February 7, 2012

"School Linked to Abuse Claims Will Replace Entire Faculty."

"The drastic move is the school district’s latest attempt to deal with a crisis of confidence among parents who had begun to protest what they said was the failure of school officials to act against the abuse and explain its extent."

They really don't want that protest!


Mike said...

This is what a state monopoly on education gets you. All the Union Brother and Sisters close ranks and keep the parents and cops out. A year later when the cops arrest this perv, the Union Brothers and Sisters in Blue refuse to help parents sort out which children were fed semen by this perv and which weren't. Better to have Solidarity among the public employees than care about the health and safety of our society's most vulnerable citizens.

Remeber the Miramonte School next time you here the Teachers Union anywhere say:

"We are doing it for the children."

All they are "doing" is protecting their gold-plated benefits that come on the backs of the immigrants whose children they are preying on.

So what happens when a gang of parents show up to transfer their children (THEIR children, not the State's) to a less-sex-offender populated school? Well, the entire school, including support staff are PROMOTED to a brand new school under construction. Since the classrooms are not ready yet, they will be safely ensconced in the district offices where prying eyes of media and pissed-off parents can't find them, or identify them.

The system is broken. Time to erect a Wall of Separation between State and School. Education is too important to leave to the "experts."

Jay said...

They really don't want that protest!

Why? Is it because:

parents from the primarily Latino, working-class South Los Angeles neighborhood are prone to violence or something?

Jay said...

All current teachers, administrators and staff members will be moved to a school still under construction for the rest of the school year

Something tells me they won't be helping with the construction.

So what exactly, will they be doing?

Remember public sector union members are salt of the earth hard working people! They were in Clint's commercial and they're just like those people on the assembly line!!!

Dust Bunny Queen said...

You realize that "removed" doesn't mean fired.

I can't read the link at the NYT so I don't know for sure....but I assume that the 'removed' personnel are still getting a paycheck. They are probably sitting around playing poker until they get reassigned to another school. Rinse and repeat.

Or planning to take their retirement and lifetime benefit packages.

Nothing to see here...move along people.

Levi Starks said...

I can still remember Obamas first state of the union address, He talked about removing ineffective teachers, and retraining them to do something they would be better at. I'm hearing it, and thinking what?! Lefties have such lofty ideals for a utopian future they dream of. Unfortunately for them we are a very stubborn people, and in order to accomplish their goals would require the dismissal of many of our basic constitutional rights.
Not that Obama would view that as an unsurmountable problem.

MadisonMan said...

You realize that "removed" doesn't mean fired.

I'm also wondering what those teachers will be doing at the empty school. I'll be fair and suggest that one or two good teachers might be idled by this.

It does seem to me, though, that this replace them all policy is a tacit admission that something was very very bad at the school from the top down. Won't a Victim's Lawyer be happy about it? Too bad the School District, and not the Union also, are on the hook for the tab.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Thank G-d for the underpaid photo developer technicians who look out for our kids (mandated by law), saw those funny pictures, and thought ... something is not right here!


Who knows how long this horrific abuse would have continued WITH the complicit and convenient assistance of the Union and Administration, had it not been for the photo developer.

BTW: why was this pedophile using camera with film? Just reinforces my theory that the preponderance of teachers are probably the most stupid people on earth.

Sorry for those of you who are teachers or are related to teachers. I'm sure you are in the minority ;-)

For the children....right. Don't make me laugh.

Mike said...

The teacher who masturbated in class and fed his semen to children was the subject of a complaint about "inappropriate touching" 20 years ago, and yet the Stupid-intendentof LAUSD claimed the day Mr. Perverts' arrest was made public that "We've never had any indication something was wrong. No complaints in 30 years."

It was all a lie as parent after parent came forward and talked to the local news. Then we learn a second teacher from Miramonte was arrested this week "in connection" with the main case. AND a janitor is already in jail on molestation charges for fondling immigrant girls at this school.

Unions are Predators and they view all of us as Prey. Education is far too important to leave in the hands of Government Workers.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Anyone else wonder why this story gets less coverage than Abu Ghraib?

YoungHegelian said...

If the victims of the pedophile priests could sue the diocese for its assets, I think the victims of the abuse in LA should be able to go after the union retirement fund.

Because the dioceses knew all about those nasty priests, but the teachers union --- naaah! --- they didn't know nuthin'. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!

Scott M said...

Anyone else wonder why this story gets less coverage than Abu Ghraib?

