July 18, 2012

Why Romney deleted the line "He's a nice guy."

It was a stock line, but it meant something, and it's not something Romney wants to say anymore.
"[Romney] has said Obama's a nice fellow, he's just in over his head," [one campaign] adviser said. "But I think the governor himself believes this latest round of attacks that have impugned his integrity and accused him of being a felon go so far beyond that pale that he's really disappointed. He believes it's time to vet the president. He really hasn't been vetted; McCain didn't do it."

Indeed, facing what the candidate and his aides believe to be a series of surprisingly ruthless, unfounded, and unfair attacks from the Obama campaign on Romney's finances and business record, the Republican's campaign is now prepared to go eye for an eye in an intense, no-holds-barred act of political reprisal, said two Romney advisers who spoke on condition of anonymity. In the next chapter of Boston's pushback — which began last week when they began labeling Obama a "liar" — very little will be off-limits, from the president's youthful drug habit, to his ties to disgraced Chicago politicians.


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jr565 said...

No matter how badly I want Obama out of there, we've screwed the pooch by picking Romney to take him on - replacing one bad choice with something potentially much worse - and we're going to have to be smarter going forward.

the fact that you think Romney is potentially worse than obama, makes me think you are suffering from an extreme case of narrative FAIL and that your cutting off your nose to spite your face. And that you can't see the forest for the trees, and that you're barking up the wrong tree. And that you're on metaphorical crack. And existing on a different reality, (and not necessarily in a good way)
, etc ad infinitum.
Frankly, I see you on the same side as garage mahal at this point, and I don't see how you are not acting towards the same purpose - namely getting Obama re elected.

Unknown said...

Ignoring evidence?

Provide this evidence.

So far I see "Mormons are a majority in Utah and influence its politics."

Ooooh, scary.

I'll take it seriously when it matters - when they're at least 20% of the US population.

The rest is sheer irrationality.

The Crack Emcee said...

BTW - jr565 - we will not be doing this again.

You had your chance,....

To the rest of you:

You provide nothing to disprove anything I've said. I provide links - yes, sometimes to my blog where I collect them, which you could click-through to the original sources. If you're too lazy, don't try to act like I'm only using my own words for back-up.

Look, as NewAgers love to say, "you can believe what you want to believe." You now say Obama ran a cult to get elected - something Ann didn't acknowledge until after he got into office no matter what I said as it happened. Now we have the right-wing version and you guys, in your desperation to unseat him, want to deny it as well. That's fine by me - I've been here for five years now and haven't been proven wrong yet - because I don't "believe" things but stick to reality.

You want to "believe" Romney and the Mormons are all sweetness and light?

Be my guest.

But remember:

This is your country and your duty is to protect it.

My forefathers definitely didn't struggle so I can take that charge as lightly as you apparently do.

The Mormons, understanding your naivety, are going to eat you alive.

Signing off - from Salt Lake City, Utah,...

jr565 said...

What's worse is that garage's arguments are actually making more sense to me. Not because I agree with them, but because I know what he's arguing. He's a lefty arguing a lefty agenda. I disagree with that agenda. With you though, it's like I'm arguing with agan st a different reality. What ou are arguing about Romney in particular, doesn't match the reality that almost anyone believes about Romney, so it's like arguing that black is white.

And in general, I'd agree with you about much of your issues with new age things But even so, don't agree with the tangents you're going to, nor see how they actually relate to supporting Romney. It's like finding the blandest, most boring, milquetoast candidate who is the equivalent of white bread, then arguing that he is a devil covered in scales and fire and brimstone. With respect, I think your anger towards cults in general (and I'm not saying that cults therefore are just awesome and everyone should join one) is distorting your view of the actual reality we are facing. Romney belonging to a kooky religion is not impacting on my life the way four more years of obsmanomics would. I think you know this too.

yashu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

a repetitive, tiresome bore.

Add your name to the list, Palladian.

yashu said...

