June 12, 2012

At the Bead Shop Café...


... you can string words into sentences.

(The photograph is from West Lafayette, Indiana — in part of a grand old place called Von's, which is mostly a bookstore, where I bought this book, which contains the sentence "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.")


Sorun said...

Men like hunting & fishing. Women like beading. Nature or nuture?

rhhardin said...

The bead and read.

Crunchy Frog said...

In other words, "Stay in your cocoon and produce voluminous reams of bullshit."

Patrick said...

Had a great weekend camping at Lake Kegonsa state park. Stayed until Monday, so we kept our streak of 16 years of camping with rain on every trip.

Special thanks to the State Trooper who pulled me over for speeding, and let me go with a warning I probably didn't deserve. I've been driving that stretch for over 20 years, this was the first time I've been pulled over. Frequently, I've driven faster than I was going when stopped.

I heard no discussions about the recall, and saw only a few remaining signs (didn't wander into the City of Madison). From that, I deduce a sense of relief that it's over.

edutcher said...

Can we look forward to seeing Meadhouse caparisoned in outfits beaded in the Ojibway or Sioux manner?

Or are posts going to be peopled by other-worldly beings?

(not that we don't have those anyway)

kcom said...

I wonder if you can survive nine days in a bead shop. Perhaps you could spell out the names of food items to eat.

Pete said...

Nice book choice, Ann. Bradbury has much to say about writing and the creative process. My favorite: jump off the cliff; build your wings on the way down.

You'll enjoy it.

rhhardin said...
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rhhardin said...

Belmont Club

"It is now clear that [Holder] is not protecting himself. He is protecting the President from the inquiries of Congress. Someone — or something — is at risk if those documents are provided to Congress. Whether it is a political risk or a criminal one can only be answered in the null. We don’t know. Not enough data."

(Try link again. Firefox no longer puts the full address in the url window so you can't just copy it)

Synova said...

I started reading io9 and it's sort of depressing. Particularly the comments about anything, you know, *science-y*.

The tag line for the site is "We come from the future."

I want to permanently add, "...and the lights are out."

Understand that I don't *mind* that Climate Change is never questioned there. But far too many of the commenters are nearly militantly anti-progress, anti-science, and anti-future. I know that Ann doesn't care for the grandeur of going to Mars, but this isn't a case of people thinking big, but in select areas. There is a strong contingent of people who hang there who never think big about anything.

This article seems pretty typical...


... well, nuclear might not be on the way out, it's a shame if it's not... and isn't Germany a shinning beacon of the future, having decided to close all of their nuke facilities! Yay, Germany. Their renewable, green, energy is totally awesome, like awesome-sauce, and sometimes the wind blows soooo hard that they have to sell some of their wind energy. But, alas, they had to cut subsidies by 30% for their massively awesome-sauce and utterly successful green energy so now it's kind of a bummer.

A whole article on energy and I didn't notice one mention of anything like a base carrying capacity, just some quotes from whiners saying that if all the nuke plants close they might have an energy crisis. No one seemed much worried by the sourpusses, however.

There are a number of commenters who are defending nuclear power but the broad depth of stupidity mascarading as enlightened, progressive, science-phile, thought in the comments is disheartening. It's not that people are ignorant, it's that they simply know that their opinion on the matter is the pro-science, advanced, enlightened opinion.

Nuclear is dangerous. Nuclear is scary and powerful and not at all fuzzy or happy or necessary, because we come from the future, and the lights are out.

harrogate said...

"CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the Senate Banking Committee today about JPMorgan's $3 billion trading loss. My first question for him would be: 'Will you resign from the NY Fed?' What would you ask Jamie Dimon?"

---Elizabeth Warren