July 17, 2012

Take the "I Side With" quiz to see the extent to which you agree with the various presidential candidates.

And the extent to which you agree with the people of your state and of the country.

What I think is most interesting about the results you get — and I've seen mine and a couple others — is the strength of agreement with multiple candidates when the candidates are disagreeing with each other. That's because there's really a lot more agreement among the candidates — and among the people of your state and among Americans as a whole — than it seems when we're plunged into these periods of political campaigning (which, these days, seems to be all the time).

For example, on the agreement with Americans line, I've seen results as high as 90%. How can there be that much agreement? Well, the truth is we agree about an awful lot of things, but if we're going to fight, it accentuates what we don't agree about. And I think that's why so many people feel that they are not political and they don't like politics. Most of my life, until I started blogging and covering politics, I have said, even when being completely honest with myself, that I'm not political. I counted it as a deficiency of mine that I didn't have political opinions. You hear so much about politics, but not so much about all the things we share very strongly.

I'd like to make a quiz with 20 questions, about important political matters, where the results would show that 99% of Americans agree. You know, things like: Everyone should have the right to believe in whatever religion he or she chooses or not to believe in any religion at all — yes/no/something else.


Ross said...

I expected some crazy result (Mitt Romney 93%). But I guess Ron Paul at 90% agreement will have to do.

Paddy O said...

Candidates I side with...

Mitt Romney
on healthcare, economic, social, domestic policy, immigration, science, foreign policy, and environmental issues.

Virgil Goode
on social, healthcare, and economic issues.

Ron Paul
on economic, immigration, domestic policy, and environmental issues.

Barack Obama
on foreign policy issues.

California Voters
on economic and domestic policy issues.

American Voters

Not a single question about aliens, though, so it really doesn't tell us anything about who we should vote for.

Bob Ellison said...

Stupid polls produce stupid results. I side with Bugs Bunny.

BarryD said...

93% Paul, 92% Johnson, 74% Romney, 15% Obama

No big surprise, really.

Now what's interesting is that I don't agree with Obama on ANY issues in the quiz (extended version) but he still scores 15%. Why? Because we are both breathing?

Pogo said...

Ron Paul 91%
Mitt Romney 88%
Obama 36% (War stuff, likely)

Tank said...

Paul 94
Romney 88
Johnson 84
Zero 19

No surprises for me, except for:

American Voters 73 - WTF? I don't really see myself in that mainstream.

trumpetdaddy said...

The last two numbers are the interesting ones.

I would expect folks to strongly side with one or another of the two major party candidates to a high degree. My own personal was 96% with Romney.

Merely believing in the stands of your particular party should get you 80%+ of the score for your candidate. I would expect most Democrats to be 90%+ with Obama just on that basis, alone.

I was 72% with Ohio voters and 55% with overall American voters. IOW, being 96% Romney puts me solidly in the majority of all Americans and in the super-majority of voters in my state of Ohio.

If you find your score 95%+ Obama and NOT in the majority of overall Americans, or of voters in your state, that should be a wake-up call about November for you, and for Obama.

edutcher said...

The Romster 96% (all categories but one), which surprised me.

The fooler was science where I went with (gasp!) Ron Paul, Gary Johnson.

Robert Cook said...

I agree most with Jill Stein and the Green Party (81%). I've never heard of Ms. Stein but I must assume she is the Green Party's candidate for President.

I'm also in agreement with Obama on science and social issues, (75%), Stewart Alexander on economic, healthcare, social and immigration issues, (75%), and a smattering of others in lesser percentages, including Romney on "no major issues" (10%).


Well, I guess I'm voting for Jill Stein for president.

edutcher said...

PS Agree with Americans 65%

Ohioans 51% - that's not a surprise, I'll always be a Mainliner.

Henry said...

I ended up siding with Gary Johnson at 90%, which doesn't surprise me. 52% with American voters.

I did get tired of clicking the "other" option and then reading the other options and then clicking the "enter your own" so I stopped after the first two or three times.

