August 18, 2012

At the Alpine Café....


... keep it cool and fresh.


edutcher said...

It's going to be interesting to see how Zero reacts if R&R continues to prosper.

Getting beat, I'm sure, is raaacccissstt.

Anonymous said...

The best place in Montana is the main street, Gulch Street. The church is wonderful there.

Anyway, several of you have sent me notes asking about the book that shows how Obama is going to defeat Romney.

Here is the book, read and weep after Chapter 4.

Join us, we in the Obama-Biden Admin. are the best, the greatest. We own the WH till Jan. 2017.

Ryan is going to be damaged goods after the Biden debate. Biden will eat him alive, in 60 seconds, like a piranha.

Start crying....

traditionalguy said...

OK, Octoberfest is nigh, but remember while shopping that Bavarian Lederhosen is still a version of men in shorts.

Rules are rules.

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to bet that in coming weeks/months, before the election, a manager is going to be fired and there will be a big news cycle.

Why? The manager is getting drunk and he will say to his staff (under the influence): if you do not do what I say, then I will "put y'all back in chains".

The person who is being told this will go to HR. Then the fun begins.

It is sad that Biden did what he did. No one will ask his taxes or photos. But, the impact of such statements affects people, such as a stupid manager.

Remember: one fool who got fired in Tuczon last week at the chi-fila for youtube video.

The same is going to happen by someone quoting Biden under influence to his/her staff.

Just wait and see....

Anonymous said...
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wdnelson93 said...

Our three kids, ages 16 & 17 return from the Czech Republic today after being there for three weeks helping teach English at a camp there.

I guess it was a good trip. Son texted a few days ago that he wants to marry a European, though I don't think he had a particular one in mind.


Hagar said...

Nancy Pelosi, but which Nancy Pelosi?
Can this be the same one who said she would be happy to listen to the Republicans' ideas, if they should ever have any?

Scott said...

I made a lasagna with Target's Market Pantry Oven Ready Lasagna Noodles, following the recipe on the package exactly. ("Oven Ready" means you don't have to boil the noodles before making it.) Result: Even after adding a full cup of water to the sauce, the lasagna came out thick but non-juicy. It's tasty enough, but it doesn't have the sauciness and al-dente mouthfeel of a well-constructed lasagna. Bummer.

My partner Jon has been working for a week at a new hamburger joint as a manager trainee. He really wants and needs this job, and it seems like he's doing well. Yay.

Do you listen to Monica Crowley on the weekend radio? What is her appeal? To me she seems breathlessly dull.

Synova said...

Is this cool and fresh?

I think it's brilliant, actually. Even if someone thinks Obama is great, I think they'd have to admit that the GOP must have hired the sharper media kids this time around.

Synova said...

GOP Obama ad Not A Parody.

Lem said...

The ad Synova linked to reminds me of the SNL skit where Hillary and Obama purported to debate.. and Obama was asked by the moderator, if he was comfortable and needed a pillow.

BTW, I cant find none of those SNL clips anywhere.

HT said...

Since Ann likes to post the polls in which Romney leads...

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows President Obama attracting support from 46% of voters nationwide, while Mitt Romney earns the vote from 44%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided."

HT said...

reminds me of the SNL skit where Hillary and Obama purported to debate.. and Obama was asked by the moderator, if he was comfortable and needed a pillow.

BTW, I cant find none of those SNL clips anywhere.

You are not trying very hard. I found it in 2.5 seconds. Hulu.

Lem said...

You are not trying very hard. I found it in 2.5 seconds. Hulu.

Prove it, by showing it to us.

I call bs.. you haven't found it and you haven't payed taxes in the last 10 years.

HT said...

Either you are the world's worst googler or you are kidding.


snl debate obama vs clinton

4th or 5th one down. Last time.


Lem said...


Its not there.

Paco Wové said...


can you get this to play? I can't, but it claims to be the skit in question.

Not easy to find.

Lem said...

No.. it doesn't play.. thanks for trying thou.

Synova said...

This has to be it. I hate to say it but I don't think they get "obama" or "hillary" at all.

They don't actually ask Obama about a pillow.

I found a video clip of Obama and Clinton and *she* referred to the SNL skit and wondered if they'd ask Obama if he wanted a pillow, because she kept getting asked questions first every time.

And now I can't find it back.

Here it is.

rhhardin said...

Doberman holding a sit-stay next to party balloons and finding it deeply unacceptable.

Dobermans are not party animals.


Carnifex said...

I was feeling good...was reading about the Occupy thr Truth rally in Cleveland. How Dana Loesch, and Michelle Malkin were rocking the crowd. Then I come to Althouse, the dessert of my 4course meal of surfing.

And I read AP's comments.

Thanks AP. You made a good day brighter. :-)


Speaking of desserts. Biden team asked a baker if they could stop by for a photo-op. The baker, who did build it. Nobody else had a hand in it said no. Stupified(hard to use that word in relation to Biden), they left.

The Secret Service showed up a couples hours later and bought dozens of donuts and to say "Thanks".


After the Tea Party event in Cleveland, they cleaned up the place. Imagine that, leaving a place cleaner than when you got there. The Left needs some lessons in etiquette.

