muslim film that has recently sparked violent protests in the Arab world, the most violent of which led to the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi last month.

traditionalguy said...

And life goes on on earth among God's creatures.

furious_a said...

Had the pleasure this morning of prying rabbit bits (looks like a hawk got there first) out of the mouth of the younger Beagle. Fur and bones. Twice. On the same walk.

edutcher said...

B Treasure Dog had her gator.

Unfortunately, Quantum treats Quasy (her mother, after all) the same way.

rhhardin said...

"Blanket sucking" is a pacifying dog activity that dogs can do for hours, holding a furry toy without end and staring into space.

Vicki prefers the furball for this.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

Dogs and their stuffed toys are so much like kids that it's hilarious.

I'd give my dog a toy and then have four others. I'd grab one of the four others to "play with" and he/she would immediately want the one I took.

Every time. Whichever one I took he or she would want. They'd jump all over me.

Like kids with a toy.

Chip Ahoy said...

Would you care to see the bottle hummingbird feeder #8? It's based on steampunk. With a leak of steam.

I stopped short and I'm unsatisfied. It's almost there but not quite. I have old watches in drawers that I don't intend to fix or get batteries or wear, but they're so cool because they're simple and they say "Time" Either one would be perfect. I might do that. Plus paint the back of the flower. Plus add more crap like a Borg.

My brother told me they're sloppy, amateurish, unprofessional and crap, always just so careful in his critique, and he's right.

I like it, but it's big for my purpose.

mike in houston said...

Never give a stuffed bunny to a Scottie, It will be dead in a minute

rhhardin said...

Dogs will always pick the toy that they think will interest you.

They're trying to get you to play, and know it's a matter of finding a toy that you like.

furious_a said...

The younger Beagle always prefers whatever the older one is chewing on, playing with or sniffing and the sunny spot where he chooses to curl.

She has finally stopped shredding plush toys.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

"Dogs will always pick the toy that they think will interest you"

They did it with everything.

We used to give them rawhide chew sticks to chew on. So, I'd lay out 15 of them on the floor. They'd pick one and start go off to their spot. I'd grab one of the others and they'd immediately drop the one they took and jump at me for the one I had.

Just like kids.

Kurt said...

Ah, very cute photo! This pup looks rather like my retriever mix, who also loves to sleep with her head on her soft toys. My other dog would rather tear up the soft toys than snuggle with them, though.

Unknown said...

So, when does Ann Athouse call upon liberals to learn how to speak to moderates and conservatives without making themselves repulsive to us? New tone? Despicable lefties fantasize about ‘hate f**king’ Paul Ryan.

Deb said...

This is what happens when a shoe is left unattended in my house.

kentuckyliz said...

I would post a pic of the cat yak on the floor...my tom's compulsive grooming I guess...but my iPhone was stolen. You will just have to imagine it.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

And how do they know when you're almost "there"?

My brother's house? My Mom's?

As soon as we turn the corner in the car they're up and excited. This is on the SECOND time we've been there.

New dog. Go to my brother's home for the first time. It's July. Okay, he can't figure it out. Six months later - for Christmas - we go back. Yep, as soon as we turn the corner on the street where my brother's house is, he's jumping up and down.


Psychic, I say, they're psychic...

Anonymous said...

i love Stephanie Cutter. If any-one can hook-me or meet-me up with her, then that would be most fabulous. I want her devotion to me.

Aridog said...

Eustace Chilke ... Terry (Chicken Little) Jones has become a regular bug in my town, usually with more protection than noticeable support...and this time was no different, Wednesday 10 Oct 2012 outside a local high school.

He is actually part of the Administration's phony protest fomenting and cover story, being contacted by no less than the Chief, Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Tweedledee Dempsey about the video.

Personally, I keep hoping somebody does take offense to his raggedy church of what's happening now latter day KKK Florida cracker ass and kicks it repeatedly.

Last time I saw hom directly, he was running away from three older black ladies who felt he wasn't much of a Christian and were about to tutor him.

Aridog said...

Deb said...

