July 14, 2012

At the Flower Beetle Café...


... you can find a place inside.


Saint Croix said...

Moonrise Kingdom is really good. Reminds me of J.D. Salinger.

rhhardin said...

Funeral March of a Marionette is nice, sort of like finding that Rush's theme is actually a song.

Chip Ahoy said...

The house finches that landed on my terrace were preceded by loud birdie chirps emanating from the exterior wall three stories higher near the top.

And now those same chirps are happening again. I love this thing that I can ask anything and it tells me the answer. It's my dream come true. It tells me house finches make two nests a year sometimes. And I think that's totally ace if a little bit creepy.

And I only have one hummingbird feeder but is beautiful by itself without being jazzed up. But I'm starting to wonder what happened to those other dozen or so or whatever. Maybe it was nine. What's taking so long? I could have been jazzing those up by now.

I do not see how the fires could not have disrupted things. Like hummingbird migration. I won't be disappointed if I don't see one.

The glass ornaments are primarily to attract the interest of ladies anyway.

Anonymous said...

With our severe drought this summer our fall colors may fizzle, I hear. I'm sick of watering my garden and annuals, my grass may be so dead it may never come back.

john said...

Why aren't we talking about Kerry Kennedy yet?

Toad Trend said...

Ugh. I have beetles. My wife keeps a scissors handy and cuts the buggers in half.

On the plus side, dog poop dries quickly in this great summer weather, making retrieval a snap.

I have no issues with this weather.

ndspinelli said...

My lawn mowing bills started early but it's been zero for a month.

Lem said...

MLB online had a "massive" failure last night.. I rely on them to watch the Red Sox..

So tonight I got an apologetic email.. with a code for a 40% discount from their shop.


Lem said...

I ordered a cap.

Big Mike said...

Looks like a Japanese beetle. I'll bet Meade's off looking for a pesticide.

Something wife and I learned the hard way -- never put out a beetle trap. It kills a lot of them, but it attracts more to your yard than it kills.

Freeman Hunt said...

We've tried to come up with other things for the lawn guy to do. He's trimmed the hedges and removed a dead tree. If the drought continues, our landscaping is going to be incredible by this fall.

ndspinelli said...

Lem, At least it wasn't a homo pink Bosox cap.

wyo sis said...

Don't Tread
Your wife is a keeper! I cringe every time I have to kill a beetle. They crunch. It gives me the creeps. I have a friend who kills earwigs with her fingers. Just the thought makes me gag. I give a very good performance of bravery for the grandchildren though.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible here at the Oval Room. The Blonde is with her Harvard Redhead friend. There are people working in WH, DNC, Hill, etc. Every-body is so high on the POTUS re-election victory, that the excitement is just too much. The Press is taking our lead and focusing on Bain and lack of gender parity in GOP/Romney. We will win. This time before Mondale was close to Reagan but lost every-thing. This is going to be a repeat year.

GO Ahead and make our day: Select Condi, Portman, or Ryan.

Our team is working over-time and we have the dossier on all three of these supposedly VP candidates.

The best VP in our history: Biden
The best POTUS: Obama.

Enough said. Cheers and take care.

Lem said...

There is an impression among baseball enthusiast that most errors and base on balls come around to score.

I haven't seen any conclusive data proving the case... I check it off to the idea that errors and bases of balls are so frustrating to both players and fans alike that our awareness upon their occurrence is heightened to a degree were we pay better/more attention to what the error/bases on balls lead to than we would otherwise... otherwise all the other more elegant ways of scoring.

So.. that leads me to the reason "why I brought you all here together"... according to Barry Faber that was the best movie line of all time.. followed by "follow that cab"... which, btw, is the one I picked for my year book.

Some people on our side have likened Roberts lone wolf drop into a constitutional penumbra as a mere error.. a base on balls.. no big deal.

And there you have it, that's were we are.. Roberts made an error... he walked Obama... Some of us are saying the law will not lead to anything consequential down the road.. and some of us are baseball fans saying...

