July 21, 2012

At the Lakefront Café...


... you can talk about whatever you like.


Peter said...

It would be nice to be out on the lake in a canoe or rowboat.

traditionalguy said...

Land-O-lakes. Should we butter up the Professor, Edutcher?

Tomorrow is Sunday. That's always a good thing.

The Braves are sneaking up on the Eastern Division lead over the Capitals this weekend. When you play the team ahead of you every game means two games in the standings. Come on Braves, sweep em.

traditionalguy said...

And finally, you Wisconsin guys didn't build those lakes on your own. A Government Ice Age made the glaciers that did it for you.

Every body knows the Government controls global heating and global cooling. You just pays your money and gets what you want.

Barry Dauphin said...

Great picture.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

I'm dealing with cleanup from a thunderstorm micro-burst that brought 80 mph winds. it was amazing to watch. It downed dozens of fully-grown trees in my back yard woods, and hundreds of trees along about a mile stretch of our road.

Nobody injured, little damage to houses, one car destroyed ( the driver stopped when the storm hit because he couldn't see well enough, but did see the tree coming and laid down across the front seats as the tree crushed the top of the car. )

We had a tree that came down on our garage roof. It was about a 70' pine, yet somehow managed to only cause damage to a small area of shingles.

bagoh20 said...
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bagoh20 said...

If a nation somewhere wanted to improve it's economy, couldn't it legislate that the ideal climate would be 5 degrees warmer than today and then do the reverse of global warming regulation like cap n trade by offering incentives for the use of energy?

Perhaps a U.S. state could do it, and take even more of California's tax paying businesses as we prepare to take our already highest in the nation energy costs and tax them to death.

In California, we have the Obama disease where we think we can actually change the climate by taking money from taxpayers and using it to pay off the right people. It's like an offering to the climate gods. Apparently, you become a climate god by donating to Democrat political campaigns, or hiring term-limited Democratic politicians or their relatives.

It's a whole new religion with gods, and tithing, and you don't have to pray or abstain from anything. You gotta love that.

Lucien said...

It appears that this fellow who shot all those people in Aurora, Colorado the other day may have rigged explosive booby-reaps in his apartment. it's considerably harder to obtain explosives than it is to obtain firearms.

This makes it unlikely that stricter laws concerning the obtaining of firearms would have deterred this person.

Also, requiring photo IDs to get guns would trample on the rights of minorities, the elderly, students, and others who are less likely to have photo ID.

And if making pregnant 14 year-old girls wait 24 hrs. to get an abortion unduly burdens their (not textually mentioned) right to abortion, then any waiting period would unduly burden the ( specifically provided) right to bear arms, would it not?

bagoh20 said...

Here in L.A. the weather has been beautiful lately as it almost always is, especially along the beach areas, but I think it would be better and ideal at about 5 degrees higher in the summer and 10 degrees in the winter. I wonder how many bonfire keggers we need to have to make that happen.

BTW, is that last sentence considered interrogative or declarative?

edutcher said...

Nice view, Madame.

Out in the good weather today?

Lucien said...

It appears that this fellow who shot all those people in Aurora, Colorado the other day may have rigged explosive booby-reaps in his apartment. it's considerably harder to obtain explosives than it is to obtain firearms.

Yes, but improvised, homemade explosives are ridiculously easy to come by.

Any number of military manuals are available online that show how and the ingredients can be found in any drug or hardware store.

Chip Ahoy said...

I would to thank you for inviting us to talk about anything we like.

As for myself I have little to talk about so I will just listen and let other people do the talking and if it is not too much talking on my part I'd will add that while youze guys are doing the talking that I will be doing my part of listening as a Yankee Doodle Dandy and I go to town riding on my pony.

A pony. A small horse. A little easier to deal with than a regular size horse. Easier to manage. Less useful otherwise, pulling things, draft, other equestrian pursuits but good for riding into town, so a pony and I stuck a feather in my cap I found along the way, checked myself out in a little compact mirror I carry around in my backpack and said, "Cor!" Nodded approvingly, "This feather is ace!" A pheasant feather. No, not a peasant feather, a PHEASANT feather. It's a game bird. Kind of like a chicken except with really long feathers that go swooooooooom, that feather is ace. Best feather ever. We got turkey feathers here and they're nice, eagle feathers, and they're good too, but these pheasant pheasant feathers are the best!

So just keep that in mind.

Michael Haz said...

Is this the meeting of the Dull Men's Club?

Meade said...

Duh you come ta tha right palace. Pool uppa char an lightcher pipe.

Michael K said...

I left the nice weather of Orange County to come to Tucson this weekend for monsoon conditions. I started to walk my dog about 6 when the rain started to pour. Basset hounds do not like water. We ran home and he barked for 10 minutes, just venting his feelings.

cf said...

There is so much stuff going on, it's happening sooo fast, I can't keep up. I want to go back and ponder some, like this NYT last week about how a "Vast F.D.A. effort tracked emails of its scientists"


"The agency, using so-called spy software designed to help employers monitor workers, captured screen images from the government laptops of the five scientists as they were being used at work or at home. The software tracked their keystrokes, intercepted their personal e-mails, copied the documents on their personal thumb drives and even followed their messages line by line as they were being drafted, the documents show."

How much more of this is going on against us regular Joes for whatever reason?

That's on my mind.

rhhardin said...


No subject-verb inversion (I wonder, we need).

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good pun Tragduy!

Rusty said...

Nice spot for a duck blind.

Saint Croix said...

Hey, this could be a fun blogging game. According to these researchers, an analysis of how someone tweets could reveal whether he or she is narcissistic, Machiavellian, or psychopathic.

So let's discuss who on Althouse might be narcissistic, Machiavellian, or psychopathic!

Among the clues:

1) Curse words (uh-oh)

2) Angry responses (oops)

3) Use of the word "hate" (I hate that!)

4) Using the word "we" (What about oui? Or wee-wee? I think "wee-wee" is way worse than "we")

5) Using filler words such as “blah” and “I mean” and “um” (Dude, seriously, that's the worst diagnostic test for psychopathy that I've ever heard in my life. Jack the Ripper as a bad public speaker. "Uh, I mean, okay, you know?" Hey, just think, the next time you do any public speaking, everybody's going to be grading you on your psychopathy. "Uh, okay, hold on a second, uh, what?"

6) Using periods (No grammar in tweeting! Or you're a psychopath! Exclamation points are okay!)

Rusty said...

Thenthere's this from our neighbors to the north

Ontario's Health Minister is still angered by the number of millionaire doctors populating the province.
"I was appalled when I saw how many were making in excess of $1 million," Deb Matthews said, referring to a list that counted over 400 names in 2010.

"Some doctors are getting paid too much. We need to address the issue of relativity. Some doctors in some specialties are earning a fraction of what doctors in other specialties are earning."

They didn't get thre on their own, you see.