May 23, 2012

"State and local leaders called Wednesday for independent audits of the Milwaukee Police Department's crime numbers..."

"... citing a Journal Sentinel investigation that found more than 500 cases in which serious crimes were misclassified as lesser offenses."


Sorun said...

I'd like to know how often the word "random" appears in police reports of violent crime.

Paul said...


There are liars, damn liars, and politicians (real statisticians just lie now and then.)

So the cops fudge the numbers? Who knew?

Politicians and their bureaucrat minions do it all the time. Just go look at the unemployment figures.

OldGrouchyCranky said...

Ah yes, another police department identified by the letters MPD! Minneapolis has had a wreck of a MPD for years. Back in the 1930s, close alignment with crooks and other not nice people. In the 1950s, a Chief of Police said that it didn't then have a prostitute problem cuz he could have fired a cannon down Hennepin Avenue without hitting one. Recently, the MPD showed that one could murder a person and get away with it if connected to a person of authority or could do a favor for one.

Yep, must be something special about those initials MPD!

Paul said...



Crime is not 'random'. The crooks picked you for a reason. To them you looked like food and thus you were 'eaten'.

If you don't want to be a victim, don't look like food.

Jaske said...

"misreported as minor assaults"
Let's have fun with that.
"slightly raped"
"dented, death result"
"figurative blood"

Pogo said...

A complete loss of trust in the police and teachers and the federal gubmint is no big deal, right?

edutcher said...

Maybe they can find all the felons who signed the recall petitions.

Lem said...
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Lem said...

Its a good thing they didn't call friday ;)

Lem said...

Another way to look at it..

Under Walker there is more violent crime that's going unreported.. and that's why he needs to go..

Yea yea.. that's the ticket.

PatCA said...

I think this is how we reached the much vaunted crime reduction we supposedly now enjoy.

Oops, gotta run, someone's rifling through my back yard again!

Robert Cook said...

"A complete loss of trust in the police and teachers and the federal gubmint is no big deal, right?"

I still have faith in teachers overall.

"I think this is how we reached the much vaunted crime reduction we supposedly now enjoy."

While it's undisputed that many--perhaps all--municipal police departments fudge or outright falsify crime stats to show their police work to best advantage, I have no doubt at all that violent crime is actually much reduced from, say, 20 years least where I live.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Tom Barrett was meeting with union representatives and could not be reached for comment.

Rusty said...

It took Put Wisconsin First nearly 30 days running 5 home computers hitting the WCCA Wisconsin web site searching names then matching addresses. The website found everything from election fraud to a guy who is guilty of homicide with a modifier of not guilty by reason of insanity. The man is currently residing in a mental health facility. He signed and self-witnessed the form from the address of the mental hospital!

Now that's interesting. Recall petitioners trolling the loony bins for signatures.
But posting the salaries of teachers in Janesville is despicable.

virgil xenophon said...

SOOoo typical. Practically EVERY maj. metro area in the US has been found to futz the crime statistics. Quelle surprise! In New Orleans this has been the SOP for years under corrupt and "reform" police superintendents alike. And both internal pressures (desire to look good) AND external pressures (the business sector/tourist industry) to perform drive this process. These are pressures which NEVER go away, and, since much of the problem is intractable due to a critical mass of the "underclass" almost totally immune (for sociocultural/economic reasons) to reformist pressure/blandishments of any kind, progress thru futzing with crime statistics is inevitably seen, sooner or later, as the easy way out.

Rocketeer said...

I still have faith in teachers overall.

Ironically, and relatedly, that's because you were poorly educated.

Scott said...

"Not like, RAPE rape...."