September 16, 2012

At the Exit Café...


... you don't have to leave.


America's Politico said...

Now, it begins:

NYT started last week. WashPost this weekend.

Today, Politico:

As me-mentioned so-many times. You folks do not know what happened 24-hours after the Libya crisis. Allow me to transcribe for you.

Jill @NYT to Media Elites of America (a JournoList group, only better than Erza's).

Jill: Is Every-one joined?
All: Yes, Ma'am.
Jill: What the f*** is NYMag doing? John, are you ready with Mitt is going no-where meme?
John H. Yes. It is coming out.
Jill: What the f*** What is the delay? What about WashPost? What about HuffPost? What about DailyBeast? Is NPR's Gwen online?
Gwen: Yes!
Jill: For Christ sake, focus on Romney's incompetence. We got to make this issue from Libya and WH to Romney? Okay?
CNN Wolf: What exactly do you mean?
Jill: Wolf, listen, the moment Romney says anything, we simply repeat: Bad words, Bad timing, etc. Each news outlet picks a meme and go with it.
Jill: Does every-one understand?
All: Yes
Jill: Is this clear?
All: C-R-Y-S-T-A-L
Jill: Talk to you all tomorrow. Now, get your assess on your key-boards....


Romney is a toast. Drip-Drip-Drip.....

It is the beginning of the end of Romney.

You know it now....

pm317 said...

You show us the exit and say we don't have to leave?

Almost Ali said...

That photo, like "I" should jump out the window.

And the comments thus far, like I should jump out the window. Why, because people think Romney is toast?

Well, forget it, I'm not jumping out ANY window, at least not until I cast my vote...

Lem said...

You show us the exit and say we don't have to leave?

Its another sign Obama is going to win.

whswhs said...

Does that make it the No Exit Cafe? Paging J-P. Sartre. . . .

William H. Stoddard

wyo sis said...

It doesn't look like a place I want to linger. I'll think I'll check out what is through that door.

MadisonMan said...

I'm trying to figure out the building. That looks like the Concourse behind the building that holds the Pasty Shop. So are you in the back of the Historical Museum? Not a view perspective I've ever seen.

XRay said...

That's a backlit Edward Hopper there, at the end, right? Or should I just jump through to find out, for real.

kentuckyliz said...

In the event of a fire, please take a seat near the emergency exit and enjoy the view while you await further instructions.

kentuckyliz said...

That makes me think of Rick Riscorla on 9/11. What a hero.

kentuckyliz said...

The media is utterly failing in its function in a free democratic republic.

Their viewership, ratings, and subscribers are declining speedily.

Well deserved.

God, An Original A-hole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
God, An Original A-hole said...

Been away for a little while, from before this latest Middle East flare-up started.

I do not comprehend the reactions of our Presidential candidates:

Obama seems to say that these lethal protests are the result of a despicable and irresponsible... movie. And so they... uh... rounded up the movie-maker at a late-night hour for "questioning" about a potential technical probation violation.

While Romney (and now the last contender, McCain) says that the protests occurred because America is leaving the region and see the U.S. as weak and are pressing the perceived advantage.

Aren't both of these rather pig-headed?

Isn't this just a definite question of cultural values: America generally values free speech, and in particular the challenging of religious dogma. The Other Side values the sanctity of their religious figures, and will censor offending speech. It seems to be necessarily one or the other, not both in the same place, and where the two cultures meet there will be clashes. Correct?

cf said...

The exit of Molly Norris has haunted me since it was first reported, which just happens to be two years and one day ago.

"on the insistence of FBI specialists" the cartoonist who invited everyone to draw Mohammed went into hiding, but NOT at secret service expense.

It all takes on sharper focus now.

The most convenient thing for the federal government was to veil her away, which also silences her, instead of protecting her AND protecting her voice.

I wonder . . . Is she still alive? would we know if she would have disappeared? How Does she perceive the latest news of midnight visits to clumsy film makers and murderous mobs across the globe?

Where are you, Molly Norris? Godspeed

deborah said...

Cool picture.

Erika said...

I decided it was time to drop a few pounds this spring. I stopped eating white flour and refined sugar and started running at the gym again (I used to regularly; haven't in a long time). Weight started creeping down. Then two months ago I broke my toe and stopped working out, but continued avoiding white flour and sugar. Weight still slowly, steadily disappearing. I have now lost 35% of what I intend to, with no dedicated exercise at all for the last eight weeks, eating all the fat/protein/fruit/vegetables/whole grains I want. Interesting. I plan to get back to running now that my toe is acting normal again, because I enjoy it, but this little experiment has been intriguing.

