September 5, 2012

Rouged individualism.

With all this talk of rugged individualism and emphasis on women at the conventions, I offer my coinage: rouged individualism.

My Google search indicates that prior uses of the word combo "rouged individualism" were all typos from people who were badly misspelling "rugged," e.g.:
The Pacific Northwest has the group identity of "Rouged Individualism". There are plenty of positive aspects of this perspective, but as is obvious, plenty of pitfalls as well. So now I'm independent and capable but by using my strengths, not trying to be something I'm not.
Plenty of pitfalls... and pitbulls wearing lipstick... and rouge....

ADDED: This post was inspired by wyo sis's riffing in the comments about a different misspelling of "rugged" — "rugid":
rugid individualism
I like that!
I think I'll start using it.
It has a refudiated ring to it.
(Sarah is everywhere!)

AND: Meade makes a visual pun for "rugged individualism," using my photo of the "Pioneer Family" sculpture and his photoshopping (anti)skill:


Hagar said...


Anonymous said...

It wasn't me, it was my iPad! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I deserve a tag for that.

Unknown said...

"Rugged individualism" highlighted at the Democrat Convention?

How the hell do they explain that poster leach of Democrat values, "Julia" then?

"Julia" is to "rugged individualism" what "Barack Obama" is to "merit" and "competency."

Some people will believe anything.

YoungHegelian said...

Rouged Individualism

The motto of the Association of Republican Sorority Sisters?

Christopher in MA said...

Somehow I'm thinking about Harvey Fierstein.

mariner said...

For Democrats and their enablers, "rugged individualism" = "government is the only thing we all belong to".

When I showed that video to my Dad he said, "It sounds like what they're saying is we all belong to the government."

David said...

There's also rigid individualism. (The possibilities are endless.)

Astro said...

Don't forget Sarah Palin's book 'Going Rouge'.

Bob Ellison said...

You shouldna corrected it, Allie!

Is this an appropriate place for me to introduce my two own favorite coinages?

1) "For all intensive porpoises..."

2) "Queso restavo." (That's a Latin legal term, and it means, literally, "I rest my cheese."

acm said...

AllieOop said...
It wasn't me, it was my iPad! ;)

9/5/12 9:04 AM
AllieOop said...
I think I deserve a tag for that


You didn't coin that. Steve Jobs did. No, wait, he had teachers and drove on roads and stuff, so the government did.

And the iPad was made in China, so that government built that.

*waits patiently for another liberal column about how much better China is, and how we should be like China, if only for a day*

wyo sis said...


It's like when you say a word so many times it loses it's meaning.

I think rouged and rugid should completely overtake the old cliche.

Rugid has a slow turgid yet somehow perky connotation. What a perfectly descriptive word. Reminds me of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
The Dem's lamo response to Sarah Palin.

X said...

I'm interested in Allie's theory (Ooponomics) that a rugged individualist, someone who pays their own way, is a net expense to the community, and that Julia, someone whose every decision costs someone besides her money, is a net asset.

Calypso Facto said...

Since it refers to an independent thinking woman, a rouged individual is by definition a Libertarian or Republican.

It is antithetical to the Democrat coinage "all your babe are belong to us".

Meade said...

2) "Queso restavo." (That's a Latin legal term, and it means, literally, "I rest my cheese."

Qui Queso transvecto?

That's a Latin self-help term specifically for Italians, and it means, literally, "Who moved my mozzarella di bufala?"

edutcher said...

I remember seeing a piece in Life magazine where women during the Napoleonic Era wore dresses that bared their breasts.

For optimum effect, said breasts were powdered and the nipples rouged.

Is that similar?

Roy Lofquist said...

In the world of Role Playing Games (RPGs) an iconic character class is the rogue. Of course, 3/4 ths of the time it is spelled rouge.

Incidentally, the RPG world is huge. World of Warcraft (WOW) has 10 million subscribers @ $15/month. As many as 20 million people regularly play games of this genre.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

So are those 'rugs' really public hair pieces? Statue-tory merkins?

Richard Dolan said...

"Rouged individualism" is a nice attempt, not all that successful, to give new life to a dying (OK, completely dead) cliche. It would probably work better as a visual pun, though, since that kind of poking-fun often is better achieved by indirection.

Bob Ellison said...

Ruth, I see what you did there.

traditionalguy said...

Are the rugs Meade drew in over the the pioneers' heads in celebration of the pioneer scalps taken by bands of Comanche raiders ( the forerunners of the occupy movement?)

Anonymous said...

Those who hew too closely to the rouged-individualist line are also known as I-liners.

Wince said...

"Rouged individualism."

Althouse: As in her speech last night, there's a misplaced emotionality that's too much about her family's personal need for gratification.

Rouged egocentrism?

Bob Ellison said...

Pinko individualism is an oxymoron.

Meade, I liked yours.

How about "Roget ibidism"? Literally, "Using the thesaurus to avoid having to cite the original source". That seems au courant (literally, "around currency") lately.

traditionalguy said...

That reminds one of lyrics, " In 1915 we took a little trip along with Henry up the mighty Rouge River and entered the world's largest vertically integrated auto manufacturing plant that made the steel, made the tires, nade the engines and assembled the model Ts.

Calypso Facto said...

also known as I-liners


Known Unknown said...

Meade should take up actually learning photoshop as a winter hobby.

wyo sis said...


William said...

Biden's speeches exemplify turgid individualim.

David said...

Also: "Rigged Individualism."

David said...

Meade, no disrespect but you need to call Chip in for the photoshopping.

Meade said...

I know - mine is a bit ragged.

Still - I can't let myself become dependent on Chip to improve my own substandard efforts. Sure, it would make me look better, smarter, richer.

I'm a ragged individualist.

Beldar said...

One of the most common player "classes" or types in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft is the rogue.

In every online game in which there are rogues, the most commonly misspelled word IS "rogue." Inevitably it is spelled "rouge."

Being a pedant, my standard line when my rogue encountered someone who made this mistake was: "Rouge is the makeup that approximates the blush your cheeks should be wearing for misspelling the name of the rogue class."

Then I'd backstab 'em for 10,000 damage.

Sam L. said...

wyosis wrote, "
Rugid has a slow turgid yet somehow perky connotation. What a perfectly descriptive word. Reminds me of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
The Dem's lamo response to Sarah Palin."

Lamo, lamoer, lamoest. Debbie Wasserman-test (Sgt. I Know Nossink) Schultz is not even a lamo imitation. You are overly generous. She can't turn a phrase like Sarah, and she can't turn a man's head like Sarah (look away, look AWAY, dixie--and all others-land).