Maybe clicking "other" makes you unlike other Americans and more like Gary Johnson.

Apparently I side with Obama on 41% of economic and social issues. Economic issues? How would they know? They didn't ask any economic questions -- except for the stupid water-under-the-bridge TARP question where I disagree with the man.

What may be most informative about the quiz is what it doesn't ask. Stem cells yes. Free speech no. Stem cells? What's that about?

Examine your premises, Peck and Boutelier!

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Hmmm. This quiz has me voting Libertarian! -- 92% agreement with Gary Johnson, with Romney and Paul tied at 90%, Obama back at 58%. I agree with 64% of Oregonians, and 79% of Americans.

traditionalguy said...

Who is Ron Paul and why does he agree with me so much? That's a terrible thought.

I had better just sell my vote to the higest bidder like most voter do.

And where's Newt Gingrich when I need him?

bagoh20 said...

96% libertarian 25% with my fellow Californians.

I live in political hell.

Salamandyr said...

Surprisingly, I only seem to match up with the US as a whole on 55% of the issues. It gave me a 92% pairing with Ron Paul owing to the importance I ascribe to economic issues. However, my alignment with Romney (89%) was wider, encompassing more domestic issues and foreign policy.

Tim said...

Ok, I took the "Who to Support for Dummies Test" (really - who the hell needs this? I agree with Baracka Flacka Flames on 27% of the issues...zzzzzz) and I have the same complaint I always have with these tests: no nuance.

95%Mitt Romney
on economic, domestic policy, foreign policy, healthcare, social, and immigration issues.

Ron Paul
on economic, healthcare, immigration, and science issues.

Gary Johnson
on economic, healthcare, and science issues.

Barack Obama
on science issues.

California Voters
no major issues.

American Voters
on economic issues.

Uh, yeah.


Anonymous said...

84% Democrat
78% Green Party
51% Libertarian
12% Republican

Agree 70% with my fellow Wisconsinites
Agree 71% with my fellow Americans

No surprise

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...


Stem cells? What's that about?

That, I'd wager, is an attempt at a dog whistle. GWB is not running for President, and hasn't been since eight years ago, but his decision banning Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research done by destroying human embryos still apparently upsets some people.

CA passed an initiative (CA voters, despite priding themselves on their intelligence and sophistication, persist in passing initiatives) providing funding for stem cell research, specifically prioritizing research that the Feds wouldn't fund, i.e., ESCR.

Of course, in the intervening decade it's become clear that adult stem cell research is a hell of a lot more promising than embryonic.

Henry said...

@MDT -- Well put. It's not an issue. It's a dog whistle.

Lyle said...

83% to Gary Johnson

.. then Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

lastly 68% with Barack Obama.

Col Mustard said...

87 percent Romney
72 percent Paul
70 percent Johnson
19 percent Obama
5 percent Stein

It may be time to relocate - I was in accord with only 23 percent of people in my state and country.

wyo sis said...

How did I manage to get 7% agreement with Obama and yet agree on 0 issues?

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...


96% libertarian 25% with my fellow Californians.

I live in political hell.

Time to move, I'd say. There are libertarian outposts in CA, mostly pot-fueled (Humboldt County, anyone?), but my recommendation to anyone in CA is either to force a constitutional convention, or else to just get out. Implosion imminent.

garage mahal said...
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Thorley Winston said...

99% with Mitt Romney (on healthcare, immigration, domestic policy, social, economic, and foreign policy issues)

96% with Ron Paul (on healthcare, domestic policy, immigration, economic, social, and foreign policy issues)

96% with Gary Johnson (on healthcare, science, domestic policy, foreign policy, economic, and social issues)

20% with Barack Obama (no major issues)

92% with Minnesota Voters (on healthcare, domestic policy, immigration, economic, and social issues)

91% with American Voters (on healthcare, domestic policy, immigration, economic, and social issues)

A couple of notes – for most of the questions, I picked the “Other” box and chose one of the choices that were available. In terms of how important the issues were to me, I left each question at the default with the exception of the questions regarding repealing the ACA and what to do about Medicare as health care reform and entitlement program reform are my most important issues.

