June 5, 2012

A handful of Recall headlines.

"How Pundits Are Misreading Wisconsin's Recall." (Dithering over what it means for Obama. Because that's what everything is really always about: Obama. Sorry, here in Wisconsin, it's actually about Scott Walker. And, yes, I know that, for the national pundits, it's sounds like I'm saying a Walker win/loss doesn't mean much for Obama.)

"Wisconsin recall: Democrats prepare for recall recount." Oh, lord help us. Let the win be decisive.

"Intrade Has Walker’s Chances over 90%; NY Times in Panic Mode."


lemondog said...

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Hope it is not a 'Dewey Wins' moment.

Scott M said...

So...Obama tweeted his support to Barrett? Using less than the 140 characters?

Color me shocked at the BB-sized balls of this man. Kinda gives more credence to Obama doing everything he could to NOT make a decision about the OBL raid, doesn't it?

Cato Renasci said...

I see it as both about Walker and as having huge national implications: if Walker succeeds, it will be a clear demonstration that even a state such as Wisconsin, the home of much early Progessivism and Fighting Bob La Follette, it is possible to curb the public employee unions. Having long led the nation along the way to the left, if Wisconsin voters retain Walker, they will be saying "enough!" to the unions

Don't Tread 2012 said...

"So...Obama tweeted his support to Barrett?"

My sense is that Barrett deleted the tweet before actually reading it.

Allowing teh won to stump for you is akin to pissing on the fire.

Scott M said...

Allowing teh won to stump for you is akin to pissing on the fire.

Wouldn't an electric fence be more apt? Ever actually run into one of those damned things? Not fun.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

"Wouldn't an electric fence be more apt?"

Whizzing on an electric fence is not advisable, either.

vet66 said...

In hindsight it will be interesting if Wisconsin voters are representative of the national mood or only of themselves. Historically, the comparison will be how the people of that state voted versus how the rest of America votes in November. I fear we are witnessing a Greece style refusal to live within their means and avoiding austerity or putting off the inevitable forced austerity when the economy ultimately prevails as the cash flow runs out.

In short, how uniformed and stupid are the American people when it comes time to take responsibility for their action or lack of.?

edutcher said...

"Intrade Has Walker’s Chances over 90%; NY Times in Panic Mode."

It looks like Choom's going the same way.

Orion said...

Oh, I think there will be enough voter fraud to force a recall, and then plenty of votes 'found' to ensure that Barrett wins eventually.

See Gregoir's 'win' in Washington after, I think, four recounts and increasingly large 'finds' of massivly pro-Gergoir votes until she 'won'.


gerry said...

The goofiness continues.

edutcher said...

Again, you need a Democrat Administration and, particularly, a Secretary of State handpicked by Dr Evil to get that to work these days.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Good. Maybe they can expose those teachers who took their high school students down to vote. No proof of identity or age required.

Supposed to be a civics lesson and what did the students learn? How to cheat.

Voter ID laws MUST be enacted to stop all of this chaos.