July 10, 2012

At the #29 Café...


... keep looking.


KCFleming said...

Your face, reflected?

leslyn said...

That's one UUGGLY Buddha.

Doesn't look very happy, either.

edutcher said...
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edutcher said...

I expect something large and heavy, emblazoned with the name, "Acme Products Co.", to descend from the heavens

Patrick said...

Lifelessness cries from the fountain of youth
Lawyers debate the meaning of truth
In the judge’s chamber he downs his gin and
And he cries when he sees his refl ection
The lost postman wanders American streets
Past Henry the VIII who quietly eats
Being entertained by a drunk quoting Keats
Who pays a dollar a week for protection
Oh Mama, Mama where have you gone
You left your little boy here all alone
Music plays in the small cafes
They converse of Marlon Brando in his younger days
The backroom manager’s quoting off-Broadway plays
Because the feelings that he feels are not real
Politicians shake my hand under the el
They don’t have to show me I can easily tell
That it isn’t their smiles they’re trying to sell
But the bad hand of another deal
Oh Mama, Mama where have you gone
You left your little boy here all alone
By the pool sits a broken athlete
Who drowns his pain from his head to his feet
Since he’s retired he can swallow defeat
Because his life is no longer a game
The old man sits alone with his toast and tea
Watching Jackie Gleason on his old TV.
Working for the transit authority
And just like Jackie he feels the same
Oh Mama, Mama where have you gone
You left your little boy here all alone
Well it gets mighty cold after dark
I was walking alone through Battery Park
Down to the South I saw a spark
Coming from the lady’s candle
She stood with grace and liberty
All by herself out in the sea
Leaning down she whispered to me
“This is probably more than you can handle.”
Oh Mama, Mama where have you gone
You left your little boy here all alone

Oh sorry. I thought you said No. 49.

Mark said...


Lem said...

I see a face too.

Mark said...

[MEADE] Althouse!

(Althouse appears on the balcony, a dreamy look on her face...)

Mark said...

(Sorry, don't have the book at hand, and it's been years since I read the play, let alone watched it.)

traditionalguy said...

Is that ast of Jonathan Turley's 19 + 10 more Supreme Court Justices?

That must be the new Asian's token Justice. One hopes that he is not an open sword carry Samurai, or Chief Justice Roberts will be in mortal fear of losing his flip flopping head this time.

And Roberts has probably figured out that Kill Bill #2 was not about declaring a Bill from Congress Unconstitutional.

bagoh20 said...

What I don't understand is that when I wear a towel like that it always falls down three steps from the bathroom. I'm not even Asian - I should have an advantage with towel support. It must be some kind of kung fu muscle control thing.

bagoh20 said...

It looks like the final scene of a never-aired Twilight Zone episode.

coketown said...

In third grade our gym teacher gave away a Cadbury egg to whomever guessed the number he was thinking. Susan guessed 1 and everyone thought she got it, but I guessed 29 and I was the winner. But I felt bad for her and gave her the egg. I found out later that you can break them in half, and I was very mad that she didn't offer me a half after I had given her the whole thing. Growing up on Nickelodeon's brand of moral cartoons, specifically "Doug," I thought that's how things worked out between people: if you're nice to them they'll return the kindness until both parties are equally satisfied.

That, my friends, is why I am a Progressive--to make sure someone is around to confiscate half the Cadbury eggs from all the snobbish little Susans of the world, who don't realize how blessed they are to be given so, so much by gym teachers and the Loving Government.

WestVirginiaRebel said...

"As God is my witness, I will never be tiny again!"

"Little Buddha smash!"

Chip Ahoy said...

Actually, it has to do with some law of thermodynamics, conservation or summat, not sure really. Small Buddha greets museum visitor.

AlanKH said...

Buddha looks like he's in pain.

RazorSharpSundries said...

He must be looking for his lost netsuke.

Palladian said...

This is not a Buddha. Fat Chinese figures are not Buddhas, they're Budai.

Mark said...

"Try rubbing this tiny little pot belly. It won't be lucky."

Palladian said...

This figure doesn't look to be Budai either. Or Chinese. Based on the carving style I'd says it's Japanese ivory and based on the posture and clothing, I'd guess it's a depiction of a sumo wrestler.

leslyn said...

That definitely makes more sense. Buddhas smile (mostly).

wyo sis said...

I may be feeding a troll here, but---
the teacher gave it to you because you won/earned it. You gave it to her. If you wanted half why didn't you take half and give her half?

Penny said...

I recognize that belly!

But what's with the little head?

Penny said...

