April 3, 2012

Polls about to close in Wisconsin.

Here's the polling place at Olbrich Gardens (where we went, not to vote, but to look at the tulips and daffodils):


Of course, we voted, but elsewhere and earlier in the day.

ADDED: "President Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination by winning primaries in the District of Columbia and Maryland," email from CNN.

UPDATE at 8:00: CNN, based on exit polls in Wisconsin, puts Romney at 53%, Santorum 35%, Ron Paul 11%, and Gingrich 6%.

UPDATE AT 8:48: Mitt Romney introduces Paul Ryan  (in Milwaukee).
Congressman Ryan, he's a great leader, wonderful speaker, but he's not gonna take Ann's place.
Combatting the "bromance" rumors!


chickenlittle said...

Submitt! Resistance is Newtile!

Lem said...

Of course, we voted, but elsewhere and earlier in the day.

The professor went poll shopping.

edutcher said...

Good for you getting out to vote.

And then stopping to smell the flowers.

Looking at that spread, looks like the Romster will indeed romp tonight.

PS CNN actually thinks it's news GodZero clinched the Demo nomination?

Talk about beclowning themselves.

Irene said...

Madison's Cap Times News Editor tweets, "Obama killing the GOP candidates in Dane Co. so far."

chickenlittle said...

Obama killing the GOP candidates in Dane Co. so far.

Shocking news! I'll bet he doesn't know anybody who votes Republican.

Irene said...

Chickenlittle, some, like Jack Craver, implied Democrats might vote for a Republican candidate in our open primary: ""Any Democrats planning to vote in #GOPPrimary today? Please tell! Who did you vote for?"

Irene said...

It's all about civility and fairness, of course.

Rabel said...

Democratic Presidential Nominee Obama backtracked a little on his challenge to the SC today:

"Well, first of all, let me be very specific. We have not seen a Court overturn a law that was passed by Congress on a economic issue, like health care, that I think most people would clearly consider commerce -- a law like that has not been overturned at least since Lochner. Right? So we’re going back to the ’30s, pre New Deal."

In a campaign speech at the Associated Press luncheon, he attacked the heartless Republicans and promised to fight to his utmost for the middle class, the poor, the children, the disabled, the uninsured, the lepers, etc.

But to give credit where due, he was well prepared to dance around the fact that he will do all this with "boatloads" of borrowed money.

He's got a good con down pat. Romney better be ready. I'm not sure he's up to it.

Bender said...

So, it is pretty apparent that you voted for Gerald Ford again.

Anonymous said...

Drudge is really poking Santorum now. How hilarious.

That's what Rick gets for complaining that Drudge is a shill for Romney.

Enjoy your favor, Rick. Drudge is giving you a big wet kiss.

Anonymous said...

Earlier on Drudge, in case you missed it - a poke:

Romney 41%
Santorum 40%.

Now on Drudge, the hand is on the table.

Lem said...

Speaking of wet kisses..

Its not a stretch to believe the Supremes are not far behind.

Lem said...

These people have taken the term "in the tank" to new heights.. or is that lows?

John M Auston said...

And how about that tricky worded referendum. Someone got a bonus for that one.

If you want to express 'no' to public sector unions, you have to appear to not care about workplace safety.

Shameful, but typical of the Left. Man I will be so glad to see them out of power.

edutcher said...

The 5th Circuit called GodZero's bluff in a big, Texas way and, like the gutless little punk he really is, he's folding like a busted flush.

As I say, the Lefties are really on a cold streak.

madAsHell said...

For a moment, I thought the Ann reference referred to our blog hostess!!

Bender said...

With 71 percent of precincts in --
Romney - 42
Santorum 38

A whopping 42 percent for the guy who has already won the nomination. What a ringing endorsement.

And what a dog of boilerplate that Romney read off the teleprompter, with that Obama-trademarked look to one side, look to the other side, look in the middle, repeat, and all the passion of some reader on National Public Radio.

Bender said...

And with 93 percent in -- Santorum is leading in Dane County (Madison). The county-by-county map on CNN looks to be going about two-thirds for Santorum.

What a pathetically weak candidate we are going to get. But hey, at least he's not Obama, right??

What a great campaign slogan that is going to make -- "Vote Romney -- at least he's not crap!"

You all should have listened last fall to the other 70 percent of the party (and about 90 percent of conservatives).

pm317 said...

I liked Romney's speech in Milwakee. It was serious, well written (I listened to every word to critique it) and delivered well. The perfect antidote to Obama’s sham hope and change is Romney’s sincerity and seriousness. Santorum should get out.

traditionalguy said...

Romney is typing out our orders for us: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Everybody go type that as fast as possible and quit bitching. There is only 7 months until the election day that determines this country's fate forever.

Spengler at Asia Times who is a long time favorite of mine and Santorum too, just posted a suggested letter for Santorum to write and drop out now.

Bender said...

If only Santorum and Gingrich and Paul would drop out.

If only Romney were the only choice.

Then people would like him more.

Then people would really, really like him.

Maybe if we think and say that enough times, it will come true.

yashu said...

Huge turnout in Wisconsin. Hope this bodes well for Scott Walker (and Romney in the general election).

Santorum can take comfort in handily beating Romney in Democrat votes tonight-- getting votes from the most liberal Democrats in the most liberal areas. That's quite a victory. (Bender, you might want to look more closely at the breakdown and significance of the numbers you're adducing.)

Bender said...

Subtract the Milwaukee area (which, being urban, I assume is liberal), and Santorum wins the state.

Weak, pathetically weak for a guy who has already won.

