September 17, 2012

"My mother was an isolated and intellectual person."

"She was so driven by writing, it was quite limiting. She lived on her own, so everything she wrote came from within herself. In the last year, as she was contemplating death, she even saw that as writing material."

Said Orlando Figes, quoted in the obituary for Eva Figes, "a refugee from Nazi Germany who became an acclaimed novelist, memoirist and critic best known for an influential feminist treatise, 'Patriarchal Attitudes.'"


ricpic said...

Since feminism is the premier example of pure herd mentality how could feminist Figes be "isolated and intellectual?" Sonny boy is too close to Mom and sees her as having been persecuted, when in fact she was just another foot soldier in a totalitarian movement bent on crushing independent thought within and without.

The Crack Emcee said...

Ms. Figes (pronounced FIE-jez) was 38, divorced and raising two children when she felt moved to write a blistering indictment of women’s standing in society and what she viewed as the inequality of marriage.

Did you ever notice feminists are "smart" enough to write screeds that destroy other's lives and relationships, but always lack the intelligence and ability to maintain and/or fix their own marriages?

And I love her burning eyes in that photo - insanity be thy name.

"Seven voices intrude on the solitary life of a midwife" - I bet.

"Ms. Figes had many relationships after her divorce, including one with the writer G√ľnter Grass, whose work she championed in England and who came to live with her family after one of his own marriages dissolved, she mostly lived alone."

Such people sicken me, leaving just a trail of tears behind them - all unacknowledged - until they can stand no one and no one can stand them as well.

"It was quite limiting" is her perfect epitaph,...

The Beebs Blog said...

Her son is a fine writer of Russian history.