I'll abstain from getting into a futile argument (which invariably turns into an egotistical psychodrama) yet again. It's like arguing with Andrew Sullivan about Palin's fake pregnancy conspiracy or Mick about "natural-born citizenship."

"Obama boxed in," what a laugh. If Obama's first term has proven anything, it's that O considers himself unbound by Congress, laws, states' rights, limits to executive overreach from the legislature or judiciary. He does and will do anything he wants by fiat, through executive orders or appointed czars, all the more so in a more "flexible" second term. He went into war (excuse me, a "kinetic military action") without so much as a by your leave by Congress. He chooses what laws to flout or follow; he launches lawsuits against any states' legislation he doesn't like. If he needs to intimidate the Supreme Court, he will (and now we know that works). The AG of the Justice Department is… Eric Holder. And the MSM will let him get away with pretty much anything, indeed collude with, aid and abet him (whereas the fourth estate would scrutinize Romney, a Republican POTUS, like a hungry hawk).

In short, anyone who considers Romney more dangerous to the USA than Obama is a fool who's full of it.

On the topic of the post, I'm ambivalent. I'm all for an aggressive campaign, but going into "youthful drug-taking" seems an irrelevant and counterproductive waste of time. But e.g. tales of Chicago corruption are more relevant-- because they illuminate and corroborate things about Obama's record of cronyism & corruption as POTUS.

It's good to go on offense rather than defense, and hit back hard on "character" (which is all Obama's been running on, Obama as a "character" and the character assassination of Romney); but ultimately the overwhelming focus has to be on the economy, jobs, and Obama's record as POTUS (including things like Fast and Furious and of course Obamacare). Anything that distracts too much from that (or allows Obama to distract from that) seems counterproductive to me.

(By the way, can we have more liberal commenters like harrogate, who argues intelligently and in good faith, and less like shiloh and Jake Diamond, who're like mosquitoes buzzing through a thread? The latter hardly merit the word "commenters"-- they're just hecklers.)

Anonymous said...

A fanatic is someone who won't change his mind and won't change the subject - W. Churchill

viator said...

Never get in a street fight with a Masshole.

Paul said...

You gotta laugh at the notion that there is an analogous right wing cult of Romney vs. the left wing cult of Obama. It's obvious to everyone except one fanatic here that nobody is in love with Mitt Romney There is no cult of personality at work here.

We see him as a flawed candidate but infinitely superior to Obama on every level and quite possibly capable of helping to shift the direction of the nation back towards Americanism as opposed to its current trajectory towards statism.

I'm trying really hard to come up with an example of a conservative calling Romney a "sort of a god" or a "lightworker".

Nope. Can't think of one.

The Crack Emcee said...

As I awake this morning, I've come up with a new name for a certain kind of Althouse commenter - the sloths. Slow witted and dull, and slow moving, dangerous despite that stupid grin on your faces.

You guys are funny:

As you insistently, and aggressively, try to hammer out any vestiges of cynicism in me regarding cultism, you somehow "believe" the Mormons have gained their immense power by having no semblance of those traits - traits you all reveal yourselves in your efforts. Like Mitt can blurt "I like to fire people" as effortlessly as he has without a cold disposition he got from a belief system that's used to smiling in someone's face before he screws you over.

Go on, sloths, think what you will, but I've spent a number of years now studying the "nice" people of this world - and living amongst Mormons (not just a few people I've "met" along the way, putting on the act) and I know you're setting yourselves up, and this country, for nothing but trouble. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Naivety can be a wonderful thing - for a while.

Theirs is a history written in blood.

KCFleming said...

I'm not sure how a post on Romney kinda maybe taking off the gloves (Saying Obama is not a 'nice guy' ...Man, what an ass-kiccking that was!!) degenerated into examining how weird Mormons are.

We have a choice between Goddamn America and God bless America.
There is no other choice before us.

I'll pass on the Marxist.

