February 8, 2012

"So there you go: an internet troll. That's what they look like."

I thought this was a joke, but it's not. The BBC tracks down some piddling internet troll and confronts him.


Automatic_Wing said...

I thought this was a joke, but it's not. The BBC tracks down some piddling internet troll and confronts him.

Piddling internet troll? Is there any other kind?

Sprezzatura said...

That "reporter" sounded like Meade when he was doing whatever it was that he was doing when Althouse recorded him at those protests.

Twins separated at birth?

YoungHegelian said...

Here's the link.

I mean, you gotta admit, it's a lot safer to track down some chav and ask about "the people's he's hurting" than to go to some radical mosque and ask the imam about "the people he's hurting".

I mean, jeez, a person can get hurt doing the latter.

I'm sure the Brits are happy to know their telly fees are so well spent.

Freeman Hunt said...


Maybe they could track down people who say insipid things on the Internet next.

Fen said...

"Tune in next week when we out the guy who doesn't believe in AGW"

BBC is such a joke.

Fen said...

BTW, thats not even trolling.

YoungHegelian said...

It's also really sad that in the cradle of Liberty it is "possibly illegal" to say something racist.

Now, if one says that "The day the Soviet Union fell was the saddest day of my life", then one can be a Labour MP, because the USSR was such a beacon to the proletariat. In spite of that "big ooops" involving the murder of millions of its own citizens.

I mean, it's not like they said the N-word or anything. Get a grip!

Craig said...

Was his cell phone tapped?

edutcher said...

All the BBC needs to do is hang out here.

And, yeah, the second link is bad.

Lem said...

".. That's what they look like."

One guy is THEY?

Seem to me like the BBC is engaging in some trolling of its own.

MadisonMan said...

What a waste of time.

Lem said...

The term "They" has a whiff of a conspiracy.

The BBC found one guy.. maybe they have a follow up leading to the highest echelons of the.. what they have over there.. 10 Trolling street.

I'm Full of Soup said...

They got me!

Meade said...

For the record, I've met garage mahal. He's taller and has less of an accent.

Lem said...

But then, I'm not on facebook.. So, maybe they need a troll policy.

Lem said...

Its not garage?

Oh well.

Wince said...

"We're going to ask him why..."

One factor seems obvious to me. He's on the dole with plenty of time on his hands. He scoffed at nine weeks in jail. Nothing to lose. The checks will still come.

You reap what you sow.

Lem said...

There is a "trolling community"?

Joe said...

I thought it rather interesting.

I also though it humorous that the troll said that facebook is an open forum, but had little to say when confronted.

Lem said...

Good point EDH.

Anonymous said...

Than you, bbc, for somehow making me sympathetic to the racist loser. Love how the pussilanimous reporter breathlessly exclaims that some of the trolls comments "may very well be illegal!".

Alex said...

Can we send this BBC guy after Alpha Liberal? I'm sure he's said things that are borderline illegal.

Ex-Dissident said...

Selective outrage done in the service of Muslim overlords. That BBC reporter should just discard all pretense and start offering blow jobs to imams. Pathetic and a good example why England is doomed.

bagoh20 said...

He's exactly like you would expect. That was disappointing. I was hoping it would turn out to be a soccer mom, or even the Queen. I'll bet he stops - bullies are cowards.

Xmas said...

They should have put a full court press on him, dug through his trash, shown his wife and kids on the screen, brought the mother of the dead kid to confront him, followed him to work (if he goes) or to the pub (which he surely does). Ask his friends, his mom, his dad what they think of his behavior.

Chip Ahoy said...

There is no sign word for troll that I know of, internet troll or regular troll. It is easy enough and fast enough to spell without a break. Here is a person on the ewe-tubes, boy or woman I cannot quite make out, explaining not to feed the trolls. He/she uses 'people' 'argue' 'massive confusion like a storm' then asks if we know what their name is, then spells 'troll' as if spelling to a younger brother who is a bit slow on the uptake. Which would be us.

