February 24, 2012

A year ago today at the Wisconsin protests: "And if Scott Walker gets in our way, we're going to roll right over him.

Here's how it looked in the rotunda, as things we're getting a little nasty and surreal:

And a UW professor retires after after only 21 years to "protect" herself from "depressing and threatening" clauses in Governor Walker's bill.

People seem to be losing their bearings.


chickenlittle said...

Garage mahal was actually kinda funny in that thread about the retiring professor.

Petunia said...

People lost their bearings the day the protests started.

Chuck66 said...

I have a cousin who has been unemployed for about 8 months. He did go to school to be a public school teacher, but couldn't get a job. Lots of competition for high school teaching jobs in Wisconsin.

I doubte he is very sympathetic to the professor retiring after that amount of time. Or a WEAC teacher complaining about having to pay into their benefits.

Can't wait until we get to the Fred Levenhagen "Fox Lies" guy's anniversery.

edutcher said...

Not as easily done as said, it seems.

Lem said...

I see the Madison protests as the extreme opposite of Kodokushi.

rcommal said...
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