Oh shit.

Lem said...

If not the best movie line.. the most often used..

I believe he said it was the most often used.

I know you are all wandering why I brought you here together or something close to that.. other than Rush there is no intertubes archives of radio..

Followed by..

Follow that cab. Most often used.

leslyn said...


Oooh, Ryan. If he gets veeped, I can't wait to see the Eddie Muster cartoons.

Eddie Munster with a budget book: learning his de-multiplication tables.

P.S. There just can't be two guys around here with The Blonde.

edutcher said...

Anent AP, it's fascinating that the Demos are so afraid for their chances in Congress (or incongruous, if you prefer) that they feel obliged to stalk their Republican counterparts in the hope of catching something juicy.

A person might think it's not only Choom who can't run on his record.

Lem said...

The Rays just took the lead in a game against the Red Sox.. bases on balls were involved.. in the worst way.. the Red Sox pitcher walked in the go ahead run.

Speaking of walks.

Wath do they mean by Fast and Furious gun walk?

Are they calling it a "walk" in a baseball sense?

Lem said...

Otherwise all the more elegant ways of scoring.

When you score any other way than affecting the opponents pitcher ERA (earn run average) is considered unearned... meaning it was not earned.

Obamas victory was not earned... small consolation, granting that he still came around to score.

Whether we are still playing regulation 9 innings or we are in an extra inning game...

Roberts (plate umpire) did not say.

Lem said...

When Roberts said "we umpires are not responsible"... he confused a lot of people.

Lem said...

I mean.. is there anything "elegant" in the Roberts somersault?

If there was.. Professor Althouse would have pointed it out to us by now.
Her silence speak volumes... and her insistance that clarity is important?

Roberts was anything but clear.

Cedarford said...

Harrison Ford turned 70 this week!
Time sure flys, Indiana Jones!

Least he looks better these days than the younger whatshisname that played Luke. He's unrecognizable.

And Carrie got fat. Orca fat.

Chip Ahoy said...

I made a very tasty salad from a salmon that a friend of a friend who lives on Mars and has a cousin on Earth who fishes in Alaska caught. But I do not know the guy. He is a mystery to me. He's a boss of a little company and he loaded up the refrigerator they keep there at the place of his and none of the sales staff would touch it. They're all antifishites or something. So I got it all.

Anyway the noodles are angel hair pasta and the dressing is tamari sauce based. The cooked noodles soaked in it. Tamari is a kind of soy sauce. So that's the salt. then sake, mirin for something sweet, ginger, garlic, toasted sesame seed oil, chile flakes for kapow, mustard powder just because, trace of olive oil and rice vinegar to be like a normal dressing.

Maybe you had better not look.

wildswan said...

Maybe everyone else knew this already but there is an app for ipads and iphones called Triggertrap. With this app you can take really good time lapse photography. It's very easy; it's astounding. I'm going to do star trails on my vacation.

Lem said...

I made a very tasty salad from a salmon that a friend of a friend who lives on Mars and has a cousin on Earth who fishes in Alaska caught

That.. ladies and gents is a sentance that covers all the bases.. it speaks to me of taste.

Chip.. to borrow another comedians line.. you are the greatest.

Anonymous said...

I looked, wish I wouldnt have, 'cause now I'm hungry.

JAL said...

Lem, At least it wasn't a homo pink Bosox cap.


Those are for people like my daughter who is a rabid Red Sox fan. (She is her father's daughter.)

Her fiancée (became hubby) had the habit of picking up whatever hat was around on the way out and she did not want to share her Red Sox hat ... so ... pink.

Since then -- he grabs one of the other ones.

Lem said...

Here is Chip daring to mention a taboo subject in the Althouse community. Aliens... or the idea that he knows someone who believes in aliens..

Chip is.. and rh.. as far as this blog is concerned.. pogo is tethered to reality.. no mater how much his protestations.. Chip and rh are more in tune with the professors idea of the blog.