There is a surprising dearth of internet-related words. That I know of. I'll ask around. For instance, there is not 'internet' and there is no 'net' although I could convey the idea of a net easily enough in two swipes. There is a word for web.

Psyche! That bird still freaks me out. Notice how breezily she spells 'web,' so crystalline and graphically it veritably shouts and yet so rapidly if you blink you miss it. You get the w on the upswing, the e is the clearest but briefest of pauses, and the b booms sound waves directly at your face. So that will do for web. Although I could drape a web with two hands and fake it. Or make the air-web rigid and electrify it. We always considered spelling a last resort, sort of a lack of imagination.

Demon devil imp goblin are all the same word.

There is a word for monster. Also useful here is 'confuse,' 'conflict,'argue,' and the suffix sign that personifies ('er' in English).

Other signs that might be useful but not useful enough to bother showing are 'tornado,' 'hurricane,' 'storm.'

John Burgess said...

The Brits are getting all wobbly on that 'free speech' thing. And getting absolutely wet over anything with emotional content.

David said...


David said...

Chip, how many signs are there for snowflake?

bagoh20 said...

"Chip, how many signs are there for snowflake?"

Is it a different every time you make it?

Lyle said...

I can't believe they arrest people and investigate people for "racist" comments in the UK.

That's insane.

I'm happy the "troll" stood up for himself.

gadfly said...

Rules of the Internet:

14. Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.

Mary Beth said...

I'm curious how they tracked him down. Mostly I want to know if it was through information he posted online or not.

He's not a troll, he's just a jerk.

Carnifex said...

Barry sez "The BBC acted stupidly"

Naaahh... Barry would never provide cover for a racist. Just ask AG Eric Holder. Or his typical, white grandmother and her fears.

And in other news, Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead. And Generalisimo Fidel Castro is not.

Ps. In bball, Tyler Zeller didn't guard Duke's most prolific scorer and 3 point marksman Austin Rivers in the final 2 seconds of the UNC/Duke game. Zeller stood motionless 2 feet inside the 3 point circle, allowing Rivers to dribble the ball unmolested, line up his shot, and drill it, for the Blue Devils 1 point win at Chappel Hill.(trolling. its not just for Brits anymore)

rcommal said...

"Is it breakin' the law?"

I thought that was interesting.


The other thing I thought was appalling, apart from what the target did in fact say online, was how that "journalist" just couldn't, simply couldn't, absolutely wouldn't (and, I am sure, can't see why he should and ought) ask a question and let it stand. Couldn't wait for an answer. Didn't want an answer, really. His reportage was all and only about opining and not one thing more. Both so-called "reporter"--better described as "announcer"--and subject are absolutely disgusting to me (not that anyone asked for my judgement or opinion).

But. since no one asked, I feel compelled to share this:

That announcer is even worse than the subject. Such announcers are thrilled to find such subjects, on account of such being their bread and butter.

shiloh said...

garage is actually quite pleasant considering all the conservative crap er name calling thrown his way.

He's obviously amused by it like myself, but I'm much more sarcastic as some would even say over the top! :-P

The yin and yang of minority liberals at a self-righteous ;) majority conservative blog ...


btw, don't feed the troll! :)

shiloh said...

"That announcer is even worse than the subject."

Like one of Billo's foot soldier's "trying" to ambush Bill Moyer. btw, does Billo still attempt childish got'cha journalism as I haven't watch fixed in (3+) years.

rcommal said...

[forgot to check a box.

checking it.]

rcommal said...


No, I don't think so. How weird that in trying to find an analogy, I guess, that you come up with references to both Bill O'Reilly and Bill Moyers. That is so far from the point I was making it's almost comical. Almost, but not.


shiloh said...

Actually rcommal, it's a great analogy, just a bad example because Moyer turned the table on Billo's flunkie and had an actual intelligent conversation, whereas most of Billo's flunkies er ambush wannabes are rude insufferable twits.

Apologies to twits.

rcommal said...


