March 31, 2012

At the Biomorph Café...


... it's so organic.


chickenlittle said...

In German, the sign above the door would say Ausfahrt.


mesquito said...

In Norwegian in would be utgang.

That's not at all funny.

Did poor old Meade get dragged to another goddamn art museum?

edutcher said...

Looks like...

BTW, it's so organic, what the Hell is it?

traditionalguy said...

Earthy I think I understand. But organic makes me think of food that has escaped pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Do some Museums escape chemicals too?

Maybe it means clay and wood crafted artwork from the Wisconsin Amish. Watch for organic looking men with long beards.

rhhardin said...

Dobermorph museum.

America's Politico said...

Tonight we have an all-night party for the re-election of the best POTUS in our history. I will dance thanking Santorum-Gingrich GOP ticket. I will raise funds for this ticket. The sooner the brokered convention gives them the go-ahead, the easier it will be for us in the Committee to Re-Elect. We are following the DNC in the Watergate era. Our Committee will dance all night tonight to celebrate the re-election in each and every state in our union.

America's Politico said...

If you are a Badger in WI and you love your country, you will vote for Santorum. You will donate to Gingrich. You will volunteer your organ (donor) for Santorum-Gingrich, in an event of a medical emergency. You should pray from now to election day every hour every day for Santorum-Gingrich GOP ticket.

Joe Schmoe said...

America Politico, you just reminded me that I'm kicking around the idea of writing an unauthorized account of the Obama White House. I'm thinking of calling it '404 Error: The President You Voted For Cannot Be Found'.

How's the online vegan cupcake business going?

America's Politico said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
America's Politico said...

And, if you are praying for Romney-Ryan GOP ticket, then I will deliver you the vegan pizza (or vegan cup-cake) you have always wanted. In that case, all bets are off.

Aridog said...

rhhardin ... love the Doberman, especially his natural ears. One of the least understood breeds (thanks Hollywood)they are yet among the most stalwart, protective, and affectionate known to man. You must be a good man ... I tend to appraise folks by their dogs. :-)

America's Politico said...

May be people do not understand my wit here. If you are foolish GOP, then you will vote for Santorum or Gingrich. It is because of people like you, we in the GOP get a rap that we are dumb, backward, etc. etc.

Reject Santorum. Reject Gingrich. In fact, laugh at them. Laugh at their supporters. Call them names. Remind them that dinosaurs died and they are missing them. They are next, as in the invasion of body snatchers.

GOP can win this thing: Romney-Ryan ticket plus immediately and total destruction of Santorum and Gingrich.

Aridog said...

America's Politico so funny.

Joe Schmoe said...

Carnifex, are you out there? You must be crapping your pants. Louisville just tied Kentucky.

Joe Schmoe said...

Crisis averted. Looks like Kentucky will be playing Monday night. Man, are they loaded up front.

HT said...

UK got a liiiiitle bit complacent. Love unibrown, and in the first half he played with so much heart, it was hard not to love him, but based on the game I saw, I could not say how clutch he was. (Ok, that was a pretty clutch one handed dunk.)

There should be a height limit for three of the five players, say 6'4, and then no height limit for the other two. The game has just gotten hurky jerky and unattractive. No flow. No inside game and rebounds turn it into volleyball.

Weird ending.

Petunia said...

Speaking of organic, there's a really dumb billboard advertising the local hospital. Shows a cute little baby with a "100% Organic" stamp on its butt.

The billboard's caption is, "Just Birth. No Additives."

WTF does that even mean? I did some clinical work at that hospital and they certainly do offer "additives", like painkillers, fetal monitors, and a very experienced staff. What a dumb billboard.

MadisonMan said...

I've seen that billboard too. Totally moronic.

What's with the cold weather here? Of course, any other year and this would be warm.

Joe Schmoe said...

The light wood bas-relief on the wall, to the right of the sculpture targeted in the photo, looks like a cheap knock-off of a late-career Matisse painting or paper cut. It's really bugging me.

God said...

