June 21, 2012

Larry Ellison buys Lanai.

A steal?


Michael K said...

A friend of mine spent several weeks there about five years ago. He loved it. There isn't much to do but play golf but that suited him fine.

rcocean said...

According to the article, Dole was losing $30-$40 million a year on Lanai. Ellison is worth $36 billion. So, at current Lanai loss rate Ellison will have to sell Lanai in 900 years.

YoungHegelian said...

As an IT geek, every day I say a prayer of thanks to God that the face of IT to the world has been Steve Jobs & Bill Gates.

If it had been Larry Ellison, I think the world would be putting us in concentration camps.

Beta Rube said...

So are there no home owners on this island? All pay rent to Larry?

Revenant said...


If he's only 98% owner that means there are around three square miles of land owned by other people. You could easily fit the island's population into that area.

bagoh20 said...

That's awesome. It's good to be the king. Equivalent to $14K for a family with $1 Million net worth.

It's just amazing how wealthy some people are.

For all you Occupy Lanai people, it's not really wealth so much as control. He controls a lot of assets. Much of his wealth is operating assets with most of their value in what they produce. He can't turn them into cash and just spread it around. All he can do is transfer control to someone else in return for numbers changing in his ledgers.

I know, because I used to be the 3rd wealthiest American before he ripped me off in a game of 3 Card Monte in an alley in Manhattan many years ago when I was a liberal. You know what they say: A conservative is a liberal who once played cards in an alley.

bagoh20 said...

I own the other 2%. It's the highest point on the island. It small, but cozy, and has a mortar installation and a substantial supply of rum and beef jerky. Come on by and visit - You're all welcome. Bring your own TP.

edutcher said...

I take it he plans to have his own country when the Lefties finally bankrupt us.

Rob said...

True, the island cost him well under a billion dollars, but moving it to California is going to cost him a fortune.

Lem said...

Why would a public exchange of goods and services be called a steal? unless.. Its an albatross.. a left over from the days when a "steal" meant something.

A steal meant (from lemswopedia, and correct me if I'm wrong) I the buyer, got over on a seller..

Now? in this market? A buyer is a risk taker... a gambler.

I notice this guy more for his "life stile of the rich and famous" life stile than for what what he is supposed to known for.

High expectations - remember todays freudian slip?

I have more respect for how that English guy Bransom spends his money.

Lem said...

At least Branson has that look that (I believe) even Elisabeth Wurtzel would have trouble resisting.. considering her feminist bonafides and all.

Branson's name should really be Brandsome.. and then some.

nt there is anything..

I've tweeted Stoller and he probably doesn't even know I still exist.

Its in the back of my mind.

bagoh20 said...

I've been to Hawaii many times, it's only 5 hours away. I love the big Island. I am just amazed by it. The remoteness, the beauty, the way much of it is so different from other places, and yet other parts are like home. It's huge, but you can get your mind around the whole thing and the detail all at once.

The place is still growing by spewing red hot liquid rock out of itself and into the ocean! It's alive ,it's brand new world, and it's ancient.

I would love to own a Hawaiian island. I have always wanted to live there, but since I possess the apocalyptical mind like many men, I fear that when the big one comes, I will be trapped, unable to jump in my fully equipped Armageddon-ready pick up truck and ride, ride, ride to Thunderdome, and make a name for myself.

Julie C said...

bagoh20- my husband has the same thoughts. We love Hawaii, but he could never live there as it is, in his mind a bit like being trapped. If he can drive around it in a day or so, there isn't enough land between him and who knows what.

Lem said...

I called my brother in Fla.. to sing the praises of a third basement.. the likes of which we dont have to go 100 years back to remember.. Wade Bogs... but my little brother is watching the Miami Heat..

I suposed that because he (my litle brother) lives in Fla I'm supposed to let that go.

Tonight, Will Middlebrooks took the entire red sox team on his back and won a game for them... and for us.

I'm fu***ng walking on a cloud.

Anybody wants to take a look just let me know.

bagoh20 said...