Oh, crap. Now there's a marker, if ever I saw one.

shilo, I find much to admire to about Moyers' work and have learned a lot from it over, yea, these many decades. I was not a fan of O'Reilly's during his [especially] "Current Affairs" years, though it's true that he chalked up some good stuff then, only appreciated later. I think he's more fair about a lot of things in a number of ways than many others are, these days. (And, at the same time, I still have problems with how he does some things and also, more fundamentally, how he approaches an array of things.)

That said: "Billo"?

That's a marker. You must be a Keith Olbermann...if not fan, than a follower.

Keith Olbermann is an execrable piece of shit. Dishonest and self-serving to the core, and among those I'd count as the absolute best examples of "announcer"--as referenced in my earlier comment.

He is a terrible journalist and an awful person and a blight on commentary.

I can, and do, and have, put up with an awful lot. I will not put up with Keith Olbermann--

--and I will not put up with you either, shiloh, if that shit is the sort with whom you identify.

shiloh said...

"I can, and do, and have, put up with an awful lot."

Since this is a conservative blog and Althouse's flock, including Meade do nothing but call Obama and Dems childish names 24/7, you do indeed put up w/a lot. ;)

And your dislike er obsession re: Olbermann is duly noted.

As mentioned, I stopped watching fixednoise (3+) years ago and Billo's ad nauseam whining about Dems/Obama was slightly amusing, but you really need to let your feelings about Olbermann go, as it will surely be your undoing.

So let's recap, shall we:

rcommal hates Olbermann about the same as most of Althouse's flock hate Obama.

Never hated cheney/bush although I know many liberals did and still do. It's basically a waste of time to hate ie non productive and conservative evangelicals would frown :D on all this conservative blog hatred of Obama/Dems.

Reps always desperately in need of a liberal boogeyman notwithstanding ...

rcommal said...

Warm spice.

rcommal said...

shiloh: "er"


rcommal said...


OK, then.


rcommal said...

Colder view.

yashu said...

shiloh, I like you much more these days!

So much better when you tumble about with us in the playground instead of just throwing stones from the sidelines.

Watch out, one of these days you'll realize (cue Twilight Zone music) that you're part of the flock too. Even if you pretend to be a black sheep.

DEEBEE said...

BBC theme song?
You are a Nimrod
I am a Nimrod
We all are Nimrods

test said...

"Freeman Hunt said... Maybe they could track down people who say insipid things on the Internet next."

I think we should leave shiloh alone. Like any stray animal the best course is to stop feeding it.

Rusty said...

For the record, I've met garage mahal.

You have my sympathies.

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

Priorities, people! They didn't insult him by calling him FAT. It's not like he's a TERRORIST or anything!

Brennan said...

Not a just an Internet troll, but a practical murderer with a smoking habit around public transportation.

Has not the United Kingdom banned such activity for its adverse effect on human health?

KCFleming said...

The Beeb is a concern troll.

Like the Grauniad.

Paco Wové said...

"I like you much more these days!"

Well, that makes one of you.

As somebody over on the Metafilter thread pointed out, merely being an asshole on the internet does not make one a troll. You have to be a particular kind of asshole.

Brian Brown said...

I was waiting for the guy to start screaming "wicca perp" and Byro!

Anonymous said...

Very "Big Brother". Nimrod is an easy powerless slow moving target and because by his actions he's so unsympathetic he'll get no defense. The BBC on the other hand is a government backed sanctimonious bully. Putting his name and face out there will likely follow him for life. Perhaps he deserves it, but I prefer juries and judges to determine punishments rather than roving film crews.

Toad Trend said...

"I was waiting for the guy to start screaming "wicca perp" and Byro!"

To think I went almost a month without seeing that drivel...thanks for the memories ;)

pm317 said...

I would not call him a piddling Internet troll. Racism is alive and well in old country. He is a coward and a reprehensible human being. But then again you can't legislate good behavior.

Toad Trend said...


Something about Skakespeare and protesting too much.

For all the bitching you engage in about AA and regular commenters here, you sure do like to hang around alot and leave your turds.

