May 24, 2012

"It's certain the woman was not dead when buried."

Say Chinese police, in the case of a couple accused of hitting an elderly woman and then burying the (not dead) body.


MadisonMan said...

Obviously, John Cleese was not the pallbearer.

EDH said...

Joe Pesci was not available for comment.

edutcher said...

This is why there are viewings, wakes, and statesmen lying in state.

There was a real horror of things like this happening until about the period of the Mexican War.

Don't know Red Chinese law, but, if anybody can find a fitting punishment, it would be the Commies - or the Moslems.

traditionalguy said...

Terri Schivo awoke and she said hello...oops, she was in effect buried alive too.

The Delayed Abortion Defense might work here, since she was a daughter and not a son. It's a Chinese thing.

Lyle said...

When I was in China I witnessed a couple steal a young woman's bike. The couples' young child ran into the road and into the young woman on the bike. The young woman stopped to help the child and the parents came a running and a yelling, berating the young woman.

When the young woman wasn't watching the husband grabbed hold of the bike got on it beckoned the wife to get on it with the child and then they road off. Nobody around did a thing. The young now distraught woman ran about half-a-mile down the road after her bike. She did not catch them.