Carnifex said...


I hope to God that dogs name was Schultzie, or Sargent Schultz. Has to be.

Carnifex said...

I have a hard time determining who the worst Googler is in the family. It's either my dad, my mom, or my wife. I start to say the word Boolean and their eyes gloss over, and they fall down in a swoon.

Lem said...

They don't actually ask Obama about a pillow.

I think you are right Synova.. I never saw the original SNL "pillow skit" air.. (assuming there is one) so I was looking for a skit showing/mentioning a literal pillow and I haven't seen it.

Maybe it was a Hillarys characterisation of the medias treatment of Obama as a puff piece candidate.. which Obama was and still is.. that put the pillow in my head.

Anonymous said...

There was a person in the Obama team who called Hillary "a monster". Do you remember this person? Do you think this person leaked the intelligence to press (a new movie that is being released via YouTube against Obama)?

Bob Ellison said...

Cool and fresh: tonight, after smoked-cooked salmon (Pacific, of course) with dill, we had a dessert of peaches and rasberries and vanilla ice cream and a dash of fresh, hand-torn mint leaves.

Chip Ahoy said...

Julian Assange's favorite Dylan song is Knock Knock Knocking on Ecuador.

AlanKH said...

Have Julian Assange and Bill Maher ever been in the same room together?

Lem said...

Julian Assange.. Obama's Julia.. and Richard Jewell share a common trait.. other than the similar sounding names.

They are/were (Jewell is dead and Julia is a composite) thought of as both, heroes and villains..

Sorun said...

An interesting Rasmussen poll result:
51% Expect Most Reporters To Help Obama; 9% Predict Most Will Help Romney.

Chip Ahoy said...

Nicked from smalldeadanimals

The Children Are Our Future

It began when the two women in the queue ahead of me paid for their groceries. Collecting $115.00 in cash, the cashier - a pretty girl of around 20 - hesitated, then set the bills down across the open register drawer.

She'd spotted something wrong with the receipt.

She picked the cash up a couple of times and put it down. She looked at the tape, then the money, then the tape.

The line waited patiently as the minutes dragged on. The man behind me picked up a magazine. The young women waiting chatted. I stood and watched.

Finally, the young cashier picked up the internal phone to summon help. After she hung up the receiver, she pulled out a cell phone and tapped at it in her right hand, glancing occasionally at the white strip of paper still in her left.

(That's odd, I thought.... texting at work?)

Just as the supervisor arrived, she announced, "It's ok, I got it", and the woman departed. But she hadn't "got it". She hesitated. She fumbled with the receipt.

Out came the cell phone again.

Finally, she accepted defeat. After a second call, the supervisor returned, surveyed the problem tape ... and then took out her cell phone.

Together, they consulted over the device.

After a few moments the supervisor announced "$2.79", and walked away.

The cashier placed the two $50's and three $5's in their compartments, and withdrew a few coins for the women still waiting to leave. Over ten minutes had passed.

As she began to ring my stuff through, I asked, "Were you just trying to make change?"

She replied, "yes".

I looked her in the eye. "Whoever your teachers were in school, you need to hunt them down and kick them to death."

"It's been a long time since I did math".

"That isn't 'math'. That is 'life'. You need to learn how to make change".

And I left to resume work on the fallout shelter.

Me, Chip. I worked briefly at Der Weinerschnitzel as who lied just to work there for money a waif too young to be properly hired, and a bit thick too, the stern tall lady who owned the franchise showed me that in twenty seconds. It's like you use as few coins as little paper possible to claw your way up from the total amount of the transaction to the total amount of paper notes and coins they have there, and that's the change you give them back.

And don't let the customer interrupt the process of making change because sneaky grown up mathematician types prey upon young easily confused clerks. So don't let them go, "So here's another five and you give me back a twenty."

Lem said...

Every villain is a hero..

A helpful thing to remember when plotting out stories with a clear antagonist: he probably doesn’t know he’s the bad guy.

- Alan Rickman’s character from Die Hard likely sees himself as George Clooney’s character from Ocean’s 11.

- In Michael Clayton, Tilda Swinton is struggling to protect herself and her company. She sees it as a survival story, with herself cast as the heroic victim.

- Even monsters, like the shark in Jaws or the velociraptors of Jurassic Park, can be heroes of their own story. In Aliens, the Queen is defending her brood. Once we understand that, the conflict is even stronger

This is how we beat Obama... Obama is the last, in a remaining few, of a once great thriving academic tribe.. He got a chance to lead, but his ideas, having been rejected all over the world, but for a few remaining holdouts like North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, no longer command the imagination needed to change harts and minds focusing on the next iPhone release..

As we very well should!

Lem said...

The point is, we are going to have the option of paying with the phone and avoiding the need for the cashier register.

The first time I was at one of those self cashier machines, with the ATM register, I was scared of looking like I was a self register virgin.. of course I was reading the instructions carefully and making sure to place the items so they could be scanned.. and of course I was doing something wrong.. and of course there was a line.

A Chip like costumer from the line came up and helped me and I was all flustered trying to be polite and say thank you while trying to blame the machine for being inflexible.