I want to be there with Rh and chip.. I want to be and that's all i can say for myself.

i want to ask the professor to be a what do they call that in the courts? an advocate.

For anyone paying attention this blog - the Althouse blog... is a front seat to an American who happens to be a law school professor.

As a foreign born american... make that waht you will... Professor Althouse... I'm having a bottle of Porto.. os whatever I'm saying you that the American right to dismiss it.

While you are dismissing left and right I just want you to remember that people had to fight and die just so you could sit and choose communism.

Lem said...

At least it wasn't a homo pink Bosox cap.

One of our best players just happens to be gay.. not because he has come out.. this, what I speck of is just rumor, innuendo among fans like me.

How would you like it if in the year 2012 your life stile was still the subject of conversation the same as thought we were in the year 1912?

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm a little bit bummed. It's been taking all the patience I can scrounge because my laptops keep conking out. Repeatedly during any given session so I save save save all the time but I have to wait for it, one or the other to come back. I have two going at once and they both do it. Like keeping ten tabs open is hard or something, or twenty layers or whatever. Just because fifteen photographs are big as a wall the laptops get all fussy.

So I forgot to clone out the shadow of the horn on the oryx. Whadaya know I spelled it right. The shadow cast by the savanna sun that is not shining in the drippy screw museum room. Because I thought, oh get rid of that and then the laptop conked out five times in a row. See, patience. I'm tell'n you.

Drudge ran a photo of Obama pointing right at the camera. I wanted to try something that didn't involve a random animal biting off the finger. I wanted to try keeping the fingertip constant but the hand rotate around as if touching a dot in the air. It didn't turn out so good. But the thing is, the laptop kept seizing up, so starting up over an dover an dover an dover an dover and dover like six times. Then things happened and I forgot I got through all that but neglected to upload it. It was just sitting there.

God, An Original A-hole said...

Do women masturbate while reading Fifty Shades of Grey?

God, An Original A-hole said...

Oh me, I am so behind the time... and the lingo...

a "one-handed read"

"deposited in the spank bank"

Of course those are British ramblings. British women seem naturally more willing to discuss their self-stimulation. They gave us Bridget Jones and Prince William, after all. Then again, we've got Jezebel.

Oh, I am so confused! Omniscient, yes. But still confused.

I recall Nietzsche:

You are going to women? Do not forget the whip!

...and so the soon-to-be-mad German is now redeemed, right?

Anonymous said...

It's a weird night here in the Cafe thread.

Lem said...

Is it possible the Roberts is so disgusted with the ant-gay stance of "conservatives" he went rouge?

By golly.. that would make a little sense to me. To get back at the people that.. (fill in the blanks).

I'm a conservative but... I'm an American first.. and I love my fellow Americans even if I have to adjst my so called "hard core" beliefs.

I love some people that comment here.. and there nothing anybody can say that will make me change my mind.. period!

Lem said...

I have to go.. but I dont think I have said anything to make Roberts look good.

Just thought I mentioned that.

Waht Roberts said has nothings to do with gay right.. if only by the most tangential of ways to non layers like me.

Anonymous said...

So Lem, wanna tell me where you were born?

Anonymous said...

Never mind Lemmy, go to bed.

God, An Original A-hole said...

The cartoon atop this Economist piece got my attention.

Is that Mitt Romney?

Loading a good ole' Republican rifle?

Is he indeed China-baiting? Is Team Democrat China-baiting?

If "yes" and "yes", then the bridge-burning will be a beautiful conflagration, much needed since we here in San Diego witnessed only a premature ejaculation back on the 4th of July.

The only consolation in this sticky mess of stupidity is to know that I can vote for Gary Johnson, and thereby not debase myself by association with the two anti-commerce candidates.

Lem said...

Thanks JAL.

Lem said...

I was born in the Dominican Republic.. arrived legally in Mass. in 1978, became a US citizen in 1986.. registerd for the draft... Americans used to believe in that kind of thing.

now? i dont know.. we have illegals taking Americans to court.

