May 8, 2012

Quick! Check out the UW hawk-cam.

It's dinnertime. Rabbit is served.

In other Wisconsin bird news: "Bald eagles recover from eating euthanized cats."


EDH said...

"Bald eagles recover from eating euthanized cats."

A symbolic metaphor for the bad debt that ails the nation?

Dead Cats, Dead Rats

Dead cats, dead rats
Can’t see what they were at, all right
Dead cat in a top hat, wow
Sucking on the young man’s blood
Wishing he could come, yeah
Sucking on the soldier’s brain
Wishing it would be the same

Dead cat, dead rat
Can’t you see what they were at?
Fat cat in a top hat
Thinks he’s an aristocrat
Thinks he can kill and slaughter
Thinks he can shoot my daughter

Yeah right! oh yeah!
Oh right! yeeah!

Dead cats, dead rats
Think they’re an aristocrat
Crap, now that’s crap!

lemondog said...


Someone just mooned the cam.

Synova said...

Ah, now they're just sleeping with their full little bellies.

lemondog said...

3 white fuzzballs all tucked in.

lemondog said...

Mom just returned to the nest

MadisonMan said...

I've also seen messages taped to the top of the cars parked in Lot 54.

edutcher said...

Somehow I can't just watch some furry little thing get ripped to shreds.

Sherlock would never forgive me, you know.

gail said...

A nest cam at the Alma, WI power plant which I think is on a falcon, estimated hatch date in the next couple of days.

Other nest cams for kestral, vulture, owl, eagle also linked at the website.

I think nest cams are so cool, just don't have the computer time.

Kimberly said...

Mom (Dad?) is back at the nest now tearing apart a little mousie for the babies. I've been glued to my laptop for the last 30 minutes, watching. So fascinating!

MadisonMan said...

If you looked tonight, you saw a tiny part of my car down in the corner of the image.

janetrae said...

Quick, check it out now, sparrow is served (breakfast of champions)

Brian Wohlgemuth said...

And now a recall walker idiot has decided to post his little piece of advertising.

Brian Wohlgemuth said... the guy with the PT Cruiser Writes Recall Walker, then parks his car over it with another piece of paper on top (which isn't going to work, the sun is much brighter than this guy).

He's quite proud of himself waving to the camera. Maybe one of the babies will get a good angle and crap on his car....