September 30, 2012

At the Plaster Politics Café...


... what are we really fighting about?


Anonymous said...

Hello? Anybody here?

Guildofcannonballs said...

I am thinking of a song. 60's. "Georgie Georgie gosh darnit CHANGE to be free and alive" or something. On 3g or I would look it up.

Georgie was female.

Anyway, it totally descibes all Obama voters with precision vastly surpassing perfection.

bagoh20 said...

Shhhhh. It's just us. Everyone is sleeping. Be very quiet. You wanna play doctor and nurse?

Anonymous said...

Sure, Bagoh. Tell me what hurts.

David said...

I see you have played before Inga.

Anonymous said...

Oh, only a few times.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Well I have forgotten the beat; no song remembering for me.

Just as well.

I am disgusted when I think "and I can't overestimate" because ferfuckssakes I CAN goddamnit.

I could overestimate with the very best, given enough traffic to do so.

Lem said...

Althouse said..

We are human beings, and our thoughts take place within our bodies, with our brains and nerves, and the ability to make decisions comes from feeling. We are not computers.

I have been thinking of an impossible question to answer with all the certainty barring my mind reading limitations, not to mention the implausibility of satisfying the loyal opposition.

Why did Rush play that visual video on the radio?... maybe I can take a stab at looking at it from his perspective.

Years ago, during the Menendez trial (where two sons retired their parents early for their inheritance) I was dating a lawyer and I remember her telling me some things about the law, among them, what she considered the best testimony… I though eyewitness I said… she said… wrong.
The best testimony, bar none, is a confession.

I don’t know if I need to say this but, confessions are rare because confessions are an admission of guilt, of wrongdoing… My experience is people are not in the habit of confessing wrongdoing.

Enter the video of a woman voluntarily confessing to something that Rush Limbaugh has been trumpeting for the better part of over 20 years, 3 hours of every week day, while being told by a lot of people that he is making it up, that it is not true that a growing segment of the citizenry expects to be taken care of.

Do I blame him for playing the confessional visual video, on the radio; over 20 times?… say one time for every year he’s been on the radio?


Not to play the visual video on his radio show would have been a dereliction.

That’s only my opinion but I think I’m right.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what Unbuckley is talking about? He confuses me.

yashu said...

NotquiteunBuckley, are you thinking of "Georgy Girl," from the 60s film?

Matt said...

Let's see if I can guess the statues correctly...

Back Left: Mayor Bloomberg

Front Left: President Obama trying to get called on down on "The Price is Right"

Back Right: Conan O'Brien

Front Right: Deja Vu from the movie "Top Secret"

How'd I do?

Lem said...

With me is also a question of trust.

Am I going to trust Althouse to a greater extent than say... Sullivan?

In order for me to throw Rush under the bus I have to rely on more than a gut feeling.

Sorry I'm going on at some length... seemingly "piling on"... that's not my intention.

I just... I mean I can see why Althouse might go and read the loyal opposition... I try to be civil and avoid name calling... it doesn't lead to any good.

But one thing is reading them and blogging them and another thing is saying they are right when they are not.

I will admit to the possibility that I'm wrong, as I said before, I'm not a mind reader and professor Althouse is a lot sharper than me and a lot of us.

The freedom with which Althouse expresses herself is admirably unsettling... it may be the best thing about the blog.

Except for when she deletes me.

Chip Ahoy said...

YouTube Georgie Girl

Georgia Gi(r)l sung the nonrhotic way.

The main thing is incompletely pronounced. You hear this all the time, like hair dressing products spoken for with fake-ass British accents: Shiny comfort for you'ah HEH. It's hair you stupid bitch, hair. Why would I buy your asinine product when you do not even say the word? Hairrrrrrrrrr-r-r-r-r-r I emphasize it so much I realize why you avoid it.

Lem said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

Okay, Senator, lay down and hold this frame close around your head and breath through this straw while I pour the alginate over your face, this will only take a few minutes, but I'd like to give it an extra minute to set if you don't mind hanging in there.

So what are we making again?

A death mask, Sir.


No rush, take your time.

rhhardin said...

Vulture playing cowboys and indians. (video)

edutcher said...

I wonder how many people have tried to sock the Axelrod statue?

Carnifex said...

I thought I was pretty well traveled but I got's to admit I recognize none of these people. The guy with the mustachio looks like Joe Stalin, Kinda;, sorta'. The guy in back, hunkered over kinda' sorta' looks like JFK, or Conan O'Brian. That's it for me.

Kinda creepy though. Viscerally, I'd say it's some Wisconsin pol's, and if they are, they are more than likely uber-leftist. And that conjures up the terra cotta army of the Chinese. Not a good association. But if my guts are right, the artist was successful in eliciting a response from my lizard brain. Just maybe not the one "she",I'm guessing, wanted.


Why is the dorky one trying to get a fist bump?


I've never been deleted from a comments section...I don't know whether to be proud of that or insulted. Maybe a little hurt, because what I've said is irrelevant.


Don't delete me to make me feel better. :-)

Guildofcannonballs said...

Many thanks C. Ahoy and yashu. and Inga as John Adams said "in politics the aim, and the end is in the middle." Adams knew folks in the center were the smartest, most humorous, and well-groomed.

That is bullshit.

Guildofcannonballs said...

And then there was:


yashu said...

NotQuitenBuckley, I don't know if you'll see this comment, but thank you for that totally groovy link to the Byrds doing "This Wheel's on Fire" (a song I love).

OMG the groovy 60s dancers, love it.

yashu said...

But I will always love the original Dylan & The Band version best.