Fen said...

Shiloh: garage is actually quite pleasant considering all the conservative crap er name calling returned his way.


We are happy to engage the left here in civil and spirited debate. Unfortunately, we end up with people like you - bomb throwers who rarely make a good faith attempt to discuss issues.

If Garage has been mistreated here, he brought it on himself. The Libtard tag was reactionary, not unprovoked.

BTW, can anyone name ONE liberal here who has consistently argued in good faith? I would say MadisonMan, but am not sure if he identfies as a liberal.

Wince said...

You have to understand how this works:

"rot in piss" => hateful troll

"Piss Christ" => brave artist

Got it?

Sofa King said...

BTW, can anyone name ONE liberal here who has consistently argued in good faith?

What's-his-name, Robert Cook. His beliefs are definitely wacky and incorrect, but he's basically polite and makes cogent arguments.

Sofa King said...

Also, Triangle Man, when he posts it's almost always to make a good point.

Fen said...

Agree on Cook. But not sure if Triangle is liberal... if he is, thats a good sign that he argues the issue instead of clinging to tribalism.

Sofa King said...

Also, Dose of Sanity was a bit of a bloviator but was polite enough until he stopped posting at Althouse's request.

Fen said...

Nope. I tangled with Dose enough to remember him - ultra-libtard who played the "racist-sexist-homophobe" card at every opportunity.

Rusty said...

rcommal hates Olbermann about the same as most of Althouse's flock hate Obama.


I don't think that word means what you think it means.

To hate anyone means that you know them well enough to care enough to hate them.

As for Olbermann and the current resident, One is amusing, the other is concerning, and they're both amazingly mediocre at what they do.

David said...

Because being a government owned broadcaster is all about speaking truth to some random jerk.

bagoh20 said...

"Because being a government owned broadcaster is all about speaking truth to some random jerk."

Yea, that is a little ominous. The State sending out it's reporters to hunt down a single private citizen for having an unapproved opinion. One of many things wrong with government owning important industries.

Fen said...


"The BBC has told its journalists not to call Abu Qatada, the al-Qaeda preacher, an “extremist” in order to avoid making a “value judgment”, the corporation’s managers have ruled that he can only be described as “radical”. Journalists were also cautioned against using images suggesting the preacher is overweight.

more "truth to power" cowardice:

"... before it started, a man entered the lecture theatre, stood at the front with a camera and filmed the audience. He then said that he knew who everyone was, where they lived and if he heard anything negative about the Prophet, he would track them down."

A search of BBC News site returned no hits for Anne Marie Waters. One can imagine what would have been reported had the aggressor been 'Christian' and the victim Muslim?"


shiloh said...

"that you're part of the flock too. Even if you pretend to be a black sheep."

No, I don't sheepishly agree w/Althouse 24/7 and I'm a liberal.

And once again, I have hijacked a thread by default. Again, this blog is somewhat entertaining ie the daily hypocrisy/name calling of Jay, Fen, eductcher, and the rest of Althouse's children.

Plus Althouse never posting a pro liberal/Obama thread to save her life is the kind of entertainment her real flock enjoys so much.

The like minded heard which follows her religiously. Jim Jones is jealous! :-P


Again, don't feed the troll. :D

Fen said...

My bad, I forgot its self-esteem hour for Shiloh again.

What is that, three times today before noon?

But sure, its all about you Shiloh.

So tell us again that your father never told you he was proud of you. And how all the kids at school picked on you. And how your Mother ran off with -



cruiser said...

Given the moving target that is "rascism" today, I'm surprised they could drill down to just this one guy.

traditionalguy said...

This must be a microscopic enlargement of a small vermin?

Everyone knows Trolls are sub-human.

Methadras said...

I wonder what AlphaLiar and his crew of sock puppet misfits look like.

rcommal said...

BTW, can anyone name ONE liberal here who has consistently argued in good faith?

Yeah, I can. More than one. Well, is it OK if I count someones long gone away and also throw in moderates whom you, or if not you, others here would consider lib?