March 18, 2012

Tonight's sunset, on Lake Wingra.

It was 80° here today in Madison. A record, I believe. We went out for a bike ride, and when we came back, we could see the difference in the growth of the garden. I have many flower pictures from the day, but what I wanted to post was the beautiful sunset, seen from the UW Arboretum, over one of my favorite lakes in the whole world, Lake Wingra.


pm317 said...

Simply breathtaking!

And Romney won PR and all its 20 delegates and all Santorum got was a tan.

MadisonMan said...

Yes, it was a record. Yesterday was the warmest day in March, ever, in a mean sense (Mean was 70 - high of 80, low of 60). Today was the 5th day in a row with a record high. Gonna be the warmest March ever!


gail said...

Take away the towers and it could be a BWCA sunset...memories of youth.

It's been warm up north too, for a week there's been record highs and I think even a new high record low.

55 ewes start lambing in about 2 weeks. This has been such great weather I wish I'd put the rams in earlier to take advantage of it; but I remember 2003/4 (?) when it was -20 in late March and the just shorn sheep were miserable. That memory stops me every time.

The width of the ewes makes me think a lot of them are carrying twins/trips, or more. Hopefully the granny ewes (newborn stealing, hormonely-whacked out, haven't lambed yet ewes) have been culled and lambing is once again easy (for me) and fun.

Irv Fishkin said...

It will snow in the next 3 weeks. I recall an April snowstorm in the 1960's that hit Wisconsin after everyone had dismounted their snow tires. All this celebration of the unusual warm weather will only make the payback that much more severe.

edutcher said...

Gorgeous view, gorgeous pics.

That is the kind of spectacle too long absent from the blog, Madame. My congrats.

And we'll get your 80 on Tuesday.

Thank you for sharing so generously.

RonF said...

It was 80+ degrees in Ottawa, Illinois on St. Patrick's day. I know because I was on a 5-mile hike up and down the trails at Starved Rock State Park. And when I say "up and down" I mean "up and down 140-step stairs at least 5 times, not to mention several other smaller ones." Gak. Fun was had, but I got me some wobbly legs and a few blisters out of the deal.

Yes, it could still snow. My daughter was born 30 years ago the first week of April in a 6" snowstorm.

Skookum John said...

Two feet of snow this weekend at my mom's house in northern Arizona. Five feet at some high elevations. And it's 80 degrees in Wisconsin! Wild.