KCFleming said...

When Rand Paul runs, I'll vote for him.

But Obama is undeniably dangerous, where Romney might maybe possibly not be, and probably ain't.

Not a great choice, but life hands you intolerable decisions all the time. Shitty, but there it is.

gerry said...


Obama's Marxian imperative to propagate hatred for everyone but his minions is starting to roll over, mid-air.

KCFleming said...

And hells bells, we already have a theocracy: PC secular humanism.

Them folks are 5 times as scary as Mormons.

The Crack Emcee said...

One more:

The Mormons are the only group of Americans, so warped and clean-cut, they can construct a sentence like, "Golly gee, did I rape that girl?"

Phil 314 said...

Thread jack

Dante said...


I used to work for a Mormon company, and as it happens I was in Utah a number of times. Once, for grins, I picked up the Book of Mormon. I was struck by the following, that they came to America, found a bunch of people, all going to hell simply because they didn't believe in God. So they went about inventing a new religion in which these souls could be saved from hell.

Now, I don't buy into any of this stuff, but I do think the baptism of dead people is specifically to save souls from hell, at least that's my read. Or to come up with a religion in which they aren't going to hell, simply because of their ignorance.

Meanwhile, I met a baptist guy down at a starbucks once. He had a nice family, but he made it quite clear that, because I hadn't accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, I was going to hell.

Cult or not, I don't see Mormonism in such black and white terms as you do.

Steve Koch said...

Pogo said...
"When Rand Paul runs, I'll vote for him.

But Obama is undeniably dangerous, where Romney might maybe possibly not be, and probably ain't.

Not a great choice, but life hands you intolerable decisions all the time. Shitty, but there it is."

Yep. The big issue re: Mitt for conservatives is how to get Mitt to govern as a constitutional conservative. The Tea party realizes that fed go must reduce spending and taxes but it needs an intellectual framework.

Fortunately, the constitution provides a brilliant frame work that is already (ostensibly) the law of the land for reducing the scope, size, power, and cost of the fed gov. The Tea party needs to stress the constitution as the intellectual, moral, and legal basis for downsizing the fed gov.

wyo sis said...

Romney said "I like being able to fire people." A sentiment I would think Crack would embrace. So much for Cracks claim to always telling the truth. It's all really just spinning what he thinks he heard. Just like regular unenlightened folks.

SukieTawdry said...

Is there a lower form of retort out there than "Wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaah"?

Mr. Obama is not a nice guy. He's a whatever it takes guy which Republicans would do well to remember. He's also lazy, thin-skinned, arrogant, hubristic, prone to blaming others for his failings and narcissistic. And he frequently displays an utter lack of class and grace. Other than that, though, he's a fine fellow.

Christopher in MA said...

His state is broke, specifically, because of Romneycare.

Yes, that's it. It certainly couldn't be our shrinking tax base, our entrenched crony government siphoning off funds to hacks and relatives, boondoggles like the Big Dig, four House speakers currently under indictment for cronyism and theft, a T service constantly in the red, innumerable taxes and fees, our out-of-control local budgets or our unsustainable pension crisis.

Nope. It's all Romney's fault. And that of his scary Mormon puppetmasters.

You're an idiot, Crack. The blog equivalent of roid rage.

Tarzan said...

I have yet to meet a self-described 'critical thinker' who was not an all-out blowhard in love with the sound of his or her own voice. Failure to reach the same conclusions they do on anything is failure as a human being.

It's a religious fundamentalism same as any other, and more tiresome than most.

They can be smart and otherwise wonderful people, but blowhards to the core.

Just nod at the sage wisdom they have arrived by hard-won worldly experience, the likes of which no mortal could imagine, widen your eyes a bit at the staggering importance of it all and then let them move on in their endless attempt to cure the next person of their dire, self-imposed idiocy.

Fen said...