Helloooo Professor! Long time, no comment. I've been reading, though, but only occasionally... and not in any interested way. I had previously thought your blog was the bees knees, and thought you to be an insightful and interesting person. But after you deleted so many of my divine comments, I tapped into my omniscience and saw the truth: that you are a deletophile and that your blog sucks balls!

Why you censor so much lately, Professor? I have a theory: It's because of politics, especially Scott Walker. You and your diabolical hubby delete and delete and delete all sorts of comments made in good faith because of over-sensitivity to the imagined political implications of random comments by random anonymous hacks. And that drives off many participants in your community until, for the most part, only those who think like you remain.

But for me this has been good! Once I stopped caring about your blog, and your community, I found that I had lots more time... all that energy was pretty much wasted, after all. Now I am an older and wiser God. Ciao!

Fen said...

Both ABC and NBC have been caught editing the tape of Zimmerman's call to 911. Their changes to the tape imply he was racially motivated.

JournoList 2.0 anyone?

Fen said...

Sockpuppet says: Once I stopped caring about your blog, and your community, I found that I had lots more time to troll your blog.

What a loser.

Fen said...

Joe: I'm kicking around the idea of writing an unauthorized account of the Obama White House. I'm thinking of calling it '404 Error: The President You Voted For Cannot Be Found

Clever idea. I like.

It will remind Democrats how they were played by the Hopey Change rhetoric last election. Maybe they'll be more likely to stay home on election day.

Henry said...

What it is is the woman in black next to the relief in black, balanced by the sculpture in black. It captures a moment.

HT said...

This is the sloppiest of the slop. I cannot BELIEVE this is Final Four basketball.

HT said...

Watching a 1985 Final Four game now. Playing in their underwear were Georgetown (go Hoyas) and St John's. Let's see if b'ball was better.

Michael K said...

"We are following the DNC in the Watergate era. Our Committee will dance all night tonight to celebrate the re-election in each and every state in our union."

What a silly little person you are. I do appreciate the break from serious discussion.

Penny said...

I hear that music they played in the movie, "Jaws".

Lem said...

Remember the Mobys.. and how to handle it.

How will you be a competent citizen in the political arena where everyone's always more or less bullshitting?


Penny said...

Which is why Ray Kurzweil has avoided music to reinforce his message.

Entirely too memorable.

Chip Ahoy said...

If that were my living room I'd switch out the art for my own, I'm that arrogant about my own being better and I like looking at it. It's on my mind because I broke the glass to one yesterday moving stuff around, and it's the cable's fault not mine. I never saw a cable break but this one did.

It's a bas relief in plaster and it's heavy. It's Harsaphes and it is the first thing I ever carved. Didn't know what I was doing and didn't care. A friend noticed me go outside with a board and paper to draw this image then return with a finished drawing, a large drawing, and he goes,"What the fuck? You did that? That fast?" And I go, "Yup." I mention that because I think it is odd when people find normality odd. There were actually two people there during that episode and they were both like that so it was two against one like I'm the weirdo.

And now looking back I see I got the legs too short. I have to exaggerate the legs beyond all reason to make them look reasonable. It's like El Greco the stretchy guy who apparently was a Greek artist living in Spain. The real frame is metal but I Photshopped the one shown. Now it has a broken glass. :-(

Penny said...

Oh for cripes sake.

First I have to look up "biomorph" and then I have to look up "heryshaf"?

Which I did, by the way. Just not before I pictured a "hairy shaft".

Now THAT was nasty!

Penny said...

Fortunately I'm a woman, so I know how to braid.

Penny said...


Penny said...

Deleted up above cause I didn't know how to do links as well as I know how to braid. :)

Carnifex said...

I wasn't crappin' my pants {:-)

Actually, my wife wanted to take a drive through the country, and go bra shopping. Since she has a injured eye, the recent stroke, and NOW a torn rotator cuff, I took her for a drive and bra shopping.(I'm a tiger in the bed...not)

We drove the back roads to Bowling Green. Looking at the budding tree leaves, and the sprouting grasses. Saw lots of turkeys, and deer too.

