May 22, 2012

In the Foxglove Café...


... it's a digital café and a digitalis café.


chickelit said...

Makes my atria flutter!

traditionalguy said...

Am I to understand that you are now growing your own drugs? There is nothing like an organic Rx.

Where did Meade plant the Willow tree?

Bob said...

When Landlords turn the drunken Bee
Out of the Foxglove's door –

Ann Althouse said...

The picture was taken yesterday at Olbrich Gardens.

If you're in Madison, go there. It's free.

Go exploring around the rose garden, where the roses are mostly not in bloom, and you will find the foxglove (near some very fragrant orange blossoms (or something like orange blossom... Meade could tell you)).

Anonymous said...

Digitalis can only serve to remind me of this:

I couldn't find a clip that actually showed where digitalis came in. The trailer makes it out like it's about UFOs but really the episode was about eugenics.

One of the best. Classic.

Freeman Hunt said...

I was listening to Crime and Punishment via Kindle's text to speech while on a walk the other day. I kept thinking, "Why do these Russians keep using 'hectometers' as an interjection? What is the history of this? Is it agrarian in origin?"

I finally looked down at the text.


I think the text to speech needs an adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Had a late afternoon lunch at the Oval Room, across the WH, with the blonde, her Harvard friend, and few super K-street gang. We talked about how "Forward" theme by the COmmittee to Re-Elect (CORE) team for the POTUS is hitting all market points. Our latest poll, conducted by a model from the Silicon valley engineer at Facebook, shows that more and more people prefer us to GOP/Romney even on social media.

We will win this so easily that we are wondering whether we should even campaign.

I mean, OMG, GOP is so incoherent, with no plan, no vision, etc. Romney is basically a parasite. Cory is in the dog-house from now till Jan. 2017. We do not like repeaters or surrogates (sometimes it is hard to figure out the difference I know) cross the line.

Our talking points to them is simple: Always support the POTUS no matter what. Always bring home the key point: Americans want to remain the President. Romney is evil. GOP is evil. Repeat a few times.

GOP: It is over. You heard here first.

MadisonMan said...

I finally looked down at the text.


(laugh). That's excellent.

I hear someone practicing a bagpipe right now. Very cool.

jungatheart said...

Gorgeous. The other day my brother-in-law gave one good-sized plant someone had given him, to my mom for her/our garden. Can't wait to see what it will do this summer.

greenlantern said...

Be still my heart.

Rialby said...

That summer fields grew high
With foxglove stalks and ivy
Wild apple blossoms everywhere
Emerald green like none I have seen
Apart from dreams that escape me
There was no girl as warm as you

MadisonMan said...

Yes! DD wins the MirrorBall!

Carnifex said...

The primaries were today in Kentucky. Mittens won the R(no surprise there). None of the above won at least 1 county over Zero, and there isn't crossover voting here. Like I said, Romney WILL take Kentucky...not that it's worth much.

In honor of voting in Kentucky...

The strange thing here in Kentucky is that even though registered democrats outnumber registered republicans 2 to 1, this state invariably votes republican on presidential elections. But it rarely carries over to local races.

For example, my wifes' grandfather ran for Sheriff of Hardin, or maybe Larue County way back when. I don't know for a fact which one because this is family lore, not a genealogical record like say proving you are a Native American, Cherokee, more precisely.

This was back before they banned liquor sales on election day(ahh the good old days). Anyway, the old gentleman was a republican, running against an avowed tax cheat and womanizer(a democrat). After the usual shenanigans he lost by a landslide. This is where the liquor sales comes into play, because he got all liquored up, and drove into town to quote "Every goddamned, cheatin', low life, blah blah blah, democrat!" he sees.

His family stopped him, obviously...unfortunately...would have made a better ending if they hadn't.

Carnifex said...

Those in Austin are urged to visit the Lady Bird Johnson Flower Garden and Arboretum.( I think that's the full title) Went there on my last day in Austin...very nice. Quiet, solitary. Very zenlike. I walked along the paths under the mesquite. The signs warn of mountain lions.(I didn't see any).

The heat was just enough to cause a light sweat, but there was enough breeze to dry it quickly. The scent of plant growth, and organic matter was invigorating.

There was a tower you could climb up to the roof top and look out over the vistas. There were springs holding drops of moisture and greenery in the sea of browns and succulants.

I tried playing hide and seek with the large lizards sunning themselves, but they were better at hiding than I was.

Later that day I went to an almond farm and bought fresh almonds, and sacks of BBQ almonds, and chocolate covered almonds, and almond flavored almonds.

Definitely more photogenic than the bat tour of the Congress Street Bridge.