May 25, 2012

"Wisconsin recall: DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz sees no national impact if Democrats lose."


Translation: Debbie Wasserman Schultz knows the Democrats are going to lose.


wyo sis said...

This makes me wonder why the Democrat party keeps trotting her out. She's not an asset.
You don't see Reince Priebus all over the news. I'm beginning to wonder if the Republicans are getting smarter.

Matthew Sablan said...

I can just imagine come October: "If Obama loses, I see no national impact on Democrats."

Jay said...

Yes, and the elections of Gov's Christie, Walker, & McDonnell had nothing to do with Obama or the Democrats.

Just ask Speaker Pelosi!

Er, former Speaker, that is...

Tom Spaulding said...

Jeez, I hate to doubt our intellectual and moral superiors about, well, anything. After all, DWS is the hand-picked spokesperson for the Democrat Party.

Consider that.

chickelit said...

She's not an asset.

What causes her permanent wet-curled hair look? I hate to go all personal appearance, but it isn't natural and it's a huge distraction.

PatCA said...

The Dems are having a Emily Litella "never mind" moment. :)

Comanche Voter said...

And Ding Dong Debbie is a Downright Outstanding Democrat Donkey.

But she does know how to whistle past the graveyard. Have to give her that.

And Debbie?---Keep on talking please. You are a thing of beauty.

Chip S. said...

It's a cunning plan to divert attention from her teeth.

gk1 said...

My feverent hope is Wasserman and Slow Joe Biden team up on a country wide "Alienation Tour" complete with slurs against "tea baggers" and "republican racists". Yeah, that's just the ticket to shore up the swing independent vote

Anonymous said...

Any minute "Dave" will be along to call you all anti-semitic woman-haters.

edutcher said...

Ditzy Debbie and Halo Joe are living proof the Demos are Equal Opportunity when it comes to hiring the mentally challenged.

traditionalguy said...

Little Debbie is looking more and more like a snack cake everyday. If the pro Israel vote among the liberal jews awakes and sees bama's true intentions, then she will be swallowed by Romney in a single bite.

The Drill SGT said...

Matthew Sablan said...
I can just imagine come October: "If Obama loses, I see no national impact on Democrats."


Obama and his minions at the DNC have made it clear to the Dem Congresspersons, that all the DNC cash is going to Relect the Won. No normal sharing of funds to the states and the DSCC and DCCC.

Since Obama looks to be short on raising his funding goals, expect the last 30 days to look like Adolf in the Fuhrer Bunker, circa April '45. Moving around phantom Corps and refusing funding requests from at risk Dems.

It is tellling that his previous DNC Chair Keane in VA is running away from all things Obama, within sight of the WH.

alan markus said...

No "national impact", yet she said this:

we sent out an e-mail this week to our more than 2 million-plus donor base from the Democratic Party telling them that the first important national election is the June 5 election to recall Scott Walker

The Crack Emcee said...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz knows the Democrats are going to lose.

Oh big whoop. You say it like it's some big surprise.

I've been telling you the Democrats were going to have their hats handed to them for months - from Obama on down - and you morons still stuck us with Cult Boy.

Sorry but I'm all out of fucking celebration when the best you can think of is SMUGLY piling on more idiocy as a replacement for what we've had.

I swear, every time we get a chance to see our way clear,...FUCK!

alan markus said...

her permanent wet-curled hair look

It's a cunning plan to divert attention from her teeth


She's Got Marty Feldman Eyes

Fen said...

Crack: you morons still stuck us with Cult Boy.

God still loves you, Crack.

James said...

As of Thursday May 24, over 113,000 absentee ballots were cast. The overwhelming majority of these votes are for Barrett. The unions are running huge GOTV operations in Milwaukee and Madison and the Republicans have been caught flat-footed.

I wouldn't get cocky and assume that Walker will win easily.

Petunia said...

So on the one hand, if Barrett loses, there's no national impact on Dems, and OTOH, she's coming to Wisconsin to campaign, they're spending money here, and they're bussing people to the polls.

Can't have it both ways, Debbie.

I do worry about election fraud though.

Petunia said...

The 113,000 is the number of absentee ballots ISSUED so far, not returned. That includes ballots that have been mailed out to people who regularly vote absentee.

paminwi said...

Just an interesting tidbit about DWS. Is she running or not?

John Burgess said...

@chickelit: Jeri Curl, maybe?

Penny said...

Wasserman Schultz is correct when she says the Wisconsin election will not have ramifications on Democrats nationally.

Walker will win his "battle", but Republicans can expect to lose the "war".

