June 6, 2012

Top 5 Wisconsin Protests That In Retrospect Sound Like Pro-Walker Protests Against the Protests.

5. "Shame!"

4. "Recall Walker." (Yes, we recall him very well... and like him.)

3. "What's Disgusting?"

2. "Don't Stop Believing."

1. "This is what democracy looks like."


Rockeye said...

I always say to myself "fondly" when I see the "Recall Walker" sign.

sonicfrog said...

What a painful defeat! This is what embarrassing looks like!

ndspinelli said...

Maybe political parties will learn what good coaches have known for generations. That being negative emotions like anger and fear are only effective motivations in the very short run. They worked well in early 2011, but died in 2012.

edutcher said...

The Left has been a parody of itself for a long time.

Now, it's just becoming so broad everybody sees it.

ndspinelli said...

Now, "Can't we all just get along."

Conflict makes me uncomfortable.

BarryD said...

Here's another one:

Screw us, and we multiply.


James said...

Are the Solidarity Singers out today?

glenn said...

Well folks, based on long experience dealing with spoiled brats and sore losers I predict

1. A whole series of phony ethics charges directed at Governor Walker. No sooner will one be disposed of than another will surface.

2. The media will happily publicise them all.

3. Denial will be usless and ignored.

4. If that doesn't move the poll numbers look for more smears involving "love children" "Hookers" Mistreatment of women and children and God knows what all else.

JL said...

Watching the pundits do their spinning on MSNBC last night I thought, they need to have a reverse Sally Field moment. They tell themselves they lost because they were outspent. They want to believe they are losing elections because people are not getting their message. Let me help them with a healthy dose of reality.

Note to the perpetually petulant party- I'm specifically looking at you WI: The reality is that after a year of shouting and drums and chanting and vuvuluzas (sp.?) - not to mention the tweeted death threats against Walker- people all over the country hear you loud and clear. And we don't like you; right now we really don't like you.

Dean Esmay said...

This IS what democracy looks like.

I’ll say to the wailing progressives who are upset today the same exact thing I said to my righty friends when Obamacare was passed and they were talking as if this were the End of America:

A vote on an issue you cared a lot about didn’t go your way. That’s all that’s happened to you. It happens to everybody sooner or later.

If we all agreed on everything we wouldn’t bother having elections you know.