I agree with other posters that the bank bailouts and stem cell funding seem like rather odd choices for a poll about the 2012 election. A question about Social Security reform (since the program is now paying out more than it takes in) or public employee benefits would seem to be more timely. Or even a generic “what should the federal government to revitalize the economy” (with “get out of the way” being a choice) would seem to be more timely IMO.

garage mahal said...

Jill Stein 89%
Gary Johnson 76%
Jimmy McMillan 75%
Ron Paul 66%
Barack Obama 66%
Mitt Romney 13%

Wisconsin Voters 84%
American Voters 86%

Green Party 89%
Libertarian 71%
Democratic 65%
Republican 13%

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

I guess what I don't agree with is the centrality of ad hominem attacks which I see more more in leftist campaigning. As a person wrote on a TNC blog in response to a comment she disagreed with 'You must be the person...', not at all addressing the substance of the argument but as if to say 'the mob will have you for stepping out of line.' Whatever happened to 'Don't ask; don't tell.' If Romney had 'something to hide in his tax return,' the IRS under his opponents administration would be charging him with it.

BarrySanders20 said...

There have to be some quirks to this, as I was 88% Romney and Paul, 86% Johnson, but also 86% Wisconsin and 85% American. I don't know how that could be accurate if Allie Oop's results also are accurate.

My biggest surprise was that in foreign policy, I agreed with Jimmy McMillan ("The RENT is too damn high!") the most at 75%. I need to seriously reevaluate my foreign policy stances. Either that, or our country's foreign policy is seriously screwed up.

Social issues-- Ron Pual 100%
Healthcare --Johnson and Romney 100%
Domestic -- Paul and Johnson 100%

Overall Dems and the Other Barry -- 23%

BarrySanders20 said...

There is no way that both Garage and I are both mid-80's in agreement with Wisconsin and American voters as a whole. Something is screwed up with this element of the quiz.

Is this a self-esteem building exercise where we all are supposed to feel validated?

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

The universe in which I agree 79% of the time with Americans in general, while AllieOop agrees with Americans in general 71% of the time, needs some explaining.

Either (a) there's a gaseous anomaly off the side of the ship that messes with people's heads in some unknown fashion; or

(b) the quiz is actually kind of useless.

wv: Ovrgin 4. Sounds like a new contraceptive.

bagoh20 said...

Based on their relative dysfunction and your level of disagreement with U.S. voters and especially California, you can discern how foolish your opinions are.

My score informs one that both governments should consult me directly for all future policy decisions from here on. How about you - are you part of the solution or the problem?

Michael K said...

No surprise. almost 90% with Romney and Paul.

Christopher in MA said...

There really is something off with this quiz. I ended up agreeing with Ron Paul at 96%, which I can understand as I am a very "that government is best which governs least" fellow, but I still find it disturbing.

91% of my answers fit with Gary Johnson, 87% with Mitt and 62% with Jimmy McMillan (what the HELL?).

Jill Stein I agreed with on foreign policy, which I find funny, since my policies are end the wars, support Israel, keep Iran from getting the bomb, get the hell out of the UN and end the Cuban embargo if they transition to a representative democracy. I daresay very few of those are Green Party stands.

I'm with Michelle. The quiz is useless.

bagoh20 said...

If you agree with the Democrat party or California, which is really the same thing, then history and facts have proven you fiscally dangerous. Time to re-think issues.

Old RPM Daddy said...

My Top Four:

Mitt Romney: 87%
Ron Paul: 85%
Gary Johnson: 84%
Jimmy McMillan: 73%

For reference:
President Obama: 65%
Virginia Voters: 93%
American Voters: 90%

I have no idea what any of this really means. I'd never heard of Jimmy McMillan, but based on his Wikipedia article, he sounds like an interesting guy, and, I must say, I thoroughly approve of his beard.

BarrySanders20 said...

Old RPM,

For a good laugh, find the video of Jimmy McMillan at the 2010 NY governor's debate. Google "The rent is too damn high." I'd link it but my internet skillz are poor.

