June 10, 2012

"'By the way,' Jennifer blurted out, 'you know I have no legs, right?'"

Dominique Moceanu — the Olympic gymnast — finds out about her long-lost sister.


traditionalguy said...

That was a deeply touching story . It brings back the shared emotions from knowing adopted at birth folks who later sought out their birth families who had once thrown them out.

The human soul is a powerful thing. Even the admirable Sir Crack knows that, in fact better than most of us.

And wounded souls never stop searching until they find their families and express their love to them.

Well it's Sunday, and it'stime to attend a church where a family acceptance in Christ reigns over the cruel money gods of this short life.

vet66 said...

That is my Sunday sermon. What a wonderful story about sisterly love and human spirit. The unseen hand of GOD is surely in play in our lives!

AllieOop said...

What an extraordinary amount of love adoptive parents must have for their children, to reveal information about the birth family. I can imagine the angst it must produce to do so, unless they are very secure in the relationship.

Amazing story, some of these reunification accounts don't end so happily. Off Balance sounds like a good read.

PackerBronco said...

No legs?

How can you stand it?

MadisonMan said...

Off Balance sounds like a good read.

You can't miss when you've got good material, as Father Mulcahy once said.

AllenS said...

I've had my DNA information put on record with Family Tree. I know of cousins that are as far back as 5th or 6th, others that I share a common relative 1,000 or more years ago. I received an email from one of my 4th to remote cousins, a man one year older than me, who I share French-Canadian ancestry. I have never met nor knew of him. He was adopted.

His words to me were: "All my Family Finder cousins are important to me because I was adopted and they are the only connection I have to a biological family. I was born out of wedlock and illegally adopted through a Montreal adoption ring in October of 1945. I was one of the babies who are now known as Montreal black market babies." Google what I italicized.

I contacted my 3rd cousin who was able to send to him a lot of our French Canadian ancestry info. He was very glad to hear from us.