Penny said...

Nice to see you again, God.

Don't agree with your points exactly, so I will only say something along the lines of...

"Keep the faith".

Penny said...

NOTE to God ...

Rubbing up against each other can cause some ... "heat".

Penny said...

But will that see us through the "cold spell" we optimistically refer to as "winter"?

Chip Ahoy said...

See? Success lit up in red.

Exito, right here through this door. See those rooftops out there? Success right through this door. Come on. Success.

That's why America is so successful. That Peruvian lady was right, Americans are obsessed with success. It's all over the place lit up in red.

Palladian said...

Einstein On The Beach was brilliant!

Chip Ahoy said...

In ASL success is a cause for celebration woo WOO WOO

Carnifex said...

Well, I think we can all just do away with the Zero is a facist arguments. His latest little stunt has pretty much made it clear he loves free speech, as long as it says what he wants to hear.

What about it professor? You're pretty much of a free speech advocate. Lord knows there's plenty of uncomfortable stuff said on here.(which I applaud you for). Is using LEO to investigate people to shut them up chilling? Is it facism? Better yet, is it impeachable?(I know impeachment will never happen, D's would rather destroy the country than admit they are wrong in their communistic thinking)

How does an American president sleep at night when he follows orders from a terrorist like Mosri to stiffle an American exercising the rights given to him by his Creator, not some rock in Mecca. Oh! That's right! He's a facist muslim that hates America too!

You people who voted for this POS should by all rights be forced to answer for it like Germany did for electing Hitler(don't pull Godwin's Law on me re-read the analogy). But I know that won't happen. Mittens will be elected, and instead of trials for complicity in American deaths from this weekend/fast and furious/illegal amnesty killings etc., we'll be told to let it go. To let the country heal. And justice weeps behind her blind fold because republicans and the media, will protect their democrat brothers over any American citizen. They are the new royalty, and we are just peons, to be suffered for their pleasure. I hate them all.

Carnifex said...


I know hate is a strong word. I use it willingly. With malice aforethought. It's a good thing I'm not king or God, because I would be a dark unforgiving king, or an Old Testament wrath of righteous fury God. As I get older I suffer fools less and less,

wyo sis said...

I often say the same thing. I would be a God of vengeance. It's a good thing it worked out the way it did. Lucky for women who have abortions, and child molesters. Of course, God may have something special in mind for them as well.

Tim said...

Two weeks into the NFL season, and the S.F. 49ers look like the best team in the league.

Chip Ahoy said...

This Dr Who episode is killing me all over the place. It has some wonderful lines. The BBC does have their biases, but then they joke about that.

The episode is set in early western America, so I'm set to not like it. Guns feature significantly. A bit like the movie Westworld. Robots in the west. Anachronisms abound.

The preacher turns his horse over to the Doctor who looks dashing and ridiculous at the same time up there on the Palomino. The preacher says, "His name is Joshua. It's from the Bible. It means deliverer."

The horse whinnies

Dr says, "It is not. I speak Horse. He said his name is Susan and he would like it if you would respect his life's choices." And he splendidly swings the horse around and tears off.

Just like in a western, except for the Susan thing and the respect life choices.

Then they go careless with the guns, they always do. At this point it's been worked out who is an alien and who is cyborg. Dr Who is holding a gun directly in the face of the apparent protagonist, but that protagonist thing often switches, it's a favorite theme of theirs, within striking distance. Nobody does that. The gun can be too easily deflected or grabbed as quickly as the trigger pulled. But then the side character, an otherwise generally wise woman, picks up another gun, she issues a sharp directive in a commanding voice and her gun goes off accidentally just like Barney Fife shocking the crowd and she goes, "Sorry, didn't mean that." Then it goes off again. So there's chaos and yet another man draws a gun to command the situation, and then the sheriff says, "Everyone who's not an American, drop your gun."

Nearly breaking the fourth wall to suggest only Americans can deal with guns and that's just flat funny.

The thing about it is, the townspeople gather as a vigilante party and discuss the situation with the Dr who is now the sheriff, and the way the actors step up individually and affect their western American accents is simply wonderful. They nail it. In fact one suspects the actors are chosen for their accent abilities, and still, there is something affectedly dainty about it like the next sentence could slip into Coventry or Birmingham, yet there they are talking like hayseeds.

kentuckyliz said...