Read this article closely for its current "narrative" that will just EXPLODE... when Obama's reelection team says it should.

Penny said...

But for now?

The small "d" democrat grassroots of Wisconsin, who are 2 million strong, and ACTIVE! Hell, 1 million signed a Walker recall petition, that's how active they were. And doing their best they raised $250,000! And then...and then the DNC gave ANOTHER $1.4 million because they're giving it their ALL for the grassroots of Wisconsin and union members and the middle class and the poor who just want to have a fair wage and live decent lives.

Democrats playing it fair and square in Wisconsin!

Hell, the DNC chair never even mentioned that Walker raised $25 million from deep pocketed, faceless, people.


But it's comin'!

Cause narratives always do.

It's a timing thing really.

Surely no disrespect meant to Wisconsin and her voters.

Unless you MIND that the dems let you win?

Cindy Martin said...

She should let Rachel Maddow know that.

EDH said...

I have no idea what Penny is saying.

Penny said...

I don't mind if you don't mind, EDH?

What the hell, we just comment here.

The Crack Emcee said...


God still loves you, Crack.

Oooh, that's the answer sure to turn this whole thing around.

You know, I take a lot of pictures of roadkill, kind of as a reminder of God's love. And the other day I saw a deer in a pretty contorted position on the freeway, so I stopped, and grabbed the camera, only to find not only had the deer been obviously mangled by someone's car but it had been pregnant and it's baby had been ripped out of it's stomach, too.

That was about all of God's love that I could stand for one day.

Yeah, I'm sure with intelligent support like yours, Fen, this Romney deal is going to work out juuuust fine,...

Nichevo said...

You know, I take a lot of pictures of roadkill

--ok crack it's official you are a lunatic

it had been pregnant and it's baby had been ripped out of it's stomach, too.

--ok you're dr. lunatic. assuming true, which wtf would you know, maybe somebody was trying to save the baby deer? desperate and improbable of success, but what else - trying to harvest fetal deer tissue?

but, to borrow one of those pungent althouse phrases, you go ahead and keep fucking that chicken.

Methadras said...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the Tom Barret of political predictions.

MayBee said...

In a just world, DWS would get half of Sarah Palin's ridicule.

Yet DWS is treated as if she is a serious person.

The Crack Emcee said...


--ok crack it's official you are a lunatic

O.K., Nichevo, it's official - you don't spend a lot of time with artists. I used to pick up roadkill, for my taxidermist friends. That would seriously freak you out, I'm sure.

But wtf would I know? I was *a bit* closer to the whole thing than you were, while you speculate emptily and vent. So go on, vent, it might make you feel better.

But I doubt it.

Knowing how much some of you dislike me - especially those who I've never done anything to but you kind of lay in wait to empty your spleen like this - can be quite inspiring:

Like really good photo of roadkill,...


It occurred to me last night that, by going with Romney, you lames could actually LOSE this thing - the general election hasn't even started, and nobody's seriously vetted the dickhead, so he's still a walking target - that would be waaay cool! Then maybe, just maybe, your stupid arrogance in the face of reality would get the pummeling it deserves and you might learn a lesson about going against it.

I don't know - we'll see:

I no longer think you guys are capable of learning,...

The Crack Emcee said...


DWS is treated as if she is a serious person.

Isn't that amazing? It's like some people can fuck up, make total asses of themselves - repeatedly - say the most outrageous and asinine things, and yet we allow them to exist as credible, while others - who appear to know what they're talking about, they can come up with useful insights, who do/say things to bring out the American character and define a path forward, catch Hell. If they get any attention at all.

NewAge has really done a job on this country.

BTW - I'm still with Sarah, but in my opinion she's starting to make wrong calls. Her support for Orrin Hatch definitely got my attention, though I haven't had a chance to look into her reasoning on the subject too well yet (I'll take almost anyone over the man behind DSHEA - especially if they say they'll repeal it).

Sarah's gotta be careful:

There's snakes in the grass out there, still,...

JohnBoy said...

Hotair refers to DWS as a " hacktastic talking points robot."

Hard to top that description.

The local liberal rag, the Tampa Bay Times, did a soft-focus puff piece on DWS a few months ago. it was pretty nauseating, to quote Cory Booker. it described, in breathless detail, the difficulty ol Deb has in balancing her home life and her day job, which consists of lying for a living.

The good news is that it didn't spare any details about her poor, pussy-whipped husband. Be glad you're not him.

Strelnikov said...

Translation: Local election with national implications about to have no implications whatsoever.