July 15, 2012

At the Sunflower Café...


... break out!


ALH said...

Based on my weekend in downtown Madison, I have a few thoughts.

No Scott Walker did not win the recount because he is a criminal who lied to the voters about his record. No, he didn't win simply because he had more money. No, you won't easily defeat him if you just work harder to show people outside of Madison what a fraud he. Stop thinking so hard about why he won...it isn't that complicated. Actually just stop talking about it and move on like the rest of the state has while I try to enjoy my meal in peace.

And just to clarify...NO, my nine year old doesn't have spare change for you and my seven year old is not interested in buying your newspaper. Even if it is Madison's only co-op paper for the low price of $1.

On the up side, I suspect the kiddos now have some extra incentive to work hard in school and stay out of trouble.

EDH said...

"Break out!", or break in?

Looks like that fence was built to keep out the 99%, or at least the "marauding bands" that Elizabeth Warren warns us about every time she wants to raise taxes.

edutcher said...

Waiting for the Chip Ahoy animation showing Ann and Meade as Hansel and Gretel escaping from the witch's house.

rhhardin said...

The Van Gogh of Alcatraz.

traditionalguy said...

Flowers make me happy. Especially the yellow ones like the intermission scene in Doctor Zhivago...they represented Lara and human love.

Palladian said...

I've drawn Roger Taney's portrait.

traditionalguy said...

Great comb over on Taney Palladian.

Anonymous said...

Tradguy, wasn't Dr. Zhivago a great film? The scene when Dr. Zhivago and Lara were in the empty house in winter, like an ice castle, so beautiful.

shiloh said...

Political Animals is a very entertaining new series on USA, although a tad over the top. :-P Sorta like Althouse w/her continuous 100% anti-Obama threads trying to appease her conservative flock!

Saint Croix said...

Top 10 Reasons Roe v. Wade should be overruled.

(not going to be funny, sorry)

1) Court held that the baby's life is irrelevant to its opinion. “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.” Opens the door to the possibility of infanticide.

2) Court held that an unborn baby is not protected by the equal protection clause. So even if the baby is alive, she has no right to life. The Court defined a human life in the womb as sub-human, as property.

3) Court cites pagan philosophers Plato and Aristotle for the viability doctrine. In ancient Greece it was the doctrine that allowed people to kill newborn infants. No use of the “viability doctrine” in American law before Roe v. Wade.

4) The Court undercut its own viability doctrine by ruling that even viable infants can be killed for the mother’s health, including psychological well-being or financial reasons. This determination is to be made by the doctor.

5) Court said that the Hippocratic Oath is “not the expression of an absolute standard of medical conduct.” Hippocratic Oath is “rigid” and needs to be more flexible. It’s apparently okay for doctors to abort a baby, assist in suicide, or kill somebody.

6) Court endangered the health and safety of women. States cannot require that a doctor perform the abortion procedure in the first trimester (Roe) and that states cannot require that a second or third trimester abortion take place in a hospital (Akron).

7) Justice Blackmun circulated a secret memo to the Court suggesting that he was violating his oath of office. In his memo, Justice Blackmun admits that his proposed abortion rules are not mandated by the Constitution. They are “arbitrary.”

8) Because of improvements in technology, “inferior” babies can now be aborted. Inferior babies include the handicapped and girls (same as in ancient Greece). Thus Roe has opened the door to state-sanctioned eugenics.

9) The Carhart opinions upset any law student who has to read them. Gruesome terms like “free-floating fetal head” are now a part of our Constitutional law. Photographs of late-term aborted infants are widely available on the internet, and millions of people believe that babies have died as a result of Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court itself describes an infanticide in Carhart II.

10) The Court cannot identify any explicit Constitutional authority for the right to abortion. Widespread criticism that the Court made it up. Hundreds of thousands of protesters show up every January 22nd in protest. Major world religions condemn the opinion. One major political party pledges to overrule Roe, while another pledges to fight for it. The nomination and confirmation process for Supreme Court Justices now includes PAC groups running attack ads, and phone-call campaigns to Senators. Abortion is far more partisan today than it was in 1973. Roe v. Wade has utterly failed to settle the law.

traditionalguy said...

