March 4, 2012

One year ago today at the Wisconsin protests: "A Free-Speech Countervoice Takes the Center of the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda."

"[O]ne man — who did not agree with the protesters — decided he would occupy the central spot. To the consternation of the others, he invited people to come talk to him one-on-one."


bagoh20 said...

Chanting is barbaric.
My default position is to assume the chanters don't have good arguments. Good arguments rarely rhyme.

"If it don't fit, you must acquit."

Mr. Forward said...

One year ago today at the Wisconsin protests, Fox News utters a bizarre sentence played over the years, "We can not afford to indulge this madness, everything Mark Twain wanted to eat when he arrived home at Meadhouse."

Apologize, atheists, accusing others of taking pills at the Snowhill Cafe. It's completely bizarre, a symbolic victory, one year ago today.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh Mr. Forward I'm afraid you have that misread. It's like hieroglyphics, they're read the way they face, in this case they go bottom to top. Strange, I know.

So something like,

The Snowhill cranes ate breaded flounder strips called fingers at the cafe and then delivered pills to Maureen Dawd's recreational porpoise. The atheists are timid in their charges that religion wears contaminated contact lenses but that is surpassed by Glenn retweeting Wright's column about Breitbart dancing with glow sticks at a Rave. A blogger drank mead at the alehouse and casted about and married a broad. Mark Twain traveled around America and ate France and Italy. It was widely known he indulged his madness and engaged in a same sex marriage with a Cardinal and they argue about what words mean and Cardinal said Twain just wanted a sex slave. And Twain said,"I'll always have Erica who is very erotica. So he threw in his keys and left with the frizzy-hair Schultz and said, "Hey, check out my stone foxy lady. Where can I lay this pipe?" And Schultz was all, "Yeah, I wonduh about duh rotunda.

edutcher said...

A miracle the guy made it out alive.

The "This is what democracy looks like" crowd doesn't believe in free speech.

purplepenquin said...

A miracle the guy made it out alive.

Have you actually heard any reports about Recall Supporters killing those they disagree with, or are you just being over-the-top with your rhetoric for theatrical purposes?

purplepenquin said...

(Side note: Bad tag on this post. Feel free to delete this message when you see it)

Rusty said...

Meade's kind of a big guy. I think he can take care of himself.

I especially liked how the mob respected Meade's space and allowed him to have a discussion without interruption.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Yeah, I applaud the protesters for allowing someone with a differing take to continue breathing. Quite generous of them.

Solidarity, solidarity!

Solidarity forever!

Meade, can you dance???