We are in limbo.. waiting for a revolution.

I have to go.. meaning I'm not answering more questions unless my destination has WIFI.. which i doubt.

Anonymous said...

Revolution? Oh yeah weird night in the cafe thread. Well thanks for saying where you were born anyway.

Steven said...

John Roberts is a gay Red Sox player now? Or did I read the thread too quickly again?

Big Mike says: "Something wife and I learned the hard way -- never put out a beetle trap. It kills a lot of them, but it attracts more to your yard than it kills." Have you tried putting one in your neighbor's yard?

God, An Original A-hole said...


Yes, we might be a little off with the exact date, which might have been lost throughout the ages...

But we do still name this very month after you!

You were the very first historical revolutionary.

You were the J.C. sent to the earth, way back two millennia ago, to become lord and god, and to show the common people the way...

...to political payoffs?

...to nationalistic opportunism?

...to leader-worship?

I guess it's no different than that other J.C. did a few decades later.


God, An Original A-hole said...

I love this photo.

Old drunk fogies on the Left...

Angry militant men on the Right...

And the Duce right there in the middle, elbows extended, looking like poultry...

Anonymous said...

What kind of poultry, the Royal Clucker variety?

God, An Original A-hole said...


I know not of this "royal clucker" of which you speak. I suggest whole-heatedly that you proceed directly to El Pollo Loco for some chicken quesadilla, lest you become descend into a nymphomaniac craze.

There is one on S Melrose in Vista, but you might get shot at the drive-thru 'cuz dat is GANSTA area. Instead, just drive down to Oceanside Blvd and there partake in plentiful cheesy pollo until your gina tingles have subsidededededed... and if you want to mutter "oh my king, my king" etcetera while you chow down... well, this is California, and no one will think it out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight God, when did you start drinking?

God, An Original A-hole said...

"No God no drink"

You need to sing that to the tune of Marley's famous

No Woman No Cry

For alas, it is nearly Sunday here on Pacific Street, a holy day, and I am presently stuck in the frozen muck in the central advance of Operation Barbarossa of December 5, 1941, with a feeling that something very interesting is going to happen in the next couple of days.

Been reading this, you see, and finding it hard not to root for the monomaniacal Austrian corporal protagonist.

No time for women in the midst of War!

No woman, no time...

Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your book, maybe there's a nurse in some battle field hospital enjoying a piece of chicken with the Austrian corporal.

God, An Original A-hole said...

here's a nurse in some battle field hospital enjoying a piece of chicken with the Austrian corporal

Perhaps. But I don't think the Austrian corporal was in need of a nurse, at least not for physical injuries, until he gave himself a bullet to the head. I know the ending already 'cuz (a) I'm omniscient; and (b) I watched Downfall; and (c) I learned it in high school.

Still, nobody cooks chicken like a Mexican. Sure the French have their fancy-schmancy Coq au Vin, which is just a trumped up old French rooster, trumped up like their stand in 1940. And Italians can do things with chicken and sauces that are simply marvelous. Even this Ken's Steak House Herb & Garlic marinade can transform an everyday piece o' pollo into a sensation, once appropriately grilled.

But no one, dear Miss Oop... No one save the Mexicans can make chicken so delectable and yum-dripping and savory. Not Colonel Sanders, not any European... And we Americans, if we are to forsake Obama's policies like the June 15th declaration, will be forced to suffer the forsaking of royally fucking truly-finger-lickin' good chicken too!

It is probably the cheese. The cheesiness changes everything. But that's just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

So I take it you've been eating some Mexican chicken. Yes I've seen Downfall, good movie.

'Nite God, remember to not be an A hole, and the females in Cali will be pounding down your door.

Ralph L said...

The best Mexican food I've had was at a Salvadorian restaurant behind a 7-11, next to the Arlington Theater. My car salesman told me about it.

