April 26, 2012

"Barry, baby, you see what I got here... Why, this is a box of pudding, Barry."

"It says 'cook and chill' and, baby, that's what I do every night. I cook and then I chill."

That's Thomas Lennon and Michael Ian Black playing Barry and Levon on the early 90s MTV show "The State." The music was originally Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," but the DVD of the series did not get the rights to the music. Unfortunately, that means the voices had to be overdubbed too. So this should actually be much funnier. But anyway, I was just thinking about this clip this morning. You don't have to worry your pretty little head about why.

Now why is it that I can't just enjoy my pudding?


Richard Dolan said...

"You don't have to worry your pretty little head about why."

Fear not, it wasn't in the cards anyway. But it's nice to see Ann poking fun at feminist caricatures of the world -- as if How to Succeed (now playing on B'way) were a parable of virtue.

TWM said...

Looks like vanilla pudding, too . . . yum

MadisonMan said...

Now why is it that I can't just enjoy my pudding?

Because you didn't eat your meat.


Geoff Matthews said...

Funny or die?
Does that mean I can kill them?

crosspatch said...

DO NOT under any circumstances tell the morons over at Ace of Spades HQ about this.

edutcher said...

If it's funny or die, usually it's die.

Hans und Franz were better.

Tom Tucker said...

I was in HS when this show was on. Not 3-4 months goes by without me responding to a question with, "don't you worry your pretty little head about it." So bummed about the soundtrack issues, David wain was excellent at that sort of thing. Perfect song for the skit.

pm317 said...

Does this have anything to do with present day Barry? I have a suspicion that it does, as in:

1) Barry and Fallon were not as funny as these two;
2) who is getting screwed by Barry?;
3) campaigning is Barry's schtick and he should be left alone to do it.
Leave him and Fallon (and the students) alone!

Lem said...

Why can I just eat my waffles?

The proof is in the poodle pudding.

I found that video when I was trying to come up with one word for poodle pudding.

Google Purple Rules.

Lem said...

As some you may remember here..

Obama, the Poodle in chief, big dog, plans to blame the Supremes for his mess..

sleepless nights said...

My youth! Nostalgia!

John Burgess said...

Not the peak of comedy