God is the Original Allah-hole: the Muzzies believe the time is upon us for the 12th Caliphate--worldwide Islamic domination and crushing the infidel. Islam is primarily a fascistic and violent political system, dressed up as a religion. The religion part was an afterthought. It's just a way to manipulate and motivate the sheeple into highly motivated violence, and to control them.

Jews and Christians believe God will work out the final transformation at the end of time, but it is not up to us to try and force it to happen.

I wrote a paper about this topic. The end-times expectations of the monotheists are similar yet different, and those differences will likely lead to great tragedies along the way because of the Muzzie attempt at domination and subjugation through violence and sharia.

Be on guard for creeping sharia in the US. The POTUS is giving evidence of it in the way he is treating the movie dude, kowtowing to the Muzzie mobs, giving them a win.

There is a separate bur equal opt-in sharia court in the UK.

Over my dead body! I would hope that our constitution prevails--equal protection under the law. After Kelo, who fucking knows.

edutcher said...

Thought that was a painting when I gave it a good look.

cf said...

The exit of Molly Norris has haunted me since it was first reported, which just happens to be two years and one day ago.

Way back when, such a happenstance was a "Nacht und Nebel" decree.

Or you just became "non-person".

kentuckyliz said...

"Where is Molly Norris?" should be the meme question, like "Who is John Galt?"

I like the Samizdata logo for this.

^ Great blog, btw. I know many folks here would like it. Tell 'em I sent you. I have a crushy crush on Paul Marks I have a crushy crush on a couple commenters here.

You know, it doesn't take a cartoon or a movie to make the Muzzies riot. Benedict XVI was right...and he was quoting a primary source document in history, of the firsthand witnesses of Moozlim evangelization techniques.

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

If I get Mollied, it's because of sharing that quote.

My neck is tough. I've had surgeries, so there's scar tissue. I hope they sharpen the steak knife with which they cut off my head.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Pogo said...

I still can't get over it.

That picture of the filmmaker being taken from his home in the middle of the night by brownshirts is horrible enough, but that it enforces Sharia law is unforgivable.

It makes me enraged every time I think about it, and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Rusty said...

Almost Ali said...
That photo, like "I" should jump out the window.

The photo is the scene outside the window.Sunny, complex, interesting. Juxtaposed with the dull,impersonal , sterile, environment of the waiting area. Ann can't wait to get outside.

MadisonMan said...

@Erika, good for you. I'm following a similar plan, helped by the wife dropping gluten from her diet (and therefore she doesn't bake) and I've dropped 10+ since May. I still eat junk food occasionally, however, I just had some kringle.

Nathan Alexander said...

Since this will quickly move off the front page, is already at the bottom of the front page, and probably no one will see it there, I'm reposting this in the open thread. I'll probably do so several times over the next few days.

AllieOop accused me of lying about her words, saying that she never blamed the attacks in Cairo or Libya on the offensive YouTube video. She's lying about her own words.

In this thread:

You blamed the filmmaker and/or his crappy movie for the deaths, and/or inciting violence.

It takes a certain sort of stupid evil to use a lie to accuse someone else of a lie.

Evil because you are pretending innocence in a deliberate deception.

Stupid because it is so easily revealed.

Crappy movie guy is a hero to the right! Freedom of his speech is worth the 6 dead bodies, at the embassies and Camp Leatherneck!! Never mind that he may be in on a plot to incite the Islamic nuts?

Oh so sorry Yashu, did I smear your hero, bad movie guy? His free speech and the blood of innocents is watering the Tree of Liberty, huh?

You are screaming about his freedom of speech, he is yelling " fire", people have been trampled and are now dead.

So when AllieOop claims someone is lying, it is a safe bet she is the liar. When she demands proof she said something, she should provide proof she didn't say something.

Liars don't stop lying, even after getting caught red-handed.

Freeman Hunt said...

The memory palace experiment of the other day turned out to be so successful and exciting that I'm now trying to decide what should go other places. I think it makes sense to fill existing memory palaces before bothering about creating new ones. But what do you put inside, for example, the Walmart Supercenter off the Pleasant Grove Road exit on 540? I'm thinking some kind of European royalty. Ha.

Some things I think it would be nice to create palaces for. I'm learning Spanish, and I like the idea of using quaint, Mexican villages for verb conjugations. I figure I can probably lift a few fictitious ones from old westerns. Family memories or images seem like they should have a nice place, one's house is probably too small. You could use the neighborhood, but how do you get all the neighbors to let you in? "May I please explore your home? I want to build a memory palace out of it." I bought a membership to the botanical gardens, so I should use that place for something.