Even took her to Duncan Donuts, and me, a Krispy Kreme man!

I told my granddaughter the score was probably gonna be 72-59 UK. If they had hit their free throws, I'd been closer.

UL was ranked 5 to start the season, but because Pitino runs his players through a tremendous conditioning system they get a lot of injuries. That happened to them this year.

Towards the end of the regular season guys who had missed a lot of games were coming back on line, and the guys who had survived were tuff as nails. Siva finally getting it during the Big East Tournament really turned them around.

From his time here at UK, it was always his trademark to play like devils during the tournament, as long as the injuries allow him too. Last year they went out early when their senior shooting guard was injured during the game against Morehead(another team from Kentucky). With them returning most of their roster look for them to be top 5 if not #1 next year.

Truthfully, UK is so good you have to play your A game, and they have to play a subpar game, and that only to make it possible for you to win. The IU game is a good example. If IU had played anyone else last week they would be in the Final Four. But IU's A game against UK's A game was good for a double digit loss.

UL played a stellar rebounding game (until the final 4 minutes), but because they were so concerned about the rebounding(because UK murdered them rebounding on Dec, 31) their defense suffered. It might not seem like it to the casual viewer, but UK shot 58 percent for the second half. If UK had hit their freethrows like they did against IU, it's a 17 point loss for UL. So UK didn't have its A game(neither did UL) but still won by 9.

As far as Davis being clutch or not clutch? 18 points 14 rebounds 1 steal 2 assists and 5 blocks seems pretty clutch to me.

PS. Coach Cal is trying to reload UK after they lose up to 7 players this year. If he gets commits from Shabazz Mohammed, Nerlens Noel, and Antonio Bennet, or any combination of 2 of them, they will have the #1 recruiting class again.

PPS. We're facing Kansas for the championship. Gonna be a good one between 2 of the premier programs in the country. The teams met in MSG for the second game of the season, with the precocious cats pulling away at the start of the second half and coasting to the win.

Carnifex said...


Yes, the founding of the Big East was the downfall of clean, flowing basketball as we knew it. Now it's all but WWE wrestling, with poor officiating rewarding floppers by calling charges, and letting the bigs fling each other about willy nilly.

The Big ten while rough, still ran plays, cuts, and had schemes.

Also the officiating for this Final Four was going to be atrocious. When I saw the list of the officials, I called my dad and told him it read like a who's who of bad officials. If you know an officials name, they are a bad official. The only one that wasn't included was "Blind" Karl Hess. If you're an official, and your nickname is "Blind" then you might seek a new line of work.

The officials are Les Jones, Joe DeRosa, Doug Shows, Jamie Luckie, Tom Eades, and Patrick Adams. DeRosa, Shows, Luckie, and Eades are especially bad.

Penny said...

OK, so has everyone had a chance to take a look at Heryshaf?


And I suppose Althousians noticed that he was wearing shorts before they noticed his leg length?


Look again!

This time, from his toes to braided hairy crotch.

Penny said...

Doesn't look "short" to my eyes.

Course I must admit...

I was focused on the wooden shaft he was holding.

Penny said...


You thought Heryshaf was going to play with the shaft that I braided?

Ha ha

Not likely.

Michael K said...

It is interesting, although not necessarily typical, that a commenter on another blog, on which I am participant, has a history of threatening violence toward those who disagree with him. He has been described as telling another contributor, ""I know what the inside of your house looks like."

This is standard left wing rhetoric although I would happily dare them to to follow through. My aim is not that bad. It is not a coincidence that Sturm Ruger has sold a million units this year.

Penny said...

Did you see those horns?


Heryshaf's from Texas if you ask me.

Course you didn't ask me, and Chip's already placed him in Egypt, as did Google.

rcommal said...

What Organic Means To Me (for example)

; )

Saint Croix said...




469 U.S. 1303

Justice REHNQUIST, Circuit Justice.

Appellants ask that I stay an order of the California Court of Appeals, Second Appellate District, which determines, under state law, the disposition of some 16,000 aborted fetuses presently in the custody of the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Because I am satisfied that this appeal raises no substantial questions of federal law, I will deny the application.