Just make sure to eat breakfastlunchanddinner before you watch.

Earth Girl said...

80% Libertarian (no surprise)but these were surprising:

0% Indiana
0% American

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Mitt Romney 98%
Ron Paul 91%
Gary Johnson 86%
Barack Obama 55%

Wisconsin Voters 84%
American Voters 82%

Repbulican 98%
Libertarian 88%
Democratic 55%
Green 12%

Simon said...

I thought that the questions on this one were pretty well-done by the standards of such tests, which have customarily set a low bar. The analysis side, however, is flawed. It matched me with Ron Paul, whom I can barely stand on a good day, followed closely by Gary Johnson. I am not, in any recognizable sense, a libertarian, which suggests that some fine-tuning is in order.

tiger said...


90% with the Mitt-ster
75% with Paul

And I consider myself much more of a Libertarian than a Rep.

They always lose me with their 'legalize all drugs NOW and NO foreign intervention EVER!!!' stances.

The Libertarians' problem has always been they think people and nations are rational and neither group is.

Dan in Philly said...

Hmmm, more questions that 99% of Americans agree with:

1) Racism is bad.
2) The environment should be protected.
3) The poor should be fed.
4) Murder should be frowned upon.

You know, the kinds of enthameme which underlies most of the cruder levels of political debate. I'm sure we can come up with a set of 20 to 30 such statements, and then if we apply ourselves we can try to twist a candidates words or actions to show how they violate one or more of these "American" assumptions, thereby predicting most of the ads for the upcoming election.

Funny thing, though. Some of the assumptions which 99% of Americans would currently agree with most Americans disagrees with 100 years ago, or vice versa. 100 years ago, most Americans thought:

1) Liquor was the root of most of society's problems.
2) Races could and should be kept separate for the benefit of all.
3) Women are generally not capable of voting responsibly.

I'm sure if I really dug, I could come up with many more, some of which is stated today would get you banned from posting and maybe jailed. Naturally, this leads me to wonder what of the 99% American assumptions we hold today will be considered anathema to our great-grandchildren???

Saint Croix said...

92% Gary Johnson
91% North Carolina voters
90% Ron Paul
88% American voters
82% Mitt Romney
62% Barack Obama

I'm in harmony with everyone!

The only guy who got a negative vote from me was the socialist guy, at 22%.

MadisonMan said...

94% (!!!) with Gary Johnson
88% with that weirdo Ron Paul
73% Romney
59% Obama
78% Wisconsin Voters
81% US Voters.

I'm with Romney on economic issues, and Obama on science issues. And mostly libertarian.

Saint Croix said...

Some of the questions are skewed.

For instance, if you vote "yes" on global warming, you are in agreement with every single politician. And your state. And your country.

If you vote "no," you are in disagreement with every single politician. And your state. And your country.

It's a neat idea, but the execution is a little sloppy.

RonF said...

There was only one where I had to write my own policy - immigration and temporary amnesty.

I figure that an illegal alien with a) no criminal record, b) a work history and c) little use of public assistance should be eligible for permanent resident alien status - but NOT CITIZENSHIP. I keep hearing that immigration "reform" requires giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship. Why? They chose to come here and stay without citizenship - let that continue. As long as they don't get convicted of a felony or violent crime they get to stay. But they can't vote.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

By Party: Libertarian 97% Republican 84% Democrat 30% Green 7% (no surprises there)

Ron Paul 92% economic, immigration, science,foreign policy, domestic policy and social issues too bad. he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell.

Gary Johnson 87%

Mitt Romney 84%

Obama 30% WTF? On what? It said no major issues. Do we like the same hamburgers?

I also only agree with the American Public on 42% of issues. I'm surprised it is that much.

Richard Dolan said...

"Well, the truth is we agree about an awful lot of things, but if we're going to fight, it accentuates what we don't agree about. And I think that's why so many people feel that they are not political and they don't like politics."

Do I hear a chorus of Kumbaya straining to be heard through all that noise?

