February 23, 2012

"A Rhode Island teen is learning that it pays to deny the existence of God..."

"... Prominent atheists plan to present Jessica Ahlquist with a scholarship of at least $44,000 — and possibly more."

If you subsidize something, you'll get more of it. Come on, atheists — pass out more money!

You cannot serve God and Mammon.

Come on, Mammon: Make a better offer.

Who the hell is "Mammon" anyway? Here's where Wikipedia is so fine. You just know, even before you look, there will be a whole article on mammon, and the question that's been dogging you since the first time you read the Gospel of Matthew will finally get a solid answer:
Mammon is a term, derived from the Christian Bible, used to describe material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity, and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell....

The Christians began to use the name of Mammon as a pejorative, a term that was used to describe greed, avarice, and unjust worldly gain in Biblical literature. It was personified as a false god in the New Testament.... The term is often used to refer to excessive materialism or greed as a negative influence....

Mammon is somewhat similar to the Greek god Plutus, and the Roman Dis Pater, in his description, and it is likely that he was at some point based on them; especially since Plutus appears in The Divine Comedy as a wolf-like demon of wealth, wolves being associated with greed in the Middle Ages. Thomas Aquinas metaphorically described the sin of Avarice as "Mammon being carried up from Hell by a wolf, coming to inflame the human heart with Greed".
Satan was the big topic yesterday. I've moved on to Mammon.


MadisonMan said...

Good for her. Know your market. I hope she goes into sales.

I suspect she's really just being contrarian, which is something teens do very very well.

Crimso said...

You're all about the balance. You must be a Libra [ducks].

Hal Duston said...


Because you deserve to enjoy life -- guilt free.

Chip Ahoy said...

That painting is subversively pornographic. It's shocking my eyeballs.

Maybe I shouldn't say balls in the thing I'm forced to notice. The artist is depicting a person who will do anything including blow Mammon. Take the element at top left, sack of coin with an arm attached to it and place that element anywhere in the picture in any direction.

Larvell said...

You misspelled Road Island.

Chuck66 said...

No other religion recruits as aggressively as Athiests. Why? Because no other religion (with the exception of radical Islam) actually hates all other religions.

Bob said...

Today, Mammon. Tomorrow, Bacchus!

edutcher said...

Greed is good.

Until you hear from the IRS.

Cedarford said...

I believe that there are scholarships for "good Christian student exemplars" from various churches and foundations. The Mormon tithe helps Mormons in turn get college aid and missionary sponsorship if they are in good standing with the Bishop.
Wealthy observant Jews back top college spots for "good Jews" -with their insider clout and money. And famously, underwrite free Israel trips for Jewish youth to "solidify their links to Zionism".
The Saudis underwrite not just American Mosques and prison Mullahs, but haj trips and college scholarships for "devout Muslim students with potential and excellent grades".

Black churches add the right skin color on top of Baptist, AME faith as a precondition for their scholarships they din on corporations to donate generously to.

The Atheists are just getting in the game others play.

traditionalguy said...

The Wiki guys are spouting old religious tropes that said the evil of Mammon meant whenever people liked their money more than they liked giving it to the Church, which apparently liked the money a great deal.

In scripture,Mammon is actually a Sociology term used to identify the current World System of politics and money. You could correctly say that at its heart, it is like Crony Capitalism, or it is like Cap and Tax to fight CO2. It is money and politics mixed.

Most likely serving Mammon is the temptation, and the evil, that The Lord's Prayer asks God not to lead us through and to deliver us from.

That said, God has nothing against money and uses it all of the time for his purposes to help the poor and bless His people.

But acting as if we are independent of God and can rely only on our wealth hoard is rebellion against the God who holds our breath in his hands.

This is taught in Jesus' parable of a very successful farmer/landowner whose only thoughts were to build bigger wharehouses to keep his wealth and to enjoy it as if God has no claims on his life.

Tank said...

It seems they were impressed with the way Ahlquist, 16, handled herself amid a roiling controversy that began in July 2010, when she complained about a prayer banner hanging in the auditorium at Cranston High School West that referred to "Our Heavenly Father."

School authorities brushed off her complaint, saying the banner was artistic and historic, as it had been hanging there for decades. Ahlquist later joined the American Civil Liberties Union in a suit alleging that the banner made her feel "ostracized and out of place."

Raise your hand if you believe that the banner really made her feel ostrcized and out of place.

Just another idjut looking to be a victim. Calling BS.

And, a dick move.

