September 9, 2012

"It was kind of like a waterslide... But like the waterslide was like very, very steep and went about 20 miles an hour."

14-year-old boy sucked into a storm sewer pipe.
Jeffrey said he held his breath for what felt like two minutes, as his body flipped around in the pipe. "I was face first, then I was feet first, and then I was side first".... The water eventually became waist-deep. And Jeffrey said he grabbed a handle along the wall in the sewer.

"I just grabbed it and I heard people: 'Jeff, Jefff, Jefffffffff," and I saw a light and I'm like 'Oh my God. Thank you, Jesus," he said.
He was in there, traveling a quarter mile, through multiple pipes, for about 40 minutes, half of that time before knowing the rescuers had located him.


Oso Negro said...

99 times out of 100 that story has a bad ending. I hope he uses his time wisely.

Chip Ahoy said...

and I'm like 'Oh my God. Thank you, Jesus

and Jesus said, "You're welcome, Jeff, and thank yoooooou."

edutcher said...

Lucky kid.

I remember reading what Maxwell Taylor had to say about glider infantrymen who sat next to the pilot of the glider and were untrained to fly the thing, which became necessary if the pilot was killed or wounded, "Do do it in combat was a chastening experience. It really gave a man religion".

Same thing.

rod said...

The amount of passivity that nearly resulted in his death is simply amazing.

"An overflowing creek ... sent the boy on the ride of his life."

They were riding through puddles formed by a rising creek. Rising creeks form floodwaters, not puddles.

"He fell into the overflowing water...".

I had a friend in high school, whose little brother was killed in almost the exact same scenario.

I know none of the actual facts of this particular story, but I suspect this boy rode or jumped his bike into rapidly moving water. He narrowly avoided a "Darwin Award".

Is it to much to ask of the press, that when people do incredibly stupid stuff that we lay some amount of blame on them for their own stupidity?

harrogate said...

my first thought was of Stephen King's book, _IT_. Ghastly book, in some ways.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

Ghastly book, in some ways.

You mean like the part where the way to outwit the monster is to stage a pubescent gangbang?

madAsHell said...

Is it to much to ask of the press, that when people do incredibly stupid stuff that we lay some amount of blame on them for their own stupidity?

Are suggesting that we should call this young man an idiot instead of a victim??

madAsHell said...

Are suggesting s/b Are you suggesting


harrogate said...


Yes, great example. I often wonder about that scene. What in the hell was King doing there? I wonder if he wasn't meaning to bring in some sort of Dionysian ritual there. It's certainly one of the most bizarre moments for King.

Also the sustained part where everyone's irrational fears of clowns are tripled down on forever.

MadisonMan said...

Incredibly fortunate. The city worker was right there for his friend to report. The fire station was across the street.

rod, your compassion underwhelms.

Shana said...

He should be singled out as an idiot and given the Darwin Award because other 14 year old boys never do stupid things.

ken in sc said...

I did not mind the burning farts part, but I stopped reading King when I realized he was not just non-Christian but actually anti-Christian. I should have noticed that with 'Christine' and 'Carey'.

Actually, my son almost had this same thing happen to him in Alexandria, Virginia, during a thunderstorm.

kentuckyliz said...

The news here uses swift water rescue stories to remind people of basic flood safety like not driving through standing water. You can't even see if the bridge is out. You could be driving down the road and it's just not there.

Moving water has FORCE.

kentuckyliz said...

Story linked on the same page as sewer boy:

Student who got oral sex from teacher said he was happy in her home.

She actually had group sex with four high school boys, all 18 or older--and the age of consent in Texas is 17.

The law linked there says sexual contact between educators and students is a crime in Texas. Wikipedia said 2nd degree felony. So she's not being charged with rape.

They heard she was having sex with students, so they went over to her house.

kentuckyliz said...

(Way to hijack a thread!)

harrogate said...


Thanks for the context. Maybe the King reference was not so off topic as I originally thought!

rod said...

Madison Man,

I have read many of your comments and know you are a compassionate person. However, I don't understand the mindset where you say my compassion is underwhelming.

I had a friend killed in nearly the exact same scenario. Reading the story was liked getting punched in the stomach.

You are right that I want the article to point out he was (probably) doing idiotic stuff and that he has some agency in the results. My compassion is to shame this idiot and save a life in the future.

I started wearing my seatbelt 100% of the time when I started driving at age 14. I had several friends that did not start wearing their seatbelts until they had a friend die in a car wreck.

I am perfectly happy to learn from the mistakes of others, because if saves me from suffering that same mistake myself. However, my wife frequently points out to me that I am the abnormal person on what seems to me to be the preferred human nature.

I am sincerely asking Madison Man and any others, what would be the more compassionate response? It breaks my heart to see children die.