July 18, 2012

Be careful when attaching your resume to that job-application email.

Don't do this.

Unless you want to be the viral-web celeb du jour.
"The employer got back to me hours later with a short, ‘I’m sorry Vanessa, I don’t see your resume, only a picture of Nic Cage looking terrifying. The position has been filled out, but thanks for being interested'..."


bearing said...

I am going to save this one in my folder of "Cautionary Tales For My Tween Children As They Learn To Navigate The Internet Safely." Along with the one about that German kid who invited everyone on Facebook to her birthday party and 1,500 people showed up.

Matt Sablan said...

The horrors of copy/paste.

Here's a thought. Name your resume file something simple. Like:

YourFirstNameLastName_Resume_Date.doc. You will never mistake it for Nicholas Cage again. Unless your name is Nicholas Cage.

edutcher said...

This is why God made directories (or folders, if you worship at the feet of Gates and Ballmer) so you can keep your weird pictures separate from the serious stuff.

I'm still trying to pound the wisdom of this one into the Blonde's head.

Saint Croix said...

She's very funny. Something about Canada gives people a sense of humor.

Peter said...

The employer surely deserves credit for replying. In this job market, very few will even reply to a candidate's email asking if they're still being considered.

shirley elizabeth said...

It did get her noticed enough for a reply, and possibly remembered for another position and time when she attaches the correct document.

But really, if she doesn't know how to organize her computer efficiently then she's applying for the wrong job.

Patrick said...
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Andrew said...

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