Wisconsin held a recall election tonight on the Romney nomination. And except for that Milwaulkee area, Romney lost.

yashu said...

I.e., much of Santorum's strength in Dane County is due to Operation Hilarity Democrats.

Democrats like our own Roesch/Voltaire, who proudly voted for Santorum.

yashu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bender said...

Which is it?

A "huge" turnout that bodes well for Romney?


Lots of Operation Hilarity Democrats came out and that's why Romney didn't do so well?

yashu said...

Even discounting Operation Hilarity Democrats, it was still a huge turnout. See the updated post from CAC at Ace of Spades.

John Stodder said...

Subtract the Milwaukee area (which, being urban, I assume is liberal), and Santorum wins the state.

Why the hell does that matter? Is there some rumor out there that residents of urban areas like Milwaukee won't be voting in the fall?

A vote's a vote, Bender, for Pete's sake.

And by the way, when you say the "Milwaukee area," you're referring to a lot of suburban areas that my sense is would tend to be more conservative. Besides, how many "liberals" in Milwaukee would be voting in the GOP primary.

Face it, Santorum's run is over. Some admire him. It's a cute story that the non-RINOs can tell their kids. But Romney is the GOP nominee. Santorum's continued campaign is destructive to what you say you stand for.

Penny said...

Pretty funny when you hear that the winning candidate "SWEEPS"!

Penny said...

Pandering to women again?

Or just janitors EVERYWHERE!

ha ha

Penny said...

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

Penny said...

"Yeah, that's what they all say."

Seven Machos said...

Bender whined and moaned and excreted various juices for half this thread about his hatred of Romney. Who are you for, dude? Who are you for?

You are a sad, stupid nihilist.

crosspatch said...

"Jack Craver, implied Democrats might vote for a Republican candidate in our open primary"

According those those polled in CNNs exit polling, 11% of the voters polled self-identified as Democrats. 44% of those voted for Santorum. Santorum got the "Against Walker" voters and the "Strongly Against Tea Party" voters.

Bender said...

Yeah, Romney is awesome. I can see why everyone is so excited and can't stop celebrating.

Except that, instead of you actually celebrating Romney and being happy that he won, you all get more excited bitching and moaning and whining about me and others who see Romney for the dud that he is.

If Romney really was something, no one would be able to rain on his parade. But even the slightest criticism of him becomes a shower on his parade because he is so very weak.

Don't bitch to me about pointing that out. Bitch to Romney and to yourselves for putting us all in this situation.

Steve Koch said...

Santorum's most reliable primary voters are cross over dems and evangelicals. In the general election, the evangelicals will vote GOP over Obama. Getting the support of dem saboteurs is a negative, not a positive.

Santorum, by saying it would be better to reelect Obama than elect Romney, has disqualified himself as a GOP prez nominee. That was just an incredibly stupid remark. By coming out against birth control, Santorum needlessly and stupidly alienated women voters. By promising to "do something" about porn, Santorum needlessly and stupidly alienated porn fans.

Santorum is a social conservative but is not an economic or constitutional conservative. If you believe in federalism, as Romney does, you don't think the fed gov needs to be passing laws for/against gay marriage, birth control, porn or other social conservative issues. Leave it up to the individual states.

Romney may not be the perfect GOP prez nominee (who is?) but everything is relative, Romney is the best choice of the current crew of GOP candidates.

Romney is going to be the GOP prez nominee in an extremely important election, it is time for GOP voters to unite behind him.

Roger J. said...

What edutcher said at 9:03. Clearly Mr Obama has never played poker. He might be able to carry off some his bullshit if he understood poker strategies. Now Harry Truman? he was a poker player. I knew Harry Truman and Mr Obama: you are no Harry Truman. Looks like the 5th circuit called his bluff.

Rusty said...

What a great campaign slogan that is going to make -- "Vote Romney -- at least he's not crap!"

Which is an order of magnitude over what we have now.
Let's work on overturning the Senate.

Phil 3:14 said...

re RV's vote; from NRO

the only reason Wisconsin is so close is that Santorum benefited from last-minute decisions by liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP primary, something the Badger State (which does not have partisan registration) permits. Santorum heavily carried the 11 percent of the electorate who said they were Democrats, the 12 percent who said they strongly oppose the Tea Party, and the 14 percent who strongly disapprove of Governor Scott Walker. Needless to say, there are not many states where liberal Democratic votes can deliver a Republican primary win.

John Stodder said...

If Romney really was something, no one would be able to rain on his parade. But even the slightest criticism of him becomes a shower on his parade because he is so very weak.

There are a lot of things I might do instead of celebrating Romney's victory. Especially since, basically, the victory happened about three weeks ago, except Santorum's ego won't let him acknowledge that he's beaten. This has real consequences.

So long as you keep playing with your pet candidate, you and others like you are encouraging what is a destructive fantasy -- e.g. destructive to the cause of beating Obama. Money is not endless, voters' attention is not endless, and Santorum is greedily sucking up an unwarranted share of it at this point.

But I'm happy to celebrate Romney. He is not a dud. He is brainy and focused on economic and fiscal issues while having sufficient credibility as an upright, moral family man to keep the social conservatives in the tent. He's been a success at everything he's tried. He'll be a killer in a debate with Obama. He's not perfect -- he is perhaps all wrong for those conservatives like you who seem especially needy for an emotional boost this year. He comes off like a very smart, very rich guy who knows he could kick ass if given the chance. If you're the guy who's ass is going to be kicked -- yeah, he's not trying to make you feel better. Other pols are better at feeling your pain. But that said, I am excited about him. I think he can win. And that's what needs to happen.