October 7, 2012

At the Oak Tree Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want.


Dante said...


America's Politico said...

I wonder if there ever will be a gathering of Althouse blog commenters in Madison. If Romney wins (a big IF given that the POTUS is the best and greatest and has support of the Big Media), should we gather next year may be during the Farmer's Market days. See the city, meet the commenters, etc. I will bring pizza if Romney wins. My pizzeria in Tampa is already on the way to start this December.

Tim said...

621 yards total offense.

That is all.

rhhardin said...

Oaks don't need colors.

edutcher said...


You really needed to get out, didn't you?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

In southern NH where we live it has not gotten cold enough for the oaks to turn yet. However, the beech and birch have already turned and lost their leaves, and the maples have turned and their leaves are starting to fall. Not the best timing this year.

Kinda like how my multi-dish dinners usually turn out.

JOB said...

Quercus and Quince

Quercus endures. This singular sentence
Understates the oak as beauty’s bounty
Embedding lofty reach in eminence.
Rachel, too, would reach late and offer plenty
Ceded so to Jacob but held off by
Uncle Laban’s wether-proofed endurances
Striking deep in Jacob’s grain – the taste of why
Quinces first soured the tongues of Eden's princes:
Undulate branches worked in ugly gnarls
Intimating cankered Adam’s rotten shame –
Nurturing Rachel’s sweetness from Lia’s blear
Conceptions: God came upon each daughter
Enlarging twelve-fold a picked orchard’s fame –
Sustaining, root to fruit, as only Israel’s.