It's always way too cool watching budai weighing their "heads".

Penny said...

"For Sale"?

WAY too American for me, mon.

Penny said...

I'm and Eyelander!

Penny said...

That extra "d" there in "and"?

Althouse said she'd take care of it.

Not directly, of course.

But do you think I can trust Althouse to take care of "IT"?

MayBee said...

I'm with Palladian. That's a suomo wrestler.

pm317 said...

Sumo wrestler..

and that is one tiny tiny wrestler.

KCFleming said...

So whose reflection is that?

Anonymous said...

There is no need to worry, tiny wrestler. It’s just another instance of random violence.

Rusty said...

What I want to know is how this guy got me coming out of the shower.
I thought I had more hair.

Valentine Smith said...

Sumo. S'amore. Some more. Please, sir.

Carnifex said...

details...details people.

Look down at the left wrist. See those 2 long projections coming off the fist? This is some fanboys mockup of the "old fat" Wolverine, ala "old, fat Elvis" vs "new skinny Elvis.

The reflection is "old, fat" Magneto's presence in the world, looming over the dystopia of a Wolverine future. Where he looks forwqard to outliving all his commerades from the X-men, instead of falling into the fog of amnesia as all his other commerades have fallen. To age, however slowly, but live on, until finally transfoeming into a cricket. A Wolverine no more.

On brighter news...
got out of the hospitals clutches. No improvement from Zero taxs as far as I could see. in fact, the care went down hill since my last stay, 5 years ago.

here's the story...

Tues, and Wed., I had stayed with my stepson to help him pick corn by hand. it's his only income so it's kinda importatnt to him. we got up at both days @ 3 am, picked corn till 8, and sold till it wa gone, early afternoon.

On the fourth, I was at home trying to do somethins I had to do. Not as important as his income but still needed to be down. My wife tells me I have to go back on the fifth to help some more(there was supposed to have been a 3 day break, but the corn comes in when it comes in) So I drove back down into the country that morning. We're picking the corn and my hernia starts acting up. His grandpa is helping by now, and it kinda scared him. I would have to stop, and just shiver with the pain. Nothing to be done for it. After a few minutes we would go back to picking.

Sydney said...

Stargazing Sumo

Carnifex said...

We stopped at 8, and set up on the roadside in front of the McDonalds as usual.

My pain at that time was more like an upsaet stomach than anything, so I was drinking milk trying to assuage it. Of course Milk on 100 degree days is contra-indicated, So I quit early to run some errands.

Wound up at the Barbershop owned by my wifes sister. I was an hour early but I thought she might squeeze me in(she couldn't) So I drank more milk.

After the barbering, instead of getting out of the chair, I had a grand mal seizure. which freaked my sister in law out. She wsa asking "Should I call Bobbie?" And I told her not to, I would be fine in a few.(forever hard headed)

Instead, I started puking up that rancid milk that had been sitting in my stomach all day. Then the pain came. Crying and waling, and making animal sounds was all I had left.

So Sherrie called Jason to come take me to the hospital(I wasn't arguing anymore). You know that old poem by Kipling, about not losing your head? He started to drag me to his truck, when I asked him if his truck had ac? It didn't, so we took mine.

In ways only a smalltown has, Bobbie found out and was calling Jason before we left the barbershop:-) I assume his granddad had seen him fly past coming to get me and called her.

We got to the hospital in one piece, where the nurse tried to triage me, and I don't blame her, she's new , but do you really think a man that can only howl in pain, and covered in vomit is going to give you any answer beyond "I need help"

Next came 5 hours of pure misery as they waited for the doctor to come in. No medication, no nothing. At one point I started vomiting again. The nurse handed me a bag afterwards "for next time". I used it t clean some of the vomit off my face.

MayBee said...

tiny tiny wrestler

Elton John's rejected titles.

But this must be why one line in that song says "Found a headlock on the highway". (I think)

Carnifex said...

The doctor finally arrived and gave me some new drug that stopped the pain almost instantly. I got x-rayed, and catscanned. I got 7 hernias pinching off my bowels. That was the trouble.

So I went under the knife, and appareently all is still working. Had a really sexy deep voice from all the screaming and howling for 4-5 days. Oh, and told one really good joke. While in the ER Prep, the nurses kept asking me if i needed a blanket or a sheet, I patted my stomach, ans said"No thanks, I'm well insulated" A pudgy nurse giggled and said "Me too" while patting her stomach. After she left the room I turned to the other nurse and with a questioning look said "I was talking about body hair" She froze for a second, thought about a second longer, and then had a goos 5 minute laugh.