You don't need politics to resolve issues about which everyone agrees (among other reasons, because there is nothing to resolve). Instead, politics is how we reach collective decisions where there are different views and different interests, with all the conflicts that entails.

It's true, as Ann says, that "we agree about an awful lot of things" but most of them come under the heading of platitudes and cliches. Even there, agreement often evaporates when you try to put those platitudes into practice. Take Ann's example of freedom of religion, for example. Everyone in favor of a modern Abraham's taking his son up the mountain to prepare a sacrifice, as commanded by the Voice? How about a private dose of sharia for those communities that want to impose it on themselves? Or, to reprise an Althouse favorite, using drugs for religious ceremonies?

I'm not hearing Kumbaya quite so loudly when the discussion turns from platitudes to specifics.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ron Paul 95% apparently.

It turns out the other 5% are really damned important.

ken in sc said...

92 % Ron Paul

90% Mitt Romney

They placed me in Alabama, I am from there but they didn't ask, and I don't live there now.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

96% libertarian 25% with my fellow Californians.

I live in political hell

@ bagoh2o

Welcome to my world 97% libertarian

22% agreement with my fellow Californians.

Come live up here. You'll feel at home. Pretty much everyone in this area is likely to fall into our categories. Red counties (65 to 80% Republican voting) and lots of libertarians.

Unknown said...

94% Johnson
92% Paul
87% Romney
9% Obama
85% Virginia Voters
73% American Voters

Alas, no Jimmy McMillan on my list, except that we apparently agree on immigration.

campy said...

Anyone who doesn't agree 100% with Obama is a RACIST!!!!

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

ken in sc,

They placed me in Alabama, I am from there but they didn't ask, and I don't live there now.

Anyone else a bit alarmed that the makers of this quiz know where you live? (Or, in ken's case, lived?)

I mean, I got matched up with OR automatically, I've been in this state two years, and CA the previous 25. How are they determining state? IP addresses?

wv: 217 locklink

EMD said...

Garage and I will each consider voting for Gary Johnson this November, apparently.

EMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EMD said...

IP addresses?


Lauderdale Vet said...

87% Gary Johnson on economic, immigration, healthcare, environmental, social, and domestic policy issues.

84% Ron Paul on economic, healthcare, social, environmental, and domestic policy issues.

83% Mitt Romney on foreign policy, economic, environmental, domestic policy, and healthcare issues.

36% Barack Obama on immigration issues.

25% Florida Voters on environmental issues.

21% American Voters no major issues.

87% Libertarian
83% Republican
36% Democratic
18% Green

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...


But if they did it via IP addresses, why is ken in sc assigned to AL if he doesn't live there?

Christopher in MA said...

Why is ken in sc assigned to AL if he doesn't live there?

Maybe he's like James Taylor.

Kurt said...

I got the following results:
95% Mitt Romney

90% Ron Paul

84% Gary Johnson

53% Barack Obama "on science issues."

84% Nevada Voters
on economic, immigration, domestic policy, environmental, social, and healthcare issues.

75% American Voters
on economic, domestic policy, immigration, and social issues.

I've got no idea how I matched 53% with Obama "on science issues."

With regard to the Nevada voters and American voters percentages, I have to say that if 84% of Nevada voters had views similar to mine on the issues listed, then Nevada wouldn't be as close as the polls are showing, and Obama certainly wouldn't be ahead in the polls here. Needless to say, something doesn't add up.

Steven said...

Gary Johnson 94%
Ron Paul 94%
Mitt Romney 83%
Barack Obama 13%
Texas Voters 79%
American Voters 70%

traditionalguy said...

Ken in SC and me know all about Racists. They are those NASCAR drivers.

ampersand said...

Ron Paul 97%
Mitt Romney 92%
Gary Johnson 91%
Virgil Goodeon 91%
Jimmy McMillanon 86%
Jill Steinon 30%
Barack Obama 17%
Stewart Alexander 8%
Illinois Voters 83%
American Voters 86%

Something out of whack with the last 2