Here is Justice Rehnquist, Republican, right-winger, conservative, dissenter in Roe v. Wade. And yet, when confronted with 16,000 aborted fetuses, he is “satisfied that this appeal raises no substantial questions of federal law.” Do you suppose there was a mountain of dead babies--and I shudder to think who had the job of counting them--in the United States of America before Roe v. Wade? I would think one substantial question of federal law is whether Roe v. Wade is responsible for this. Here we have 16,000 dead babies, perhaps killed under Roe v. Wade, and yet Justice Rehnquist sees no constitutional issue at all. He can’t think of anything.

Of course lawyers are taught to think this way. We are taught to turn off our emotions and take a cold, hard look at the law. But it may be a problem when everybody on the Supreme Court is a lawyer, and everybody is cold and hard. Maybe you ought to stop and think about that pile of 16,000 dead babies in the custody of the Los Angeles district attorney. Is that normal? How did we get into this situation?

The fetuses were discovered by a container company on the premises of a defunct pathology laboratory, and were turned over to the District Attorney's office. After a period of indecision concerning the disposition of the fetuses, during which the District Attorney's office was contacted by several groups, religious and otherwise, offering various means of disposal, the District Attorney made public his decision to turn the fetuses over to a religious organization for the purpose of holding a burial service, and subsequently arranged for interment in a private cemetery that had offered its space to the State free of charge.

In the meantime appellee organization had filed an action for declaratory and injunctive relief against the District Attorney, in the California courts, seeking to prevent him from turning over the fetuses to a religious group on the ground that such an action would violate the Establishment Clauses of the Federal and State Constitutions.

So we have 16,000 dead babies in the custody of the Los Angeles district attorney. He has no idea what to do with them. He asks for help. A Catholic church says they will bury them for free. The district attorney says, “Thanks.” And now, for some reason, an abortion clinic is suing to stop the district attorney from burying the 16,000 dead babies in a cemetery.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there may be some connection, some nexus, between the abortion clinic and the 16,000 dead babies. Otherwise, why would they be suing? Maybe they are just a bunch of concerned citizens who are outraged by funerals.

More likely, what it seems to me, is that this abortion clinic is suing because it wants to stop the spread of the idea that Roe v. Wade is responsible for this.

So of course Justice Rehnquist’s opinion is quite interesting, because it too seeks to deny any possibility that Roe v. Wade is responsible for this. He fails to mention that case. All those dead babies in the district attorney’s office, it doesn’t have anything to do with us at all!

I suspect that if some of those dead babies were in Justice Rehnquist’s office, he might be freaking out a little.

Saint Croix said...




469 U.S. 1303

Justice REHNQUIST, Circuit Justice.


Appellants thereafter contracted with the private cemetery to hold a religious burial service when the fetuses were interred, and to place a memorial plaque at the site. The California Court of Appeals held that the District Attorney's proposal to turn the fetuses over to a religious organization for purposes of holding a memorial service would violate the Establishment Clause of the California Constitution, and another provision of the California Constitution prohibiting state action indicating a "preference" for any particular religion. The California Supreme Court denied review.

The California Court of Appeals found the District Attorney's proposed actions prohibited by independent religion clauses of the California Constitution. This Court of course lacks the power to review such decisions if they are truly independent of questions of federal law. Appellants contend, however, that as applied the California Constitution's provisions have the effect of denying them their rights to free speech, assembly, and exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. I think that appellants' federal claims are insubstantial.

Of course, Rehnquist could very easily find that the California courts might have violated the free speech rights of the district attorney and the Catholic Church. It’s obvious the abortion clinic (and the California courts) want to stop the pro-life message that a funeral service would provide. So this is a type of censorship. I would say that censorship by the judiciary of the state of California does indeed implicate our federal Constitution. I would also suggest that this case fits squarely within the Supreme Court’s symbolic speech cases. But of course Justice Rehnquist has no interest in “symbolic” speech, or any other speech, dealing with abortion. He doesn’t want to hear it. He wants this issue to go away.

