June 14, 2012

"Matt Cain of San Francisco Giants tosses 22nd perfect game in Major League Baseball history and second of 2012 season."

2 great catches made this possible:
Left fielder Melky Cabrera chased down Chris Snyder's one-out flyball in the sixth, scurrying back to make a leaping catch at the wall. Cain raised both arms and slapped his glove in delight when Cabrera made the play.

Then, right fielder Gregor Blanco ran into deep right-center to make a diving catch on the warning track and rob Jordan Schafer for the first out of the seventh.

"Those were unbelievable catches," Cain said. "I mean that right there, that changes the whole thing."
Here's Blanco's catch. And here's Cain finishing the game.


Ipso Fatso said...

Given how Phil Humber has tanked since he pitched his earlier this year, I don't know if I would be too happy. He is about ready to be sent to the minors.

fleetusa said...

Thanks for the links. Wonderful

Bob Ellison said...

A perfect game is 81 strikes (sometimes 72).

Patrick said...

It's cool to see great catches, but even cooler to see them in service of a no-no.

Maguro said...

I wouldn't worry too much...Phil Humber is no Matt Cain.

MadisonMan said...

Blanco's catch was amazing.

ndspinelli said...

Thanks much Althouse. Being an old fuck I never see West Coast games.

MadisonMan you're correct. Cain owes Blanco a new car..he makes 50 times what Blanco earns.

MadisonMan said...

And I learn today that a friend from Kindergarten was at the game. Cool!

avwh said...

Cain also tied Koufax with the most strikeouts in a perfect game (14).

Tim said...

Watched it last night on the TV.


Matt Cain is a horse.

Inning after inning after inning.

Great that it happened for him.

In his early years, no run support, so lots of losses - but he was always a better pitcher than that.

Solid guy too.

And, his wife is hot.

Smokin' hot.

I mean, like, wow.

And yeah, Blanco's catch surely made Willie proud.

hazelmae89 said...

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