Less semen? Bigger spoons? What?

edutcher said...

The neutron option.

And, yes, nobody gets fired, just reassigned - even if it's to sit in a break room for the next 20 years at full pay.

As they say, your kid is a lot more likely to be abused by a union teacher than a Catholic priest.

Mike said...

Given his long record at LAUSD, the Pervert may have hundreds of victims, some old enough to have children and grandchildren of their own. I will be quite surprised if there still IS a school in this location because the Community (mostly but not all Latino ) is raging right now. It i8s the face of a crowd that may burn the mother down!

themightypuck said...

Be nice in the LAUSD collapsed like the USSR. Where is their Reagan (or Gorby?)

themightypuck said...


Pogo said...

They needed to destroy the school in order to save it.

At least in this case, they might be right.

prairie wind said...

this replace them all policy

The replace-them-all policy assumes that the unemployed teachers are better than the ones being replaced. Which would make me wonder why they are unemployed.

As for the nasty, vile photos: Yes, the kid working the photo booth should be thanked. This is a good argument for decriminalizing looking at child porn. Currently, if someone were to look and recognize a child, he/she would be risking imprisonment by telling the authorities what they saw. So no one tells. Current laws also mean that people who know they need help stopping their porn habits are unable to go for help. Counselors are required to turn them in. Need help? Can't get help.

sleepless nights said...
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Crunchy Frog said...

How would you like to be one of the teachers slated for a shiny brand new school about to open and then be told you are going to the biggest shithole in the district?

Almost makes you feel sorry for them. Almost.

PatCA said...

There will be no students at the new school. All the faculty will continue to be paid.

IOW this will be the largest, richest "rubber room" of all time. The teachers and the union will be walled off and safe from scrutiny.

wyo sis said...

Every one of the "removed personnel" will forever be tagged "child molester" whether they are guilty or not. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.
It will be interesting to see if any administrators get the same kind of treatment.

Mike said...

The administrators are just as bad. Like our UC system the state secondary schools in California have a ratio of 1:1 across the board: one non-teaching "classified" employee for every teaching position. They cover up and obfuscate and do their best to keep parents out of the loop.

As for the "innocent" teachers, I'm losing any empathy I might have had. Every story coming out of Southeast LA now reveals how hard it would have been for the Perverts colleagues to NOT have heard about him. They want to sing the "We Are All One" union kumbaya crap then they can go down with the sickos they protect.

Who will stand up for the children? Who will break the cycle of violence and sexual masochism in our schools?

Someone on the inside needs to stand up and be accountable. Or burn the whole system down and start over. Now the rest of you know why some of us favor home schooling.

Gene said...

Firing the entire faculty is overkill. It's just an attempt by the school district to get out in front of the wave of criticism coming their way. I'm surprised they didn't bulldoze the school and plow the grounds with salt as well.

Gene said...

Mike: Like our UC system the state secondary schools in California have a ratio of 1:1 across the board: one non-teaching "classified" employee for every teaching position.

I remember years ago the Kansas City Schools had 500 administrators in their downtown office (and the schools were going broke). The Kansas City Catholic school system, which was not that much smaller, had one and one-half administrators (one nun and one half-time assistant).

Not surprisingly the Catholic schools were doing fine while the public schools had had something like ten superintendents in ten years (most of whom were still being paid, as per their contracts, after being fired).

~N. said...

Gene, I really don't think bringing up the Kansas City diocese as an example on how to run schools and prevent child sexual abuse is a good idea...

Just sayin'.

glenn said...

Well, no matter how hard the LA school district tries to minimize this story the cat is out of the bag. NBC just ran the story. And the coverage (Except for the breathless announcement that there is DNA evidence, DNA evidence) wasn't bad. The real story here is like it always is, the long time coverup. And if we had real newspapers here this just might turn out to be a bigger scandal that the one involving the Catholic Priests.

glenn said...

And sadly sleepless nights story isn't unusual. Our experience was with a crappy teacher. He just didn't make any attempt to teach anything. Went from school to school in the district. Never got fired. family put a glowing eulogy in the paper when the useless tool died.

Gene said...

~N: I really don't think bringing up the Kansas City diocese as an example on how to run schools and prevent child sexual abuse is a good idea.

You might be right. But here in Los Angeles we have nearly as many diversity administrators as we do students and that still didn't prevent some teachers from giving their students chocolate sesame semen cookies.

EMD said...

This entire story makes me sick.

And sad.