May 25, 2012

Tonight's the first of 2 debates in the Wisconsin recall election.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will square off against Governor Scott Walker and you'll be able to stream it here. I'll be live-blogging it, so join me in the comments at 8 Central Time.

Also at that link are links to "Raw Barrett" and "Raw Walker" interviews. Very stark difference in style between the 2 men. It might give you an idea of what they'll be like debating each other. I won't describe the difference myself, but if you watch those 2 videos, I'd love to hear you contrast them in the comments.


edutcher said...

I doubt Lincoln and Douglas are worried about their place in history.

WV "ayersorb" What Zero's in.

Brennan said...

Saw Barrett on MSDNC last night. He looks OK until words start coming out of his mouth.

His arguments against Walker can be summarized like this.

"In order to win another election Scott Walker has to raise money and that is bad for Wisconsin."

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Barrett is so very scripted. When interrupted and starting again, he almost verbatim repeats his script. There is no spontaneity or feeling that he is actually thinking about what he is saying. His lines are memorized and are as much a script as any stage actor would have to memorize.

Walker seems to be speaking extemporaneously. Of course he also has some talking points and issues that he has memorized. However you don't get the feeling that he has memorized down to the last sentence, word, comma or dramatic pause what he is going to say.

In addition I get the feeling that Walker is actually listening to the question, thinking about his answer and responding according to the situation, while Barrett is just waiting for a pause in the question so he can regurgitate his memorized speech.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Well, that was poorly written. How many instances of memorized CAN I use at one time.


more coffee!!

Dante said...

Barrett: conspiracy, innuendo. He knows he is going to lose, and wants the believers to feel the rest just don't understand.

Walker: He's laying out a pro-growth message. Even when he digs on Barrett, it's with the approach of "Join the party," not "This guy is a buffoon."

Walker is presenting a positive view of the future.

Barrett doesn't even seem able to make much case things aren't better, though he tries.

I'd be amazed if Walker didn't win, and I'd bet Barrett thinks the same.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Retiarius v. Secutor

alan markus said...

DBQ: Well, that was poorly written

Not really - if anything it mirrored Barrett's speaking style.

Dante: Walker is presenting a positive view of the future.

Walker seems to be talking about things people care about(jobs, growth in employment & tax revenues, role of private unions in the economy, etc.).

Barrett's nattering about legal defense funds, emails, not divulging information about the John Doe, "politically motivated" audits of Police Department, etc. - not too many people care about that.

I thought Walker is supposed to be "stoopid" because he didn't graduate college - I think he came across a lot more articulate than the Harvard educated POTUS.

Bobby Jindahl & Nikki Haley coming to WI? Man, all we need is Sarah Palin and/or Mia Love to add to those visuals and liberal heads will implode.

Steve Burri said...

Gov. Walker sounds like Paul Ryan, facts and figures fluently stated. Mayor Barrett seems to offer little of his own proposals and/or ideas.

Rabel said...

That was a cruel non-edit on Barrett.

The different settings and different questions make it tough to contrast the two, but DBQ has it about right.

Walker needs to put together less evasive answers on the John Doe questions, or at least better explain the evasiveness. What "law that he must follow" prevents him from responding?

Meanwhile, back at the nest, the hawklets are growing like weeds and should be taking their first flights in the next few days.

And following up on today's excrement theme, I learned where the hawk poop was going. Don't stand under the ledge and look up.

Unless you're into that sort of thing.

bagoh20 said...

I see:

Duty vs dirt.

A. Shmendrik said...

I am assuming that Walker wins big in June and has a pile of cash left over in this recall campaign account. Can he distribute that to down ballot campaigns in the November elections? I don't mean to be looking past the recall... but I think the bigger impact could be all the support that Walker may be able to give to GOP Senate and Assembly candidates in the fall. The poor schmucks who decided to pursue the recall will have to go up to Devil's Lake and jump off the bluffs.

On the other hand, if Walker is restricted in the use of funds raised for the recall campaign, he may choose to burn it all in the week leading up to June 5th. Barrett has no "mercy rule" to invoke, he's going down like Wally Mondale.

traditionalguy said...