Where are the leaves of that lily?

rcommal said...

Man, you folks are tame.

rcommal said...

Man, you folks are tame.

Saint Croix said...

I remember the day I became a pro-lifer. I was trying to get laid. I was about 23 or so, living on St. Simon's island. And there's a great bar on St. Simon's Island, Brogen's. She was a waitress at Brogen's. And we had one lunch date. Yes, one lunch date. Let me repeat that for emphasis. One lunch date. And she asked me to write a term paper for her on abortion. And I said yes.

Now I know what you're going to say. "Saint Croix! I am shocked that you are writing a term paper for a girl in St. Simons just because you want to get laid."

Yes, I know. Very unethical. But may I say in my defense, your Honor, that man accomplishes all his great feats in his quest to get laid. Think of Columbus! Or Wilt Chamberlain. Any of those giants. I put it to you they were all trying to get laid, your Honor. Just like me! Only I'm sure they did a much better job of it. Since I didn't get laid. Or a kiss. Or a hug. In fact it seems to me that she had me wrapped around her little finger, manipulating me with her damn hot sexuality. Here I was thinking I was like a knight of yore, helping the damsel in distress, and it was more like eunich slave boy on some assignment for the queen.

Anyway, your Honor, it was pussy. The pussy made me do it. And of course there was no pussy. It was the hope of pussy, the mad hope of pussy that sent me to the library on that fateful day.

What I did, I read a book about abortion, that had 20 or 30 opinions in it, written by different people. And one guy said, "total brain death, because that's the standard of death in all 50 states." And I said, hey!

And a pro-lifer was born.

rcommal said...

I have always been an odd person. ; )

campy said...

Ever notice everyone who supports abortion rights has already been born?

Convenient, that.

Carnifex said...

I'm sitting here this morning, the house is quiet for a change. Just me and the cats. The birds are asleep, my wife, our guests. My favorite time of day.

The cats are fussing to see who gets my lap, the arm of the chair, or beside me. It's the cat pecking order...lap cat-top cat, seat arm-second cat, and beside me the mad cat. She's mad because she doesn't get to touch Daddy, so she shows me by stting quietly facing away from me..."I'll show him! Who does he think he is? Not petting me. I'm the best cat!"

Lap cat doesn't need pettings. She just looks at the others crosseyed, and spreads further out so there is NO MORE LAP! "Only I have lap!"

The arm seat cats recycle themselves. They'll sit for 5 minutes, and then jump down. The next one takes its place for five minutes till IT jumps down. Meanwhile, the first one to jump down has returned from doing cat things, and is jealous that someone else is on the arm, so it gets back in line.

Why doesn't mad cat get on the arm? Although a pretty cat, she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Because I was in the hospital for a week, they all lik to cat doctor me. They'll come up to my face, and mew at me while touching it with a forepaw. If they recieve the right answer, they'll give me a head butt, turn around to show me their ass(which is really strange behavior in my book), and jump down to do their cat things. Sleeping, eating, sleeping, pooping, sleeping, and trying to trip me on the stairs.

I thgink they pulled their money and bought an insurance rider on me about dying from tripping down the stairs because every single one of them will run and get in my way if I am going up or down. If I am carrying something heavy more than one will do it.

I've seen it. They can't fool me. Cats will be sleeping on the window sills, I'll get up. I'll move around the room, cats still sleeping. I'll go into another room, ZZZZZZ's. THat first stair makes a creak, and BOOM! they are up, scrambling to get in front of me. Especially going down.

I could live with that if that were the end of it but it isn't. As soon as they get in front of me they laydown again. On the stairs. Like "Hey! We were here first!" and they won't get up again. I toe them, nudge them, yell at them...nothing.

So I'll step over them. Unless I'm mad. Now how a cat is so nuanced that it can tell my regular shoutting at it as blowing off steam to I am going to put this boot up your damn cat ass, but they are. In fact, when I am really hot, and I head for the stairs and see the kitty wall before me, I'll just snap my fingers, and literally, cats disappear.(I think they have worm hole technology) Anyway, it's a neat trick. Wish it worked on people.

rcommal said...