Crack: As I awake this morning, I've come up with a new name for a certain kind of Althouse commenter - the sloths. Slow witted and dull, and slow moving, dangerous despite that stupid grin on your faces.

Clever. But my name for you is Nero - fiddling at your anti-cult altar while Rome burns.

If it would help, I would send a team in to kidnap and deprogam you.

Tarzan said...

Naivety can be a wonderful thing - for a while.

So too, grandiosity - for a while.

There is a thrill to seeing one's self as 'the only right person in the room', but in my opinion it's an immature thrill and something to be grown out of.

Unknown said...

Good for Romney. When you are fighting the Dark Lord, you dont worry about the tender sensibilities of the Nazgul.

dreams said...

Believing that Obama was a nice guy was just plain feigned willful ignorance.

The Crack Emcee said...


There is a thrill to seeing one's self as 'the only right person in the room', but in my opinion it's an immature thrill and something to be grown out of.

Yeah, I can see how jazzed all you grown ups are, being 'the only wrong person in the room,' but - if you'll pardon me - I'll immaturely stick to being correct, as always, thankyouallverymuch.

The Crack Emcee said...

And hey, Tarzan,

Considering the state of the country, I really think you guys should consider this "being right" thing, because your approach is simply not working.

The Crack Emcee said...

Christopher in MA,

Yes, [Romneycare]'s it,...You're an idiot, Crack.

Again - no links from anyone else - just empty accusations and insulting chatter. In other words, a bunch of real losers. Whatever. Let's go to Reason:

No other state spends as much of its budget on health care as Massachusetts. And health costs in the state are growing significantly faster than the economy as a whole—to the point where they threaten to crowd out much of the rest of the state’s budget.

And it's all your hero's doing - because he's so good with business. Yeah - giving you the business.

Like I said, when ANY of you morons can prove me wrong - providing links and not just calling me names while saying I'm wrong - let me know.

BTW - I call you names for a reason:

I've EARNED it,...

The Crack Emcee said...

wyo sis,

Romney said "I like being able to fire people." A sentiment I would think Crack would embrace. So much for Cracks claim to always telling the truth.

So let me get this straight - remembering a quote incorrectly is lying?

I can tell there's certain of you I'll never be attempting to dialogue with again:

jr565, Fen, wyo sis, for starters.

I'm restricting myself to those with proven functioning brains,...

The Crack Emcee said...

You know, rather than trying to take me on about cults, why don't you guys try something easier?

Maybe challenge Ann - on the constitution,...

wyo sis said...

Remembering a quote incorrectly in a way that changes it's meaning is at best spin and at worst untruthful.

wyo sis said...

What a relief it will be for me not to have to go through this strum und drang every time Mormons are mentioned.

Christopher in MA said...

I've earned it.

Dead thread, but what the hell. Yes, Crack, you and Reason know more about the state of Massachusetts' finances than someone who's lived in this state all his life. Romneycare was all Mitt's doing. It had absolutely no input from any of the solons in the Massachusetts legislature. Mitt came up with this fait accompli all by himself.

You're the man. The only truth-teller in a world of liars. The man with the sharpest tongue, the dopest rhymes, the biggest dick. Women want you, men envy you, sheep fear you. You're a steely-eyed missle man, the one lone voice of sanity in a world gone mad.

I bow to the superior intellect. I just hope you'll forgive my ignorance once the Mormons institute their theocratic tyranny once Mitt's elected.

Christopher in MA said...

Oh, and one more BTW, Crack - any man who can write these two sentences:

My guess is - if he doesn't implode before taking office - you can prepare yourself for an eventual constitutional crisis of such epic magnitude, that "spiritual" clusterfuck will make Watergate look like a 5-year old's day at DisneyWorld


The Mormons are the only group of Americans, so warped and clean-cut, they can construct a sentence like, "Golly gee, did I rape that girl?"

is a dangerously deluded monomaniac of Albert Fish proportions who should not be allowed anything sharper than a rubber ball.

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