August 1, 2012

"Did you hear the one about prosecutors going on strike? No? Me either, until now."

"A county DA’s office in the San Francisco suburbs announced this week they are considering striking to protest new, unpopular labor contract."


Pogo said...

Bad link, but I found it.

This same story will be heard in many city governments across the US.

There ain't enough money. Tin roof busted.

Striking won't work when there ain't no money. Plus there's plenty of broke and unemployed lawyers around.

Amartel said...

Link seems busted. I'm in the area though so FYI, this is Contra Costa County (east Bay Area) and, yes, California state employees including attorneys are unionized. They make middle of the road money and have great benefits and pensions and can retire young. Or so they were told and foolishly believed.

X said...


edutcher said...

So, if Bloomie can get they NYPD to go on strike, then the law will be enforced by the CCW crowd.

Consider the possibilities.

ndspinelli said...

1/3 of ALL welfare recipients reside in California. Looks like a few more attorney bureaucrats are going to join the dole.

The Drill SGT said...

Had a lawyer friend that could not get on the full time CC DA team. Apparently, the way they make budget is to have a 2 tiered staff. The full benny folks (featured in the article) and the contract temps. Fortunately my buddy's spouse was an oil company lawyer....

My favorite line from the article was this over the top demand:

and would make the attorneys 100 percent responsible for the employee share of contributions to retirement benefits.

Terrible, making employees responsible for the employee share....

traditionalguy said...

A pay per case disposition with a bonus for the most plea bargains per month sounds good.

If that's not enough money, then maybe they can ask for direct contributions from the accused's family, or a kick back on the fine money, or a share of the Public Defender salaries they save by pleading out the defendants to non-reporting probation the day of arraignment.

All of this works well in third world systems. The Mexican government can give California seminars.

Alex Ignatiev said...

Fire them all, and hire young and hungry attorneys. What a disgrace.

chickelit said...

@Nick: What did I tell you about San Francisco in that other thread?

Dante said...

Maybe they should have become nurses up at UC Davis Med Center. Lotsa jobs, lotsa upside!

Mae C Olavides NURSE, CLINICAL III UC Davis $226,685.70

Other nurses:
200K+ 9 of them
$190K 3 (in the decade of salaries 190K - < 200K)
$180K 10
$170K 5
$160K (10)
$150K (22)
$140 (78)
$130K (104)
$120K (168)
$110K (298)
$100K (267)
$90K (336)
$80K (237)
$70K (151)
$60K (127) :: Includes Vocational Nurses now

MadisonMan said...


Ann Althouse said...

Sorry about the bad link.


David said...

So strike.

I hear there are a lot of lawyers looking for jobs.

David said...

Don't worry about those salaries Dante. Obama's gonna bend the cost curve.

Paul said...

Fire 'em! Fire 'em ALL.

Public employees work for EVERYONE. For them to strike is to hurt EVERYONE.

And btw, I worked for the Texas government for 17 years and we were not allowed to strike (and I was fine with that.)

So, fire 'em! Fire 'em ALL.

gutless said...

Fire them all and hound them with the Bar.

Carnifex said...

Where's Harvey Dent when you need him?

I'm gonna let my inner geek out, so you women may want to leave the room.

Paul Kersey(an alias) from "Stuff Black People Don't Like" has written books about how not only Hollywood, but the entire comic book industry is based on white people in cowls, fighting evil mad scientist white people. As far as I know, the Dare Devil movie is the only one to have a black criminal in it. And at that, he is a criminal mastermind, not just a thug with a gun.

What would happen to race telations today if we DID portray fantasy closer too reality? Who would complain? And why? Is there any defense at all for the amazing amount of crime that exists in black neighborhoods?

Why won't the so called black leadership take a stand beyond "You can't expect us to act like responsible citizens."

And it's black on black crime mostly. That's the ironic part. They won't even help to make their own neighborhoods safer. "Don't snitcha brother" is the prevailing attitude.

I fear we are going to see mass societal breakdowns in innercities across this nation. And when it happens, the racists are going to get their wish.

Black society in America as it stands today, is going to reap a whirlwind.

Steven said...

The kind of lawyer who thinks that it's a smart tactic to be threatening to strike now (with such a surplus of unemployed lawyers in this country) is probably the kind of idiot who wastes time and money on cases he can't win.

Contra Costa should do everything in its power to cause a strike, so it can hire better replacements for them.

george said...

You know, if so many things weren't illegal we wouldn't need so many of these people.

But are we repealing any laws or increasing our liberties? No! There is no opportunity for patronage, graft and featherbedding in that.

Strikes are common in socialist countries because there is only a single payer and a single lever of power so everyone has to fight over it. The normal path of success through hard work and excellence is for suckers and isn't available anyway. There aren't multiple power centers or paths to prosperity.

The only game in town is who you know and how much pain you can cause. Obama LOVES that system and wants to see it implemented here even more so than it already is.

And I bet WI still hasn't disciplined its teachers for what they did to their students. How much do you wanna bet they are still doling out punishment to any kids who weren't sufficiently supportive? Socialism is all about the paybacks and party loyalty.

Michael K said...

"As far as I know, the Dare Devil movie is the only one to have a black criminal in it. And at that, he is a criminal mastermind, not just a thug with a gun."

The movie "Absolute Power" had a black secret service agent as a bad guy. I was kind of surprised. He (the actor) has done very well in other things, such as Allstate insurance commercials and a role as president in 24.

Carnifex said...


He's a good actor. Loved him as the President in "24", but I meant just the vigilatism in super hero stuff. Even the Batman, crime fighter extraordinaire, fights almosr no black crime, or criminals. In the first movie he did fight against the mob, but his foe was Italian. Falcone.

Only Frank Castle as the Punisher really fights crime, but still exclusively white people.

As an exception that proves the rule watch this vignette produced by Thomas Jane. He played the Punisher in the original movie. It's only 10 minutes, and shows what a "crime fighter" should be fighting.

Jane musta' liked the Castle role, he funded this little thing.


Warned you. The geek is strong in this one (me) ;-)

Thorley Winston said...

As far as I know, the Dare Devil movie is the only one to have a black criminal in it.
What about “The Spirit” who fought the Octopus played by Samuel L. Jackson? Also in the movie “Unbreakable” (which dealt with the mythos of superheroes) he played “Mr. Glass” who was the super villain in the film.

glenn said...

One of my supervisors used to tell his employees who showed signs of developing absentee problems "If you aren't here when I need you I don't need you."

Worked almost every time. And when it didn't he always had a backup in place.