March 13, 2012

"Two schoolgirls committed suicide in an attempt to travel through time..."

"China Daily didn't name the TV series that may have influenced the girls to commit suicide, but notes that popular shows in the country often incorporate time travel into their storylines. The plot typically involves the death of a character, who then goes on to travel to ancient times."


edutcher said...

That's very strange.

And sad.

10 years old. That's way too young.

madAsHell said...

Ten year old girls?


Someone is attempting to promote their TV program through a newspaper column. Can we verify this?


This is the same as Stephanopolis throwing out the subsidized birth control (or did he say woman's health) during a Republican debate.

Indigo Red said...

But time travel is illegal in China.

themightypuck said...

Forgot the correlation != causation tag.

Carnifex said...


Suburbanbanshee said...

This isn't an anime plot, as far as I'm aware. In anime, you usually travel through time the same way you do in American shows -- either by a device, by accidentally going to a time rift area (in Japan, usually in a Shinto sacred area), or by psychic powers.