June 1, 2012

"A coin collector and Sherlock Holmes fan, Snigdha aced the word 'guetapens'..."

"...  French-derived word that means an ambush or a trap, to outlast eight other finalists and claim the trophy along with more than $40,000 in cash and prizes."
"I knew it. I'd seen it before," Snigdha, a semifinalist last year, said of the winning word. "I just wanted to ask everything I could before I started spelling."
There was no jumping for joy, at least not right away. The announcer didn't proclaim Snigdha the champion, so she stood awkwardly near the microphone for a few seconds before confetti started to fly. [Video here.]
I had Snigda picked out as the most likely winner by the beginning of the finals. She seemed to know the words (and the word components) and wasn't just making very educated guesses.

IN THE COMMENTS: Chuck said: "Ann...You misspelled 'Snigdha.'" Oh, yeah? Maybe I meant to do that.


ricpic said...

I guess Snighda wouldn't be tripped up by antidisestablishmentarianism then, would she?...thought not.

Ann Althouse said...

The spelling bee isn't about long words.

One finalist went out on a 4-letter word ("calo").

Chuck said...


You misspelled "Snigdha."

Comanche Voter said...

Indian Americans have won the last 5 straight national spelling bees, and 10 of the last 14.

Thank goodness she wants to be a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon, because she'd be a formidable legal mind.

Mitchell said...

[S]he wants to be a doctor — either a psychiatrist or a neurosurgeon.

No doubt depending upon her sqeamishnes, yet to be determined.

She sounds like the kind of girl who thinks things through!

traditionalguy said...

Beautiful young lady. She could be another Southern Governor in the Party of Lincoln.

But my favorite was Lori Ann Madison. She looked like The Professor must have looked at age 6.

edutcher said...

I saw the tape of her winning it. Very poised.

In my day, I was a pretty good speller, but I couldn't have gotten that one to save my life.

Kudos to the young lady.

Comanche Voter said...

Indian Americans have won the last 5 straight national spelling bees, and 10 of the last 14.

And none have come from public schools.

Old RPM Daddy said...

TradGuy: Lori Anne's all kinds of cute! We saw her at last year's county bee, where my youngest daughter competed, but didn't last long. Lori Anne was so tiny, she was pretty much hidden by the podium, and the microphone had to be bent down as far as it could go. I think she spelled maybe ten or a dozen words before going out, but she absolutely stole the show. The poor kid who won? He was just some eighth grader, but with Lori Anne there, he had no storyline!

Here is a local story about her, by the way.

Deb said...

I loved the little brother running up and giving her a huge hug.