Julie C,

Your husband and I are in a hurry for Armageddon. We've been planing. We're not completely ready, but we don't want to miss it. We've seen the movies, and it looks awesome!

bagoh20 said...

Dammit Lem! You sent me on a search for a "third basement". I figured that's got to be way better than just a regular basement to wait out the apocalypse. I imagined an upside down wedding-cake-like excavation with lead plated walls and a generator that runs on urine. I was fired up there for a minute.

Lem said...

BTW.. Two big brand name feminist.. Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda.. what did they do?

They married 1 per centers.

Maybe Elizabeth Wurtzel was speaking truth to.. waining power.

btw can google possibly make the numbers harder to dead?
just thought I ask.

Lem said...

daam bagoh.. lol

I'm a bad speller. but if you must know ... I'm also a tea partier.. but I'm in NJ.. we dont get all sexy like that ;)

Our idea of resistance is renting a Harley Davidson cafeteria were we can meet.

Lem said...

Thats One of the things i like about the Althouse blog..

There are certain themes that if something dosent come to you right a way.. at the time of a post.. chances are it will come around again and again.. and when it does you can remember a bunch of things that then i (for example) have trouble keeping lazared to a narrow point a hand.

The professor does that.. she squeezes a single photon of a point where one thinks no possible light can shine thru.

Lem said...

Like that quote from a Japanese filmmaker.. if I remember correctly.. 'don't avert your eyes to anything'.. that can be seen with the naked eye.

Thats an Althousian theme.

Today for example..
Is sending money to people we perceive as victims a NEW form of averting our eyes?

The professor sends us in directions were goggle map is useless.

Lem said...

One of the stories were we sort of avert our eyes but the professor says.. here take a look.

June 21, 2012

Prosecutors want Anders Behring Breivik — who killed 77 and injured 242 persons — to be found insane and given psychiatric treatment.

I'm like what could I possibly say about this?

There must be something.

My instinct is to poke fun somehow.. but you can only do that foe so long and it stops being/sounding fun in my head.

So I pass.. I'm probably not comenting on mass murder like that. ever.
well maybe not ever but for now i dont have anything to say about mass murder.

Lem said...

Btw.. when the professor tells us to "up our game".. which in my experience here has only been a few times.. Is she saying "Well-behaved commenters don't deserve a spot at Althouse?

.. and that the... the dirty dozen could possible be let back in?

Just a thought.

Craig said...

My lanai in Hawaii is only about 100 square feet. It has a nice view of the state capitol.

bagoh20 said...

Good point, Lem. The vast majority of Althouse readers don't comment. Of course with you and me here, they don't need to, but according to the theory in that post, they are all substandard, unworthy, and below us. I used to be one of them too, but I was far superior then, because it's "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

It's too late for me, but you quiet ones out there, be very careful. You don't want to live this hell. The word verification alone is like purgatory with hiccups.

Lem said...

The word verification alone is like purgatory with hiccups.

Here I Am.. the little guy.. the ultimate 'cog in a web'.. helping goggles read innocent peoples addresses.. while i rewatch the Sox beat the Marlins one more time.

I wasn't watching before.. I was busy.

BTW.. the Sox have a gay player.. all on the downlow ;)

Lem said...

I agree..

Everybody who knows about Althouse and yet does not post at Althouse is by default.. substandard.


Lem said...

I notice something I had not noticed before earlier in the game.. casue i busy.

While Middlebrooks drove in a bunch of runs to win the game.. he also found time to break up a double play.. a break up that resulted in a run later on in the inning.

You never know if your comment is the one that will spark life in an otherwise dead commenter.

If you see something.. say something.

Chip Ahoy said...

Boy, is he ever going to be surprised. He thought he was buying a patio.

Lem said...

The announcers for the Red Sox just commented on the announcer for the Marlins, former player Jim Kaat, who for the purposes of this announcement..

Jim Kat calls the game mostly while standing up.

Lem said...