What an odd thing it is that you have just done (your 7/15/12 4:48 AM), Saint Croix, given that I know how much you value life from the very spark of its beginning to the very end of its lights out.

It's as if you want all of that while still feeling entirely free to degrade women in broad brush every which way without any respect much less any regard for the very creatures who grow kids in their bellies. You project generally, and you do that without regard to how dishonest it is to be that disrespectful without making distinctions.

I call bullshit.

Carnifex said...

We'll take whatever help however it is led to us. I was mildly pro-life from being raised Catholic, but never really cared because it didn't effect me one way or another.

And then came the partial birth abortion ban. Followed by the lies the left told and retold following it. My wife actually couldn't believe that it was a valid procedure. She accused me of making it up to demonize abortionists...at first. So I looked deeper into my soul, and deeper into the matter until I came to the conclusion that abortion is a crime equalling, if not surpassing the holocaust.

rcommal said...

I don't trash men, and my husband doesn't trash women. This might be just one of the very many reasons we've been together yea, these many years, politically incorrectly or not. YMMV.

rcommal said...

Quite a long time ago, we agreed that gratuitous = bullshit.

Toad Trend said...

Came back to check the thread...we've gone from beetles to baseball to abortion.


Amazing, the amount of human ingenuity wasted on the internets.

Michael Haz said...

I just read that Andrew Sullivan has actual proof that Bain Capital is Trig Palin's father.

Good morning everyone!

Toad Trend said...


The modern-day democrat party, like the fat baby with a filled diaper, pointing at the father that just had a b.m. in the family bathroom, accusing him of wrongdoing.

If nothing else, the sociopathic element that has so obviously hijacked this party of 'Death Wish' is re-writing the history books under the 'utter failure' heading...make that 'deliberate failure'.

Munchausen-by-proxy, anyone???

Saint Croix said...

I know how much you value life from the very spark of its beginning to the very end of its lights out.

Well, I wish I was that a good a person. I do object to homicide, though.

It's as if you want all of that while still feeling entirely free to degrade women

I do not actually think wanting to have sex with a woman is "degrading" although of course I grant you my language was rude, which I often am, in an attempt to be funny.

You project generally, and you do that without regard to how dishonest it is to be that disrespectful without making distinctions.

I wasn't disrespecting her. I'm kind of amazed that she got me to write a term paper for her.

One time I had a woman neighbor, she came over and cleaned my apartment for me. She spent a few hours cleaning my apartment. I did not ask her to. I had no intent to manipulate her or anything. And yet she came over and cleaned my apartment. I remember thinking, "Does she want me to do something for her? Cause I don't wanna."

Maybe on another blog she's complaining about how I manipulated her with my awesome sexuality. I could not tell you.

I think sex is fun and funny but also very important and dangerous, too. Leads to babies. You ought to have love in your heart.

I'm much more aware now, of all kinds of stuff, than I was when I was 23. But I was also more innocent, then, too. So maybe it's a wash.

Ralph L said...

You project generally, and you do that without regard to how dishonest it is to be that disrespectful without making distinctions
You mean for exposing a non-slutty waitress who took advantage of a young man's hormones to help her cheat--corrupting him without even paying for his services? Who has been disrespectful to whom?

How little you know about men.

Ralph L said...

Does she want me to do something for her?
Maybe the bugs and smell were overflowing into her apartment.

I've had arguments with rcommal (as reader i am) here before. Her clarity is often clouded by crap.

Ralph L said...

St Croix, glad to see you got to one fork on the road to Damascus--and took it.

Saint Croix said...

Maybe the bugs and smell were overflowing into her apartment.


rcommal said...

How little you know about men.

How little you know about what I know about men. As enemies of men (and males, more generally) go, I am a very poor enemy, and that not accidentally.

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