August 22, 2012

Speaking of distractions...

... Taylor Swift showed up at a Kennedy wedding — she's dating Conor Kennedy — and was told to leave.
“They texted me an hour before the wedding and asked if they could come,” Vicki Kennedy said. “I responded with a very clear, ‘Please do not come.’ They came anyway. ... I personally went up to Ms. Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event, politely introduced myself to her, and asked her as nicely as I could to leave. It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me.”
She seemed to look right past me.... Why do I find that so funny?

ADDED: Was Swift invited?
Conor was reportedly invited solo to the wedding of Kyle Kennedy and Liam Kerr last Saturday — but never sent a response, according to Victoria Kennedy....

The wedding-crashing couple, despite Victoria’s protestations, apparently danced the night away at the reception without any further complaints.

A Swift spokeswoman denied the reports of any mixup, insisting the singer was definitely on the guest list.

“There is no truth to that,” said Paula Erikson. “Taylor was invited to the wedding, and the bride thanked her profusely.”
There are 3 separate etiquette issues here. 1. Should Swift have attended, given her degree of invitedness? I don't know all the facts, but more probably should have been done by Conor. 2. Once Swift arrived, should she have been confronted? Maybe not. Finally: 3. Afterwards, should one blab about the whole thing to the press? That question is easy: no. The clearest violation of etiquette is Vicki's in airing her grievances to the press and deliberately humiliating and embarrassing Swift. I love the way she claimed to have been polite and nice in her own impolite and not nice statement to the press. Going public and presenting yourself in a flattering light? Horrid!


EMD said...

She was probably just squinting.

Shanna said...

How closely related to the bride is this conor person?

Your WV's are impossible lately. Are they cap sensitive now or something?

rick said...

Boy you don't want to be a woman and on the wrong side of the Kennedy's.
Something about swimming with the fishes.

Taylor must not read the news.

EMD said...

I suppose the upside is that the next Taylor Swift album will feature angsty bromides against Conor Kennedy, who will no doubt treat her like crap and dump her skinny white ass.

Bender said...

It sounds as if she did not simply "crash" the wedding, but came as someone's date.

In any event, who the hell is Vicki Kennedy? Who is "the late Michael Kennedy? And who is Kyle Kennedy?

Just how extended into this family are we expected to bow down in fealty to?

Look -- NEWSFLASH -- Camelot and the Kennedy monarchy are over.

Carol said...

It's still a big, clannish and exclusive family. Doesn't matter whether the public is still in love with them or not. They can control their guest list.

Your WV's are impossible lately.

no shit

Paul said...

" Why do I find that so funny? "

Cause it's all about ME (at least that is how Swift thinks.)

Bob Ellison said...

Everyone but my wife looked past me at the wedding in which I was married.

Carnifex said...

Sounds like they invited themselves. I myself would have been thrilled to have someone like Ms. Swift come to any family function...unless she's a douche and just turns up uninvited, and ignores repeated requests that she leave.

Never understood some peoples absolute determination that they inflict themselves on you whether you like it or not.

Anyway, something fucks up a Kennedy function...(YYYAAAawwwwnnn). Whatever.

Carnifex said...

Should I be crass and mention that at least nobody died? Naaawww...I'll let it go for now.

AJ Lynch said...

Wasn't Michael Kennedy the one who skiied into a tree and the tree won?

rhhardin said...

I don't know who Taylor Swift is, unless she's two airplanes.



The latter tended to spin on final.

Deb said...

"right through me."

reminds me of the time my young daughter told me, "Hindsight is 50/50."

Pogo said...

Looking past the Kennedys is good advice.

Ann Althouse said...

Let's distinguish 3 things:

1. What counts as a real invitation to a wedding and whether one can sufficiently believe that one is a welcome guest before attending.

2. How one ought to treat someone who is attending your event when you feel they should not feel that they are a welcome guest.

3. What you say about the incident to outsiders.

This news story is about #3 in my opinion, and it's an easy etiquette issue: This was a brutal breach of etiquette.

Harsh Pencil said...

Althouse has it right. (Bless her heart).

The point of etiquette is tell you when you are being rude (or to tell you how to act). It is NOT to tell you when other people are being rude, or to tell you how they should act. A corollary of this is that it is rude to publicly point out that another person is being rude. (And yes I am being rude by saying that.)

wyo sis said...

The Kennedy's have been looking right past the American people while we tell them their time is up for years.
Now, I'm in breech of etiquette.

wildswan said...

I expect Taylor Swift thinks she confers a benefit by showing up at any event, bless her heart.