I hope Barrett gets some better writers to re-do his schtick about ending the civil war. Mythical metaphors get very boring.

Maybe Barrett can talk up the Obama Bullet trains bringing rioters into Madison from ChiTown at higher speeds.

That should get him everyone's vote.

lemondog said...

O/T, hahaha, saw one of the eyas or baby hawks, face towards the building, with butt presented out and over the edge, then lean slightly down towards the building to squirt out a big missile of juicy whitish poo.

Anyone targeted below?

Methadras said...

Barrett is the Debbie Wasserman Schultz of scripting.

chickelit said...

Also at that link are links to "Raw Barrett" and "Raw Walker" interviews.

Raw spelled backwards means war.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

The transformation from milquetoasty, incompetent nice guy Barrett to angry, red faced, backwards Barrett has been quite jarring. I believe someone gave him bad advice.

alan markus said...

Barrett is the Debbie Wasserman Schultz of scripting

Speaking of Debbie "Does Dems", wonder if this means anything?

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz worn out her welcome with Obama?

Sounds like she might be "going down".

David said...

Walker has a programatic theme. You may not agree with it but it's a coherent theme.

What is Barrett's theme? Nothing. Nothing at all on how he would govern.

alan markus said...
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alan markus said...

Don't know if this was already covered here in a different thread, my apologies if I'm stepping on someone else's comment, but I just saw this over at Legal Insurrection:

UNREAL!… Dem Tom Barrett Blasts GOP’s War on Women Then Turns Stage Over to Gangsta Rapper for “Bitches Who Ride Me” Song (Video)

As Barrett was off to the side of the stage shaking hands and taking pictures “Proph” launched into his first number, “Sucka MCs,” about “bitches who ride me” and “make a nigga comfortable” because “cash make the women shake they asses” so “get (on) the tour bus, bitch.”

MadisonMan said...

I'll be grilling brats. Maybe in the rain. So I'll miss the debate.

walter said...

Not sure what he's getting at here:

When asked if he felt like he had a dark cloud hanging over him, Walker responded, "I feel like more than anything, it's like fighting a fight with both hands behind your back."

Too bad he can't just say it's about whether public sector unions will be able to return to voting in their own management.

Who will be "moderating"?

chickelit said...

I'll be grilling brats.

Great idea! I'm going to pick up some Johnsonville sausages tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'll be on a hot date with a Republican, should we talk politics, whaddya think?

Dante said...

Rabel: Walker needs to put together less evasive answers on the John Doe questions, or at least better explain the evasiveness. What "law that he must follow" prevents him from responding?

Why should he do something more? Any explanation is going to be seized upon as some admission of guilt, and he put himself out far enough. You trust me, trust me on this. I brought up the probe. I'd say if it stinks later on, he has cooked his political future.

The Dems are simply casting innuendo and conspiracy at him, trying to keep the faithful in line.

chickelit said...

I'll be on a hot date with a Republican, should we talk politics, whaddya think?

Given today's theme and Zeitgeist, I'd show off nursing credentials.

David said...

Hot date? Politics? Just how kinky can you get? Topic: Sarah Palin and Patty Murray--Compare and Contrast.

That ought to get his motor running.

(Is it politically incorrect to assume you are going out with a guy? So sorry if I offended you or anyone else. Modern life is so complicated.)

Anonymous said...

Blind date, they tell me he's a man. Maybe he will udder little nothings in my ear. It would be a bust if we didn't like each other.

Maybe we can catch the debate in some bar with a TV.

walter said...

Do shots every time Barret says "billionaire".

Meade said...

"Maybe he will udder little nothings in my ear."


Dust Bunny Queen said...

I'll be on a hot date with a Republican, should we talk politics, whaddya think?

Not if you want to get laid.

Or have him respect your brain.

Fen said...

I'll be on a hot date with a Republican, should we talk politics, whaddya think?

I don't mind if my dates talk politics. Especially the libs. I just nod in appreciation of how easy they will be to manipulate.