May 15, 2012

"Ear & Wallet Adjustments."



xnar said...

Must be an Obama campaign center. They keep adjusting my wallet to pay for his ears.

Lem said...

You know who needs an ear adjustment?

The folks at WABC radio play a Geraldo Rivera promo that the CIA should seriously consider as an alternative in cases where waterbording does not work.

It features Geraldos atempt to sing "good morning" in several languages..

pogo101 said...

I had one of those once, but it was just called a mugging.

traditionalguy said...

My education is sadly lacking.

That must be a Madison think like eating Brats.

Even Google doesn't know what the heck they are offering to do.

chickenlittle said...

Whatever it means, it sounds expensive.

BarrySanders20 said...

And whatever it is, it's "At Our Pleasure and Time"

Sounds vaguely illegal.

Q said...

Paging Instapundit ...

Todays TSA scandal.

A Newark Liberty Airport security supervisor pleaded not guilty to identity theft Tuesday as new details emerged about his alleged 20-year odyssey of deception, including that he may have assumed the identity of a New York man weeks before the man was murdered.

He's definitely an illegal immigrant who committed identity theft, and may be a murderer. But he passed multiple state and federal background checks.

Michael K said...

If they are selling hearing aids, I can understand the "wallet" reference. $2,000 a side is cheap and it goes up from there. I turn the volume up but get dirty looks from my companions. Nobody has offered to buy me one yet, though.

Chip Ahoy said...

Eyewear and wallet adjustments.

Because one of your ears is lower than the other but the eyeglass manufacturers assume all ears are symmetrical for mass production. You don't know which direction to bend them and bending made them worse so you bent them the opposite way and that was doubly worse then they broke. And that tiny screw is such a problem sometimes when you don't have the exact tiny screwdriver that fits nor the use of your glasses. And wallets need constant adjustment. The one I'm using now is maladjusted.

We see that your town is well fitted for all manner of emergencies. Plus you can have saffron and smoothies and all these things go together harmoniously.

Lem said...

I gravitate to iPhone accessories..

edutcher said...

My Aunt Mary had to wear a hearing aid and it took quite a wallet adjustment to afford it.

ndspinelli said...

"At our pleasure and time". Must be a government office.

SeanF said...

It's a barbershop, so the sign is probably a reference to lowering your ears and lightening your wallet.

rcocean said...

Reminds me of Eli Wallach.

Aridog said...

Actually, it's a Obamanation & DNC front. They assault your ears with nonsense and ask for money from you for the privilege.

Bend over, get adjusted.

Brandon Finnigan, the ConArtCritic said...

Psst Ann:
Per Daily Kos/PPP, NO CHANGE since last month's poll out of Wisconsin: Walker continues to lead Barrett by 5:

Also from THIS sample Romney only trails Obama by 1.

No bounce from even a lefty pollster

Penny said...


Gotta love that exclamation point! That'll teach the locals they mean business!

erictrimmer said...

Definitely a former barbershop. I think "ear adjustment" is a euphemism for sloppy barbering.

Thorley Winston said...

New development on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin issue:

Trayvon Martin’s autopsy showed that he had injuries to his knuckles and George Zimmerman’s medical report shows that he had a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, bruising in the upper lip and cheek, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after the shooting.

Synova said...

Haha... someone wrote "Recall Walker" on the parking lot below the hawk-cam.

Petunia said...

I used to pass that barbershop on my bike on the way to the vet school. The barber always wore a neat smock and had an old console TV and a bunch of vintage vinyl chairs in his waiting area, and he usually had a customer or two. I think he retired a few years ago. Haven't heard that he's passed away, anyway.

America's Politico said...

Been campaign all day in NYC. Raised so much cash for the best POTUS in our history that I can easily take the space flight.

No, it is over for Romney. The polls are set-up for Romney to fail. This is all planned by us.

We cannot lose. We only know how to win.

We will MA with Warren, a future VP.

We will defeat Romney/GOP every-where in the US of A.

The challenge is how to stop every-one from naming their child, school, street, center, Mt. Rushmore after the POTUS.

GOP: You are finished. You are done. You are history.

commoncents said...

Absolutely love your blog! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

Synova said...

Aww... they just shredded a baby rabbit.

Chip Ahoy said...

Sometimes I am so impressed with interpreting work that people do, I look at it and go, gee, I could not have done that well. That happens a lot. But now I am looking at the videos people put up of themselves interpreting songs in sign and that is a language I am comfortable and all I see is pure crap. They are all fairly terrible. Except one, but even there, I would like to talk to that woman about something I think is important.

Atypical to YouTube the comments are all complementary across the board and that is very surprising. Were I to comment over there, I would be the Simon Cowell, and deliver unhappy scathing critique.

Before the internet made lyrics readily available my deaf friends would ask me the words to songs. They were interested in knowing what was cool about them. They could hear portions and wondered what the song was saying and what turns of phrases there were, what they meant, and how did the words fit into the song they were dancing to.

What I am seeing is fairly good interpretations of the lyrics and general interpretations of the mood. But there is no sense of the song, or the beat, or the rapid phrases shot as staccato next to phrases that stretched over beats. No sense of pulsing words as singers do. No trills, no flips, no rises, no breaks. No beat. No rhythm.

'Better run' does not make sense in English or in Sign. The word means a qualitative comparison, and it also means 'should', or 'need to.' So since the phrase does not make sense in English to begin with then, for the sake of song, go ahead and translate the words precisely. Hit the word on the beat. Yes, it is translating word for word on the beat and it doesn't make sense in English or in sign except to convey the music expressed in the original.

"better run, better run, better outrun my gun."

"better run, better run, better outrun my bullet."

Bullet and gun are specifically separate ideas. Better run better run is uttered with urgency and outrun is slightly stretched and all that is delivered in a challenging tone. None of that is conveyed in sign with "run run gun recoil" signs and a cool Spaghetti western posture. I did not see a single person in a single instance sustain a sign to match the sustaining the singer is doing with their voice, or stretch as the singer stretches, or break and fade as they do.

They bounce around distractingly but not to the beat in a way that conveys the music they're interpreting. One guy on stage is particularly cring-worthy and yet the applause is enthusiastic.

The backgrounds are distracting, the clothing is wrong, expressions do not match, full frame where three quarters is needed. Jewelry.

Finally, it's as if they're not even interpreting music or conveying music to deaf people, like ceding that music is not for them and lacking in sense of fun.

Carnifex said...

I'm going off topic, if there was one to start with, so I apologize in advance.

I just got off the phone with my Dad. He contracted lung cancer last year, and has spent the past year fighting it. Yesterday, he had his last visit with his oncologist. No more lung cancer. The scaring of his lungs is smaller, and everything looked good. At 8 pm, the phone rings. It's the oncologist, apologizing to my dad, he misread, or didn't read the final sentence of the medical report. My dad has bone cancer now.

You can tell from my stories that my dad and I are close. So we're going off for the weekend, going to a gun show, something he loves. He hadn't been able to go to many the past year.

Anyway, had to get that off my chest, carry on. Ciao.

Mel said...

Chip - you are so right. I am in awe of the two ladies who do sign interpretation at our church. One of them came to choir rehearsal for weeks to get the Hallelujah Chorus timed with our director. Practice is required for signing music as much as for singing it.

wyo sis said...

My sympathy on your dad. Mine died of a heart attack after surviving kidney cancer about 10 months before my last child was born. It was brutal. Have fun at the gun show. Those together times are priceless. I'm glad you get to have them.