(And that word check has suddenly become massively difficult)1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 tries

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Taylor Swift was rude to show up uninvited and actually was requested to stay away. It doesn't matter for what reason. She was asked NOT to come.

However, once she was there,(unless her presence was a distraction and interruption to the event), the polite thing on the part of the host/hostess would be to quietly ignore her.

Part of ignoring is not talking about it at all. As in #3. Keep quite and ignore the person.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Re word check. I think they want you to enter the numbers now. It seems to work better for me if I do.

Carnifex said...

Add the $@^$&$#$#@#$ number and it works fine

Chip Ahoy said...

Never outshine the bride.

I heard women talking about that. About the un joy of a celebrity descending upon their special day. Not having it. That was the breach. No, do not come, you're far too beautiful, it'll fuck everything up. Compare. "Please do not come" is too softly indirect.

Chip Ahoy said...

There can be only one.

Pogo said...

In the Kennedy Theory of Relativity, each generation separated from Papa Joe results in a decline of skill and intellect by one-third.

EMD said...

Add the $@^$&$#$#@#$ number and it works fine

So are we helping Google identify address numbers via Google Street VIew or something, or ... are they just co-opting the street view imagery for word verification?

Left Bank of the Charles said...

I think you have to put this on Conor, since he is the relative. It's one thing for the mother of the bride to tell her nephew-in-law to collect his girlfriend and leave. It's another thing to tell the girlfriend.

Plus, what about collateral damage on the other more famous Vicki Kennedy who is Ted Kennedy's widow? I'm sure a lot of people who read about this probably think she is the bitchy mother of the bride.

Kirk Parker said...

Am I supposed to know who these people are or something?

ricpic said...

Taylor Swift, saved, despite herself, from drowning!

Hagar said...

Were was Conor Kennedy in this?

The article does not say.

William said...

Kanye West and now this. A full on feud with the Kennedy clan would definitely burnish her image among C&W fans. She knows who to piss off. The woman's a genius. If David Letterman makes a rape joke about her in his monologue, she'll be set for life.

Joe said...

Read the lyrics Taylor Swift has written and you'll realize that she's batshit crazy. With that in mind, why the Kennedys haven't embraced her is a mystery.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

She seemed to look right past me.... Why do I find that so funny?

The impotent rage of an ignored Kennedy, perhaps?

Shanna said...

The point of etiquette is tell you when you are being rude (or to tell you how to act). It is NOT to tell you when other people are being rude, or to tell you how they should act.

Indeed. They all sound like classless jerks to me.

Shanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pogo said...

I hope Taylor can swim.

furious_a said...

I hope Ms. Swift drove herself back to the hotel.

el polacko said...

where's kanye when you need him?

EMD said...

Yo, Kennedys. I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish but The Rockefellers had one of the best weddings of all time. One of the best weddings of all time!"

JAL said...

Why didn't Miz Vicki go personally up to CONOR and ask him and his date to leave, as she says she told them not to come.

Or was he invited without a guest? Mmmm.

It doesn't seem like this was a Taylor Swift issue as much as a Conor and Cuzzins issue.

Yoo hoo!

7 attempts at captcha

JAL said...

It wants the numbers now?

JAL said...


For those of us who have been skipping the numbers ... you need to put in the numbers now.

mariner said...

Read the lyrics Taylor Swift has written and you'll realize that she's batshit crazy.

Which of her lyrics made you realize that?

EMD said...

Which of her lyrics made you realize that?

For a rather young woman, she has an amazing number of songs about revenge.

rcocean said...

I have no idea who:

1) Taylor Swift is.

2) Conor Kennedy is.

Is Conor the smart, sober Kennedy, I've read existed somewhere?

Joe said...

From Picture to Burn

State the obvious, I didn't get my perfect fantasy
I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy
That's fine I'll tell mine that you're gay!


There's no time for tears,
I'm just sitting here planning my revenge
There's nothing stopping me
From going out with all of your best friends
And if you come around saying sorry to me
My daddy's gonna show you how sorry you'll be

From The Way I Loved You

But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
And it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name
You’re so in love that you act insane
And that’s the way I loved you
Breakin’ down and coming undone
It’s a roller coaster kinda rush
He can’t see the smile I’m faking
And my heart’s not breaking
Cause I’m not feeling anything at all

(There are others. Add to that her behavior toward ex's and she comes off as one with BPD.)

mariner said...


Thanks; I hadn't seen or heard any of those.

The third seems like basic break-up anguish.

The first two are a little unsettling.