July 6, 2012

At the Blue-and-Orange Café...


... you can think long and hard.


edutcher said...

Went a little wild with the filters, did we?

Is is cool enough to go outside yet?

MadisonMan said...

No year has more record highs on the record books in Madison than 2012. 1953 is a fading second.

Stay cool today everyone!

MadisonMan said...

I saw this today.

Awesome!! What an idea to have when you're a tween, and then to pull it off two decades later!

edutcher said...

MadisonMan said...

No year has more record highs on the record books in Madison than 2012. 1953 is a fading second.

You have my sympathies.


One year, my mother had to go in the hospital for diverticulitis and was stuck there for several weeks. She kept asking when she'd get to go home and we told her she was better off where she was.

The night she went in started 6 weeks of 100 degree heat and 90+% humidity.

My heart always goes out to people under the gun like that.

MadisonMan said...

It's been brutal here.

The $5 or so I'm spending each day on a/c is so so so so so worth it!

Chip Ahoy said...

Man, am I ever thick sometimes, all the time mostly, oh shut up.

Made an early run to the grocery store and a man there was hitting me up and I didn't even know it. Thick.

He called me Mr. Johnson and I ignored it. Then again, so I looked up. "Do I look like somebody?" "Yes. Sorry."

I introduced myself to erase the embarrassment and he said "something something something Christian something." Sized him up. Clean cut. And I'm thinking, "These Christians, always so aggressively connecting and proselytising. How annoying. Be cool, Dude." Then something else, I had a wonky cart, I thought he was commenting about that, he wasn't, total miscommunication there and I moved on. "Wait!" The guy fumbles for paper and finds a pen and writes a 'Christian' and a phone number on the back of a receipt. It occurred to me later that Christian is his name not his religion. I had it all wrong. Thick.

deborah said...

I was looking back at some of your posts in 2009, or so, and you posted more pictures then, and the blog had a more light feel. Maybe it's become a tad too heavy and serious here? More pictures! Viva la Althouse!

Patrick said...

I wonder if it occurs to the Professor that these "cafes" would get more traction if she put them after the substantive posts, rather than before them. Maybe that's her intent, who really knows.

AlphaLiberal said...

Okay, time to gin up the ConservoHate machine and point it at Reagan-appointed federal Judge Richard Posner:

“I’ve become less conservative since the Republican Party started becoming goofy,” Posner said.

Yeah, me too. Althouse, oddly, took the opposite course and will, likely, ignore this interview.

“I mean, what would you do if you were Roberts?” Posner said. “All the sudden you find out that the people you thought were your friends have turned against you, they despise you, they mistreat you, they leak to the press. What do you do? Do you become more conservative? Or do you say, ‘What am I doing with this crowd of lunatics?’ Right? Maybe you have to re-examine your position.”


AlphaLiberal said...

Althouse adores Republican partisan and activist justice Scalia. Not so much Posner:

Posner wrote in Slate that Scalia was becoming a political actor: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Justice Scalia’s opinion were quoted in campaign ads.”

Eustace Chilke said...

Funkallero by the 12 piece Boston jazz ensemble Orange Then Blue makes my list of the best jazz recordings of the 90s. Twenty years on it still brings it.

edutcher said...

For the next time some moron tells us how popular Willie is - somebody not so popular doing something more important.

Imagine if he was a Democrat.

(just to gin up the Lefty hate Machine)

Judy said...

Hey Anne
Thanks for the cool photo. Check out this image/poem featuring an orange/blue theme. Apparently this new blogger is posting 6 original poems a week.

Study in Orange and Blue

Have a cool weekend everybody.

Saint Croix said...

Here's a print of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor. Awesome!

Alan said...

If I set foot in that cafe, I'm wearing clip-on sunglasses over my sunglasses.