June 1, 2012

Bill Clinton in Milwaukee, campaigning for Tom Barrett.

Buzzfeed reporter Rosie Gray is tweeting it, here. Sample stuff:
Mahlon Mitchell, running for lt gov, speaking now. Starts a "show me what democracy looks like" chant, #OWS- style
Oh, here's John McCormack of The Weekly Standard. Sample:



ADDED: Rosie Gray has an awful lot of tweets about this one guy:

AND: Sorry to repeat the phrase "this... guy." In the first update, the "this guy" who's 65 and "hit on by porn stars" is Bill Clinton. In the second update, "this guy" is just some guy who showed up with a Scott Walker sign and troubling the photo op compositions. You can't exactly just point the camera elsewhere if the crowd is tiny and you're trying to capture that teeming look.

ALSO: Where's the live-stream? Barrett's own Twitter feed, an hour ago, said "Huge crowd ready to rally as shown by this photo submitted by a supporter," and within minutes, there were 2 responses, asking for directions to a live stream. Nearly and hour later, and with Clinton close to going on, there's no answer. I found an indication of a live feed at WAOW.com, but clicking on the link doesn't work for me. What's irritating is: I keep clicking and getting the same commercial and then it goes dead. It's a public service ad featuring a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow. I want streaming, and I'm getting no-flow.

UPDATE: The Walker supporter is arrested.


edutcher said...

Dictator Zero, of course, is doing a fly-by, on the way to a half dozen fundraisers today.

(looks like the Romster may be the one with a bil to play with this year)

"This guy is 65 years old and he's getting hit on by porn stars. This guy is a god"--Overheard at Clinton-Barrett rally.

No, he hit on them; he's the same degenerate he always was - and it's really showing.

Michael Haz said...

Gewn Moore singing. Isn't that a form of cruelty?

amanda1 said...

You guys are jealous

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

This guy is 65 years old and he's getting hit on by porn stars. This guy is a god.

I've gotten solicitations from prostitutes, too.

I'm no god.

Anthony said...

"move to the left of the press."

Of course he refused. It's not possible.

bagoh20 said...

He's said he's not gonna be rock star, and he means it. Kudos to Barrett for keeping a campaign promise.

Brian Brown said...

I'm telling you, get the personally popular Obama to Madison, NOW!!!

Curious George said...

"Anthony said...
"move to the left of the press."

Of course he refused. It's not possible."

Heh, winner!

traditionalguy said...

One wonders if Bill still dreams of Monica Lewinski sexually surrendering to him and giving him all of her love, all 180 lbs of it in loud gasps of admiration.
That must be what keeps Bill going like the energizer Baby Boomer.

ndspinelli said...

He better watch out for that Canuck porn star.

Michael Haz said...

Mike Tate announced that Clinton and Barrett were on the way, then left the stage. There is nothing else going on.

Not even bongos and vuvuzuelas.

alan markus said...

"low flow" - is that why Clinton nailed the blue dress?

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

LOL. Bill says Tom "has the better plan".

Maybe he could clue in everyone, especially Tom, on what the plan actually is.

Patrick said...

I read that Rosie person's Twitter, and apparently the guy with the Walker sign is an EMT. Somebody at the "rally" fell, the EMT offered help. Help refused "Get away from me."

The Walker guy was asked from the stage to put his sign down. "I'll put my sign down if you will answer one question."

Wally Kalbacken said...

The scumbag is in da house!

Wince said...

I wonder which crowd will be bigger:

- the Barrett-Clinton rally, or

- the Native American protest at tomorrow’s Massachusetts state Democratic convention?

Tribe-ulations for Liz Warren as Cherokees plan protest

Native Americans — outraged by Elizabeth Warren’s admission yesterday that she told her Ivy League bosses about her purported tribal roots — accused the embattled Democrat of snubbing them and vowed to protest at tomorrow’s state convention even as she scrambled to placate supporters.

RonF said...

How often does the left show up to counter-demonstrate and interfere with a conservative demonstration? Yet one guy with a sign is a problem in their rally. Whatever happened to the First Amendment?

OTOH, if one guy with a sign can disrupt their rally, they've got problems!

Chip S. said...

Bill says Tom "has the better plan".

It actually makes perfect sense.

Fact: Walker has implemented a plan.

Fact: Barrett has said nothing about a plan.

Implication: "Barrett has the better plan" => "Nothing is better than Walker's plan."

I agree.

ricpic said...

You see this guy, this guy's in love with you
Yes I'm in love who looks at you the way I do
When you smile I can tell we know each other very well

How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you 'cause
I've heard some talk they say you think I'm fine
This guy's in love and what I'd do to make you mine
Tell me now is it so don't let me be the last to know

My hands are shakin' don't let my heart keep breaking 'cause
I need your love, I want your love
Say you're in love and that you'll be my guy, if not I'll just die

eelpout said...

Wonder if Nikki Haley brought a confederate flag up with her to Wisconsin to stump for Walker. That would fire up the Walker base I bet. Two corrupt & incompetent Tea Party governors together at last. How fitting.

Anonymous said...

Barrett is definitely buried. Clinton has the anti-Midas touch since his second term in office. How many politicians has he helped to gain office? Not even his wife.

Barrett's plan: implement Walker's, that's why the teacher aid union is not endorsing him.

Humperdink said...

@Bailey. Nikki Haley has more Indian blood than Lie-A-Watha Warren.

Brian Brown said...

Two corrupt & incompetent Tea Party governors together at last.


Because reducing the $3 billion dollar budget deficit = incompetent!

Remember, vote Obama, all the smart people do!

TosaGuy said...

Pere Marquette Park (BTW, it is Jacques Marquette's b-day) is across the street from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. They could easily park someone on their roof for a crowd shot.

tim in vermont said...

"Wonder if Nikki Haley brought a confederate flag up with her to Wisconsin to stump for Walker. That would fire up the Walker base I bet. Two corrupt & incompetent Tea Party governors together at last. How fitting." - Baily

Are those two minute hates as fun-filled as Orwell makes them sound in his novel?

TosaGuy said...

They arrested the guy with the Walker sign

Kirk Parker said...

Tosa, please don't say "roof" and "shot" together like that.

TosaGuy said...

Yes, you are correct, I would hate to be arrested by Barrett's police department. I should have said"

The MJS could easily place a photographer on its roof to take photographs of the "massive" crowd at the event.

Fat Man said...

Rush was playing clips of Clinton's CNN interview from last night. I guess he blew a hole in the Obama campaign 2x the size of Corey Booker.

dadofhomeschoolers said...

I have the body of a god. Too bad it's budda.