I'm going to take a picture and post it.. Jim Kaat is a revered former baseball player to fans of the game.

Lem said...

Well.. unless you request the link for the entire game - at which point I would tell you when exactly Jim Kaat was trying to catch a foul ball at Fenway Park.. you will have to settle for a blurry picture of Jim Kaat trying to catch a foul ball at Fenway Park.

traditionalguy said...

Making this Island pay requires a very restricfive policy of "Privateness."

They police it to keep riff raff off their property and make its exclusivity a bragging right for millionaire home owners. Without a permit, a boat cannot land in its harbour and it will be fined and attached if it does so even in an emergency.

Lanai is beautiful sitting across the whale watching channel from the old Whaler port of LaHaina, that is the original Maui resort area developed into resorts in the 70s.

But it needs to revert to pineapples. The rich people there are Dickens type of bad rich people stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like they are prisoners on a Penal Colony.

traditionalguy said...

Maui next door is a lively place and the most Americanized of the hawaian Islands. It has alwys been a sugar cane growing Island. Its development includes its own international airport and many beach areas around it.

Then came Lehaina developpments in the 70's and now Wailea Beach developments in the 90s.

Today on Maui the Wailea Beach area is the preferred resort area because of its warmth and sunshine nestled in between the left side of the Island's 10,000 ft Volcanic mountain and the ocean.

Most Hawaiian Islands are slopes running down to down to the ocean with a small flat area at the ocean edge, But Maui is two volcanos that happen meet in the middle of a shared Island forming a nice flat area perfect for growing sugar cane like the flat midwest is good for corn farming.

I don't know if the Jersey Boys get royalties off their name, but The Four Seasons is by far the best place to stay on Maui.

traditionalguy said...

And if you pull up Four Seasons Maui's web site it has two beautiful pictures of Lanai sitting across the stretch of water like a Bali Hi dream from South Pacific.

I am up doing a Lem tonight, because of pain in my right arm from a twisting fall this morning that wrenched the elbow and wrist badly when my right arm grabbed for the door. I learned not to hurry into the commode area from the shower dripping wet on slick tiles. Where was the damn rug when I needed it.

How's it hanging, Lem?

rhhardin said...

Lanai looked uninteresting from Maui, the times I noticed it.

Robert Cook said...

"I take it he plans to have his own country when the Lefties finally bankrupt us."

I don't think "the Lefties" will ever have a chance to bankrupt us; Wall Street, through its vassals in Washington, will finish the job on us before any "Lefties" ever get a chance to attain office.

Bob Ellison said...

Robert Cook, does that mean the current/recent left-of-center Washingtonians are insufficiently left for you?

Robert Cook said...

"Robert Cook, does that mean the current/recent left-of-center Washingtonians are insufficiently left for you?"

What "left-of-center" Washingtonians?

Bob Ellison said...


Robert Cook said...


Read the longer story here:


Of course, we all saw how the members of the Senate Banking committee strained mightily to outdo each other in licking Jamie Dimon's nether regions in their recent "inquiry" into the loss by Chase Bank of 3 billion dollars.


Bob Ellison said...

Robert Cook, do you think a significant portion of the electorate shares your view of where the left, right, and center lie in American politics? Is Matt Taibbi a good representative of your views?

Robert Cook said...

Here's another column discussing the responsibility of the bankers, (aided and protected by our lawmakers in Washington) for the financial catastrophe facing us today:


dbp said...

Whenever I see islands that are not too far apart and where the water is not cold, I think about trying to swim between them. It is less than 9 miles between Lanai and Maui.

cold pizza said...

He can have Lanai. I'd take one of the smaller islands in the Gulf of Lingayan near Alaminos in the Philippines. Since it's on the western side of Luzon, it's pretty sheltered from most typhoons. Back when Clark AB was the best assignment in the AF, I'd spend weekends on the beach of my own private (for the day) island there. Not too bad back then for a two-striper. -CP

ken in sc said...

Cold Pizza, were you a member of the Red Baron Society?