Teenager gaming the system to jerk a bunch of people off.


Chip S. said...

Atheists are nothing but hatefilled anti-religious bigots whose views should carry no weight.

Or do I have that backwards?

Carol_Herman said...

I'll make a bet. Ann, you're getting fewer people to throw in their two-cent's worth ... because the ID process STINKS.

Not bad for an eye test. It's one of those thing where you have to focus between the letters. And, recognize if anying is capitalized or not. (And, I type fast, too.)

By the way, since when did religion become a category where you got money to get a higher education?

Chip S. said...

How about replacing the new wv with a short IQ test?

And yes, I'll go for the cheap partisan remark before anyone else grabs it:

She's got few enough liberal commenters as it is.

ricpic said...

What protestants taught and teach is that a virtuous life, a life lived in accord with God's commandments, is its own reward but also is the surest path to economic wellbeing. It follows that the wealthy are not in the camp of Mammon. Some are. Those who join the Left in the worship and crazed pursuit of the material. But for the most part the wealthy are wealthy by virtue of being...virtuous. Shocking, ain't it. Yes, the truth is always shocking to a world mired in the lie.

Chip Ahoy said...

See what I mean.

I was going to make her head bob and then I thought, no, you must consider the children. And then I thought, if I would make the head bob then I might learn where it is that Photobucket is drawing the line about taking down my stuff. Since they never tell me.

Maineratheart said...

I was an atheist who ironically went to a private Catholic College in New England. I don't think any form of protest about religion at that school would have helped me.

I was however, formally excused from all the required Theology classes and frequently singled out by Brother Phillip in Sophomore Humanities when we studied the Bible. Is it wrong that I read the Cliff Notes to the Bible for that class....ha!

Rusty said...

Chuck66 said...
No other religion recruits as aggressively as Athiests. Why? Because no other religion (with the exception of radical Islam) actually hates all other religions.

And yet both are based on faith.

President-Mom-Jeans said...

If some idiot atheists want to waste some of their own private money on the whiny little trollup's inevitable worthless grievance studies degree, then I am all for it. Better than them spending it on B. Hussein's re-election campaign.

I will put the over-under on the combined number of STD's and Abortions the she gets during college at 5.5. Who needs those old fashioned hateful Christian values?

Bet the over.

Robert Cook said...

"No other religion recruits as aggressively as Athiests. Why? Because no other religion (with the exception of radical Islam) actually hates all other religions."

Oh? And how does this alleged religion recruit new members? What tactics--aggressive or otherwise--are used? What are the sacred tenets of this religion, what worship services have been identified?

Or are you just barking to hear yourself bark?

Methadras said...

In AD&D parlance Mammon is the arch-devil of the 3rd plane of hell. He's a nasty critter, I'll tell you that. We actually had a long running adventure to go into the 3rd plane of hell to find an item of power and ran into him. We fought him to a stalemate (only because we had awesome dice rolls on our side that time and we were a fairly high level party) and he made us a deal. A deal we couldn't refuse. Our DM let us take as much as we needed to craft the terms of the deal, which we made devil-tight as we liked to call it. I suspect we will be dealing with this deal in the next few months. :D

Robert Cook said...

"What protestants taught and teach is that a virtuous life, a life lived in accord with God's commandments, is its own reward but also is the surest path to economic wellbeing."

If (what is bolded) is, in fact, what they're teaching, they're committing heresy.

Christian teaching has nothing to do with finding paths to economic wellbeing. In fact, it admonishes that Christians store up their riches in heaven rather than on earth, where moths and rush destroys and thieves steal, and urges that they sell all their possessions and give to the poor, and they will have treasure in heaven.

Rabel said...

The money she gets should be very helpful to her high school.
From young Jessica's blog:

"Jessica Ahlquist: I’m not taking anyone’s money. They were the ones who decided to fight this, not me. And have you not listened to anything I’ve said before? I’ve already said a million times that I plan to give ANY money (I don’t actually want anything at all) back to the school."

Revenant said...

Good for her. It takes guts to stand up to that kind of social pressure.

Revenant said...


The comment you're quoting refers to money received from the lawsuit. She said it in response to this statement:

"you visiting a doctors for therapy is my business since your raping me my family and everyone else in the the city of cranston of our tax money"

She quite obviously doesn't refer to all the money she receives for the rest of her life, so I wouldn't expect her to give them get scholarship money.

Why should she? Heck, brownie points to her for planning to give back the money from the lawsuit itself; it is more than they deserve.