March 22, 2012

The University of Wisconsin "Cool Science Image" contest.

"Each of the winners transformed their scientific subject matter by inserting emotion, color, line and form, reflecting the creativity of the human spirit."

Do not miss the truly cool slide show: here. Man, calcite! I was deeply moved by calcite. And slime mold.


ricpic said...

What could be more indicative of "the creativity of the human spirit" than science itself? No need to gussy it up.

edutcher said...

Very imaginative.

A lot of that work can be used to highlight particular situations or conditions for teaching or further investigation. This is where computer graphics have their application.

The cancer and mice slide is illustrative.

chickelit said...

The cliffs of Dover were very recently moved by calcite, too.

traditionalguy said...

The creator appears to be an artist whose displays can now be seen at levels not dreamed of back when Darwin guessed how to explain creation by an accident.

What our modern instruments can see in both outer space and inner space never cease to stun us with the beauty of the forms and colors used by the artist.

Chip Ahoy said...

I wonder how much one of those confocal microscopes would set you back. They're really cool. So why aren't the images 3D? My favorite was the honorable mention about nerve cell formation from embryonic stem.

RonF said...

Calcite is cool because it's bi-refringent. I've got a crystal of it I want to polish sometime.