Allie...Yes. It looks like a cold Wisconsin.

I first saw Zhivago movie in 1966 and was stunned by it. The beauty and the romantic truths set out against the clash of empires is an all time great film experience.

Zhivago was played by an Egyptian actor named Omar Shariff.

Another favorite film of empires clashing and a human survival story is Empire of the Sun by Steven Speilberg done as a Gone With The Wind theme in Shanghai after Dec 7, 1941.

The story is the survival of a boy Jim who was British, Anglican from an educated and well off family, and who idealized the young airplane pilots in the best fighters, who were the rulers of the 1930s world until missiles. Jim was a check list for myself.

A 9 year old Jim kept trying to surrender to the next powerful empire as they swung through chaos and stability periods between the British to Japanese to American empires.

It is a tour de force by the 9 year old actor, who has now become popular as an adult actor: Christian Bale.

If you see it let me know what you think of it.

Saint Croix said...

I'm pretty sure Obama is going down. Look at Rasmussen's map.

Rasmussen has Obama leading Romney in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire. He's leading but he's under 50%. That's a big problem for an incumbent, because the undecideds will break for the challenger.

So those races will tighten. Romney might win Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, and Michigan, too.

Meanwhile, in almost all the "toss-up" states, Romney has the lead. He's ahead in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virgina, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Colorado is a dead heat.

What's really critical, Obama is under 50% in all those states. So Romney's lead will expand as the people who dislike Obama commit to the challenger.

Obama, anywhere from 208 votes to 257 votes.

Romney, anywhere from 281 votes to 330 votes.

Chip Ahoy said...

Now how does a post cogent as that get past filter?

Chip Ahoy said...

Are you using those tricky tiny itsy bity urls? 'Caus if you are ... uuuuum ... you're in trouuuuu-ble.

Ann Althouse said...

"Now how does a post cogent as that get past filter?"

Just deleted it.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I've heard they actually use real people to type in the wv.

Hagar said...

Years ago, the California Democrats boasted they had gerrymandered the state Republicans out of existence.
Well, they had not; just largely out of contention for election to the state legislature.

So, how has that worked out for California?

shiloh said...

SC, Bush43 won re-election w/48% job approval ie the power of incumbency and running against a weak candidate, Kerry. Whereas mittens is a fricking' train wreck!.

But as always, keep, hopin'/wishin'/prayin' er keep hope alive! lol

btw, it's a political myth "undecideds" always break for the challenger. mittens is such a bad candidate, many cons may stay home.

Stay tuned ...

lemondog said...

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Triangle Man said...

@Saint Croix

The Rasmussen map has Romney winning every "toss up" state. Most other pollsters have Obama edging him out in all but North Carolina. Granted, if Romney pulls off a sweep of those seven states, he will win, but it seems an unlikely victory scenario.

Saint Croix said...

Most other pollsters have Obama edging him out in all but North Carolina.

Rasmussen is polling likely voters, and they're not.

Bush43 won re-election w/48% job approval

National polls are pointless. You got to go by states.

Plus you're off by 7 frickin' percentage points. See Gallup.

And that poll is not a measure of likely voters and thus underpredicts actual Republican votes.

Bush won 286 electoral votes.

Unemployment was 5.4% in 2004.

Why on God's green earth would we reward Obama for his dismal performance? What do you like that he's accomplished? Obamacare? Have you noticed that he's not mentioning it at all? Do you know why?

This is why.

leslyn said...


What about Lawrence of Arabia? The uncut version.

shiloh said...

SC, as Chucky T and Major Garrett will tell 'ya, trying to figure out what a likely voter is (4) mos. before the election is useless.

So yes, current polls are pointless!

take care

Deb said...

tradguy, you didn't ask but I've seen Empire - fantastic movie; also loved Zhivago and saw it when I was sixteen years old, how beautiful was Julie Christie!

traditionalguy said...

@Deb...Julie Christie? Do you mean Lara, the one with her own theme?

Yes, she was one hell of a woman, on screen.

@ Leslyn... Lawrence of Arabia was fantastic and mesmerizing, and educational too since it was a true story. I think David Lean Directed both Zhivago and Lawrence.