May 6, 2012

"On a night when Eli Manning Tebowed, took some indirect shots at Brett Favre’s texting habits and even poked fun at his own manhood..."

"... he saved his best shot on 'Saturday Night Live' for his older brother, Peyton."

Watch "Little Brothers" here.

More video from last night's show here.


Aridog said...

Eli who?

harrogate said...

That opening Fox and Friends spoof was pitch perfect, I thought. The sort of comedic critique I like: It Honored all that is good and interesting about the show, while skewering its banalities.

Tibore said...

“Maybe now you’ll learn to treat your younger brother with some respect, Peyton!”
“Whatever.” (Slams trunk)


Martha said...

There was a different opening sketch mocking Obama celebrating the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's killing scrubbed in favor of the skit making fun of Fox according to the Daily Caller (link at Hot Air).

NBC--reluctant to mock Obama even on SNL

wyo sis said...

Bret Farve's manhood is distinctly icky if online photos are to be believed. Not that I'm an expert on manhood, having seen only my husband, Harry Potter, Anthony Weiner and Brett Farve for comparison.

wv: thipent mentert
Closely approximates my response upon seeing Farve's manhood.