May 20, 2012





Balfegor said...

Goodness but we have come a long way since the days of Gaston Julia. That's a very good prosthetic nose.

Ann Althouse said...

Once, in an airport waiting area, I got into a conversation with a man who made prosthetic noses -- the kind you see at the link, which look completely realistic.

He said he made one that was kept on by being attached to a man's glasses, and how the man (at least once) unthinkingly, out in public, took his glasses off to wipe them clean. That is, he suddenly removed his nose!

edutcher said...

The piece on the nose is really something.

By all means, show the bastards they can't win.

PS Ann, that must have been quite a shocker.

Ann Althouse said...

"PS Ann, that must have been quite a shocker."

Sorry, I miswrote my comment.

He didn't take off his nose in front of me. He was the guy that made noses, and he was telling a story about a nose he made. He told the story humorously, and I laughed.

You know there are people missing noses and ears and so on, but if you see them, you probably never notice.

David said...

One of my retired friends was a plastic surgeon in New York. For over 20 years he spent 6 weeks a year doing cleft palate and other surgery in third world countries.

For free.

Chip Ahoy said...

Tycho Brahe also had a prothetic nose, gold dontchaknow. He was also among the last of the naked eye astronomers and that means he went around looking at planets without first putting clothes on his eye. Protective of his exquisite notes on Mars Kepler had to woo him during the last stages of his life without mentioning his nose or jesting about his naked eye. ← contains facts.

Chip Ahoy said...

Man, Scott gets great people shots. I think he's so well known now and so inured to rejection that it probably never happens. I think he goes, "Hello, I'm Scott with the Sartorialist and I noticed your [ ... ] and I would like to have your picture. Is that okay with you? Okay, act normal. look over my shoulder. Your mother wears army boots. *click* Cross your leg over and step on an imaginary ant. *click* Okay turn and walk away *click click click* Thanks. And the rest are people he works with.