March 1, 2012

One year ago at the Wisconsin protests: Gov. Walker gave his budget address and Meade was there.

Meade's view from the gallery.

"Meade says he joined the standing ovation at [one] point, and that Scott Walker looked at him and gave him: 1. a smile, 2. a nod, and 3. a wink."

I worry about the mental deterioration of some of the people who are holed up inside the Capitol day after day, including one young man, in a video which I never posted, who seemed utterly lost and confused.

Other video, including a Democratic legislator, in the rotunda, slipping on a pile of peace signs and falling, and "I'll be growin' food with all my friends and we'll be livin' on a big farm somewhere."

Photos, including: "Officers, you have a choice/Disobey illegal orders."


traditionalguy said...

That's what Democracy actually does look like. You were there.

edutcher said...

If Ann had been there, Walker would have blown her a kiss.

Lefty whining about how this all a year old in 3, 2, 1...

Troubled Voter said...

here's your lefty whining,haha.

but it's not that for's just that i hated how althouse nad meade reveled in injecting themselves in the story. i hated how much self-righteous indignation there was in these posts. I knew the day the guy tried to knock the camera out of her hand/hit her/assaulted her she looooved it, because she loved the confrontation. Meade loved being able to be a better and more dedicated citizen than those who weren't as respectful to statutes and such. And that's fine--but it was completely the opposite of why I cam to like this blog, which was to read her thoughts about distant things over which she had no control but what she could write about it.

I was and am still not a fan of smug writing that tries to pretend like her active role in what happened was foisted on her, and that she resented it. She loved it, and she continues to love it. I still like her a lot, though.

I ♥ Willard said...

Meade seems to spend a lot of time at the Capitol.

I worry about the mental deterioration of some of the people who are holed up inside the Capitol day after day

I worry too, Professor. :(

Mr. Forward said...

Self-righteous indignation was the raison d'ĂȘtre of the protest.

phx said...
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