May 30, 2012

"Yeah, that’s just who I want helping me out with my legal problems. A guy who technically isn’t even a lawyer yet..."

"... and has absolutely no experience. Experts believe there has been a huge disconnect between the learnings in the classroom and what goes on after passing the bar."

Says The Weakonomics blogger who just had to find the right picture to illustrate his musings.

(Man, I have been working on that Federal Courts take-home exam, with my legal pad, my Pelikan fountain pen, my "Annie Hall" glasses, my self-cut bangs, and my lactating breasts since 1981!)


Curious George said...

No "my lactating breasts" link?

Big Mike said...

I assume that as a lawyer, not to mention someone who presumably knows a lot of lawyers, you've already determined that you have no legal right to collect royalties?

And is there any relationship between the Pelikan pen and The Pelican Brief?

bagoh20 said...

In 1981, I was totally broke, unemployed and homeless. It was a pivotal time. In that photo, you clearly look like you will be successful. Any photo of me at the time would have suggested a future cannibal at best.

Triangle Man said...

How could that possibly be you? I don't see any photo credit or link to the source. Must just be a coincidence.

edutcher said...

Yes, but little does he know what promise those self-cut bangs and lactating breasts hold.

(hmmm, let me try that one again...)

PS "that picture of me"?

What happened to the Iconic Althouse tag?

DADvocate said...

A guy who technically isn’t even a lawyer yet and has absolutely no experience.

I thought he was talking about Barack Obama.

Methadras said...

i can haz pics of lactating breasts please. lol, had to be said.

dbp said...

Yeah, that’s just who I want helping me out with choosing a lawyer. A guy who isn’t even a lawyer and refers to a "guy" but shows a picture of a woman, who looks like she will go far BTW. Experts believe there has been a huge disconnect between what "economists" think they know and what goes on in the "actual world".

Kevin said...

Wow, hawt. More please.

KJE said...

This disconnect starts in law school, with the professors.

I've been a lawyer 10 years. I honestly believe, deep in my soul; if you don't go and make a court appearance every year (and we'll be *really* liberal about that definition to include the universe of appellate level or higher brief writing, administrative or other regulatory hearings, etc.) you lose your credibility to call yourself a lawyer. That includes all the in-house counsel that haven't seen a courthouse in years. You are, at best, an executive with a law degree.

Knowing what I do now, I can't think of many of my professors that I would have wanted to actually follow into court. I don't even think some of them knew where the courthouse was, or how to go about filing documents, or any of the routine things about being a lawyer. They could barely look me in they eye when they lectured; it makes me shudder to think what the client experience would have been like.

There were a few tenured professors that kept up with appellate or other representation; I even did internships for them. My money, as to actual usefulness in preparing me for the practice of law; was on the adjuncts that were teaching a course outside of their normal practice.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I bet if you thought that that photo would be everywhere on the internet you would have worn something else.


So funny. To be a meme unto yourself.

wyo sis said...

You and Elizabeth Warren. If I'd known how significant lactating breasts would be I'd have taken many more pictures. But, then, I don't think any of my lactating events were of a world's record nature.
In any case in 1981 I was a lactating mother of 4, but hardly in law school. I was lucky to get dressed before noon. You have my great respect.