June 8, 2012

Justice Scalia "was not only gregarious and engaging but seemed to get the joke and seemed to get the absurdity of what I was doing..."

Says Kevin Bleyer, a "Daily Show" writer, who — writing his book "Me the People," got Scalia to do an interview.
I was a little bit nervous that he wouldn’t suffer me and my foolishness. It was a relief when he... seemed to understand the intention of what my book is.
He's good at discerning the intention of the drafters of various documents. 


Lem said...

He's good at discerning the intention of the drafters of various documents.

That's below the belt.

Whats up with the professor today?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

.He's good at discerning the intention of the drafters of various documents.

Yeah, explain that to Ms. Raich.

BarrySanders20 said...

I met Scalia about 12 years ago in a social setting. He was gregarious and engaging, and short, with a suprisingly large head, at leats in relation to his height. When we were speaking I remember thinking the he needed a large skull to fit his extra large brain.

t-man said...

Oh good, a post tangentially about the Supreme Court.

A thought I had today:

I believe (but could be wrong) that the authority of Secretary of HHS to issue the contraceptive mandate is in the Obamacare law.

Will the just-filed suit in the lower courts brought by the Catholic Bishops weigh as a factor in whether the Court will strike down the whole law as non-severable from the individual mandate? That way, the mandate would go away and the Bishops' suit would be moot.

If the whole law is not struck down, the Bishops' case will proceed. If it ultimately reaches the Supreme Court, Court will face a sustained and coordinated attempt by the left to categorize any ruling in favor of the Bishops as the Catholic Justice's imposing their religion on everyone else.

BarrySanders20 said...


Under that hypothetical, the HHS rule could be ruled unconstitutional as applied to Catholic institutions while surviving for everyone else. SCOTUS would not necessarily be imposing Catholic beliefs on anyone else.

edutcher said...

For a second there, I thought you were telling us he was no more.

Don't scare me like that, Ann.

Saint Croix said...

He's good at discerning the intention of the drafters of various documents.

Well, he says he is.

But Justice Scalia is a massive screw-up as a textualist.

What can you say about a Supreme Court that defines people as property?

Nor can Scalia hide behind stare decisis. He himself has demolished that argument.

David said...

Scalia--a young prof. at Virginia when I was there--was a very funny guy.

So were 41 and 43, in you believe Dana Carvey.

Jim in St Louis said...

Perhaps, but if as you say the whole law is not struck down, our SC will be bogged down for the next 20 years with not only this current case of the forced mandate, but next the bishop's exemption case; plus another four or five cases that have not even began to litigate (because so many of the provisions of the ACA have yet to go into effect).

This law is another Roe v Wade with a future of suits and challenges about every little thing because it touches healthcare and healthcare touches us all.

If this bad law is not struck down in total, then I hope the new congress and the new president will repeal it in total.

note: I am NOT a crackpot.

whoresoftheinternet said...

Daily Show Shithead: "Hey, Scalia's actually not the rude, humorless evil corporate troll-minion we hack Daily Show writers made him out to be! He's actually very smart and friendly! Who knew? Certainly not us lefties! But, haha, I still deliberately tried to piss him off, because I'm a good person, dontcha know.

Now read my new and improved Constitution book, where everyone bows down and worships the all powerful state and there is no dissent and whitey is blamed for everything. The way the world should be. Freedom is slavery!"

I hope this insufferable, unlikeable Squealer dies in a plan crash, along with the rest of the Daily Show crew.

Jim in St Louis said...

Yo Whores:
Yikes, A little harsh no? Satire is supposed to bite. If ya don't like it, switch it off. Does anyone still call it the 'idiot box' any more? Or was my grandfather the last one to use that expression?

whoresoftheinternet said...

@Jim in St. Louis:

A little harsh no?

---The Daily Show has, for more than 12 years, been nothing more than a lie-a-thon for lefties to spew their bile and bullshit about anyone not worshiping the Soviet Union. Fuck them.

Satire is supposed to bite.

---It's also supposed to be intelligent, not the god-awful hackery, take-quotes-out-of-context-and-reinforce-the-talking-points-of-the-demon-rat-party patheticness the Dialy Show is.

If ya don't like it, switch it off.

---lol. Another lefty who demands that all lefty propaganda continue uncriticized---but you'd be the first to call for Rush Limbaugh being "taken off the air" for some minor transgression.

Eat shit and die in the plane crash with Jon Stewart, you little trained seal.

Jim in St Louis said...

whoa, you seem to have an issue somewhere and you are angry with me for reasons that I could not possibly understand.

Do ya know what they call a lawyer with an IQ of 40? A: Your Honor.

whoresoftheinternet said...


you seem to have an issue somewhere
---My issue is with left-wingers and their evil little propaganda shows.

you are angry with me for reasons that I could not possibly understand.
---yes, how could I possible be angry with an apologist for the TV show most responsible for left-wing lies in our country and the breakdown of discourse?

God, you must be head writer for the Daily Show, you're so stupid.