Nothing in the order of the California Court prevents appellants from assembling for purposes of expressing their views with respect to abortion, or from holding a religious or other memorial service. Appellants would find in the First Amendment's Speech or Religion Clauses a right to hold their service as an incident to the actual burial of the fetuses. But the First Amendment does not entitle appellants to have the State enhance the impact of their speech by providing the subjects of a funeral service. The proper disposition of these fetuses is peculiarly a question governed by the law of the State of California. The California courts have held that California laws concerned with avoiding the entanglement of the State with religious causes prohibit the District Attorney from turning the fetuses over to appellants for the holding of a religious service. Because I can find nothing in the First Amendment that is contravened by the Court of Appeals' holding, I am satisfied that this Court would not wish to give this case plenary consideration.

Justice Rehnquist sees no “substantial question of federal law” because those babies have already been classified as commodities by the Supreme Court. Legally, these babies do not exist. So legally, Justice Rehnquist does not see them. Of course, this creates a kind of cognitive dissonance within the judicial system. The Court doesn’t recognize the babies, but the babies are there nonetheless. So Rehnquist sees his job as making these babies disappear, this time for good. Keep this case off our docket!

You think the Supreme Court likes to be reminded of the possibility of infanticide in their work product? They do not. So Rehnquist’s determination to keep all these dead babies off the Supreme Court’s docket has a whiff of cover-up about it.

The application for a stay is accordingly denied.

Alan said...

Happy Earth Hour, from me and my 27-inch monitor.

Penny said...

Bob'n Ann Reinking, rcommal?

Suited about as well as rhhardin and vicki, if you ask me.

Penny said...

Course I digressed from Egypt, in Africa, where they surely knew how to "sculpt" both sphynx's and Spinks's.

Penny said...

Both wore "hoodies", of sorts.

How to judge then?

By longevity?

Which really kind of sucks for Michael Spinx since he will always be younger.

And his sculpted body?

Not likely it will outlast one of the seven wonders of the world.

Penny said...

Any wonder he went with that toothy grin?

Hell no!

*high five*

Penny said...

To those here watching basketball...

My "high five" had not one thing to do with your favorite b-ball team.

It was like a jump up, slap palms, kinda thing.

Penny said...

Not a sports fan, here.

Penny said...

In fact, when I first saw UK and UL, I was thinking United Kingdom and Underwriters Laboratory.

Penny said...

Which is right around the time I put on my Michael Spinks toothy grin and followed Chip to Egypt.

Ha ha

Gotta go along to get along, folks.

Penny said...

Least in a cafe', au lait. ;)

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Rusty said...

hip Ahoy said...

How did you get Sara Jessica Parker to pose?

Rusty said...

Ran the welder and plasma cutter at the same time which meant that the air compressor was running too.
Welding alum. really ups the amps!
Thank You nuclear power!

Freeman Hunt said...

I read the Kindle sample of Bringing up Bebe to see what the writing was like.

The sample consisted mostly of the author talking about the differences in culture between French and American women and how it depressed her when she arrived in France.

But when we meet for tea again at her house, it's clear that we observe vastly different female bonding rituals. I'm prepared to follow the American model of confession and mirroring, with lots of comforting "me-toos." She pokes daintily at her pasty and discusses theories of art.

That's our female bonding ritual, confession and mirroring?!

A revelation!

I always thought that confessions from new friends were desperate pleas for help to find solutions to their problems. "Have you tried..." "Do you think it might be that..." "You could always..."

rhhardin said...

Eric Berne "Games People Play," dealing with rituals.
Phillipe Sollers "Women," the French view.

Joe Schmoe said...

God Malkevich, Youspeed and I'll miss you. Really. I enjoyed reading your comments.

Freeman Hunt said...

Eric Berne "Games People Play," dealing with rituals.
Phillipe Sollers "Women," the French view.

Bought. But now guilt as I have violated the blogger-reader ritual by forgetting to use the portal.

If it is of any solace, both books together cost less than a dollar.