This is what happens when a shoe is left unattended in my house.

Perchance, you have a Beagle? :-))

Aridog said...

America's Politico said...

I love Stephanie Cutter. If any-one can hook-me or meet-me up with her ...

Just call her from that 1600 Pennsylvania corner office of yours, she'll swoon fer sur :-))

Aridog said...

As far as dogs and picking toys to play with....our female will do as most of you have said, go for the one you select, & if you change, she will change and act delighted.

The male, however, picks **his** toy from a group and sticks to it. No amount of teasing with another toy makes any difference, he'll keep banging in to your leg with the first one he picked up until you "get it."

Methadras said...
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Methadras said...

Althouse upon seeing said dog laying down with his friend in paws, resting and wishing not to be disturbed, grabs her camera and crawls to him thus. A conversation ensues.

Althouse: Meade, look at him, isn't he cute with his toys?


Althouse give Meade the finger.

Althouse grabs her camera and crawls towards the resting canine to take a picture.

Althouse: Okay, now hold still.

Dog: Hold woman. I understand that you sneak up on us dogs to take pictures of while we are in repose of relaxation.

Althouse: Yeah, it's to put it on my blog for open threads and I like to be clever about them and make them meaningful. Say, where did you hear that from anyway?

Dog: The brown one. He told me that you accosted him while he was in the chair and dreaming of chasing a rabbit.


Dog: Silence, you bulb pulling little man. *yawn*

Althouse: There is nothing wrong with taking your picture is there. And oh look, you little toy friend is so cute.

Dog: This is not my 'Toy' friend. This is my baby.

Althouse: Your baby?

Dog: Yes, my baby. I take care of him wherever I go and he's all mine.

Althouse: Can I take a picture of you both.

Dog: Sigh. If you must for your little blog.

Meade: Hey Ann, when are you going to clean up those books over there. They've been sitting there for a year.

Althouse gives Meade the finger.


Dog: Are you done yet?

Althouse: No, this stupid camera app keeps getting stuck. Ah, there, okay, hold still. *click* got it.

Dog: What was that sound?

Althouse: Oh, that was the sound of a camera clicking to tell me when the simulated shutter snapped closed.

Dog: Hmmm, I almost got up to look outside for a dear.


The Dog gives Meade the finger.

The brown dog in the chair: See I told you they won't let you sleep. Damn humans. Look at the one with the thing on his head. Silly little man.

Dog: Are you done now? May I go back to taking care of my baby?

Althouse: Of course. I'm going to post this right away on the blog and get lots of hits.

Dog: Tell them about my good side.

The end.

Browndog said...

Garage Mahal's dog is at the age of trouble- demanding patience, love, and discipline.

I hope things are going well.

Meade said...

Weird wild stuff there, Meth.

Kurt said...

Well, now that Methadras had to point out that pile of books, I happened to notice the swopper chair just to the right of the dog and the doorway. How do you like it?

McTriumph said...

If humans were like dogs life would be paradise.

Ann Althouse said...

@Meth What you don't know is that Meade took the photo. I should have put my "Photos by Meade" tag on it. An omission.

As for the Swopper, it's what it purports to be. I have another desk chair that I use more. The Swopper is good for keeping you upright and moving freely. Perfectly comfortable, assuming you want to be prevented from leaning back.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

"If humans were like dogs life would be paradise."

Darn close to it.

But barking at strangers would be a bit problematic. Not to mention all that licking and sniffing.

And when you approach the doctor's/dentist's office, you'd start to bark and shake. Tough driving while doing all that.

Once again: how do they know when they're going to the vet and not to the park for a walk?


Methadras said...

Meade said...

Weird wild stuff there, Meth.

lol, I just through that stuff in there about you because of Ann saying you were acting like Biden when she was talking to you and she gives you the finger.

It's just a goofy story.

Methadras said...

Ann Althouse said...

@Meth What you don't know is that Meade took the photo. I should have put my "Photos by Meade" tag on it. An omission.

Then I would have reversed the two of you. You laughing at him like biden and him giving you the finger. :D